Citizen bl5250 02l Review | Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch

Citizen bl5250 02l Review

Citizen is a Japanese brand and it is a legit watchmaking company. This Japanese brand Citizen makes high-quality watches and these watches come with tons of features. Citizens use advanced and modern technology to manufacture their watches and for that reason, all Citizen watches offer convenience and quality. In this Citizen bl5250-02l review, I have a … Read more

Casio gw6900 review, Let’s Know Before Buying

Casio gw6900 review

The company focuses on product durability and resistance: two elements on which to focus to define the concept of quality. And this with an eye always focused on design. The massive shape and the modern style dial , sometimes combined with both hands and digital display, are flanked by accessory functions such as date and … Read more

Seiko sgf206 review – Why should you buy?

seiko sgf206 review

Seiko watches come from a Japanese company born 130 years ago, which has managed to create a luxury brand and introduce watches on the market at a moderate price. Since that time, the Seiko company has celebrated several essential milestones in technology history. The first computerized watch and, more recently, the first watch ever designed … Read more

Seiko Recraft Review (Model : SNKP27) in 2021

Seiko Recraft SNKP27 Review

The recraft series of any brand is generally inspired by some proven and most loved designs of the past. As these watch designs are proven and loved by watch enthusiasts and collectors, the watch brands take inspiration from such a design and present it with new technology and modern features to give people traditional watch … Read more

Orient Bambino V3 Review in 2021

Orient Bambino V3 Review

Orient Bambino V3 is one of the best dress watches that comes with an affordable price tag. The high quality built, stunning and eye-catchy design with classy look makes the watch ideal for wear with formal attire or dinner suit. Want to know about Orient Bambino V3 review? let’s start… Orient is a Japanese company … Read more

Aeromatic 1912 Review Automatic Watch Review

Aeromatic 1912 watch review

The watch market got plenty of affordable watches but not all of these watches offer high-quality materials, automatic movement, and superior performance. Aeromatic 1912 watches perform one of the best in this affordable watches category. Today we are going to review Aeromatic 1912. The design of these watches is very stunning and eye-catchy. With high … Read more

uhr kraft watch review and more details in 2021

uhr kraft watch review

Keeping track of the time of different time zones is difficult and confusing at the same time. To make this difficult task simple and easy for you, I am presenting the Uhr kraft watch review here. Watches from Uhr Kraft are well-known for their unique design, superior built quality, and high performance. Most of the … Read more