uhr kraft watch review and more details in 2021

Keeping track of the time of different time zones is difficult and confusing at the same time. To make this difficult task simple and easy for you, I am presenting the Uhr kraft watch review here.

Watches from Uhr Kraft are well-known for their unique design, superior built quality, and high performance. Most of the watches they design are unique and big.

Uhr kraft watches are feature-riched and come with a reasonable price tag. Let’s know about Uhr-kraft 21023/3 in detail.

Uhr Kraft Watch Company

Uhr Kraft is not around for decades. The company started its journey in 1999 and ever since they are producing high-quality watches. In this short time, the company managed to gain quite a lot of popularity and made many people fan of their watches during this journey.

Since the year 2011 Uhr kraft has been making watches by hand and they ship their watches worldwide from Germany for ensuring top-notch quality. These watches are made and examined by professionals who have many years of experience in this field.

The meaning of this company name is extraordinary and they are making extraordinary products as well. The flagship shop of the brand is suited in Germany. Uhr Kraft watches parts are assembled by hand and all of these parts are made from fine quality materials.

Who Are Uhr-kraft 21023/3 Watch for?

Not every watch is the perfect solution for everyone. The different functions of watches are designed to keep in mind different types of people. If the watch has a unique design, then the watch is usable by everyone but not useful for everyone.

Uhr-kraft 21023/3 watch has a very unique design and not everyone will find it important and also not useful for every person. For those who have to keep track of different time zones at the same time, they will find the watch is a blessing.

The watch supports three different time zones and you can be updated about all those time zones at once by looking at your wrist. For those who have to attend the meeting, or send a message to another country they will find the different time zone feature very impressive.

Also, the size of the watch is XXL so for those who have a small wrist and like to wear a watch of bold design, and those who have a big wrist this watch is an ideal choice.

Uhr kraft 21023/3 watch review


Uhr-kraft dialThe dial design is very unique yet beautiful and eye-catchy. On the first look at the watch, you’ll notice that there are windows for not just one but for three different time zones. So if you are someone who needs to keep track of the time in different time zones this watch will be very ideal for you.

The three different time zones windows are designed differently. Every time zone window has a different style and design making it easy to recognize which is what zone. For these different designs, the watch looks very unique, and it is more like one of a kind watch dial.

The size of the 1st-time zone is quite large in comparison to the other two. On the 1st-time zone windows, there are three hands of black and white color. The whole dial color is white and these black and white-colored hands blend with the dial seamlessly giving this watch a classy look.

Among these three hands, two hands are colored black and white these two hands indicate hour and minute. The other one is pure black and that is for the chronograph. The chronograph hand seamlessly matches with the other two black chronograph hands and the second counting hand.

On the 1st time zone as the hour representation, 6,9, and 12 is printed using bold black color. For every five minutes’ indicator, there are rectangular big size bold black shapes and for each one-minute indicator, there are white rectangular shapes with black borders on the watch dial.

At 4 o’clock in the 1st time zone, there is a date window for date tell. Two chronographs and a second counter are located at 2 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 10 o’clock.

The second time zone and 3rd time zone windows are quite similar in size but different in design. The 2nd time zone window is located at 21:00 hours and the 3rd time zone is at 15:00 hours.

The 2nd time zone has a dark grey color circular layout with a white layout bezel. There are three chrome black hands that match beautifully with the white dial and dark grey background. On the white bezel, there is some stone shaped as time represents. Three of them are bold and rectangular and the others are white and circular shaped.

The 3rd time zone has a dark grey layout with two chrome black hands for indicating hours and minutes. For minutes and hours representing there is rectangular bold white shaped on that layout.

On the edge of the dial, there is the 24-hour format printed using bold black color. There is also a second date window in case the date of a different time zone is ahead of the 1st or 2nd one, or behind these time zones.


The first thing to say about the case in a word is that the case is huge. The case diameter is 50mm which is undoubtedly very big and not so ideal for small wrists. The black and white color combination gives this watch a very classy look and makes it perfect to wear at any event.

The case is very durable for being made of stainless steel. On top of this stainless steel case, there is a circular ring around the dial. The ring has many time zones printed on it. The ring is painted black and as being thick it makes the watch very bold looking. This black ring emphasizes the whole look of the watch, making it more eye-catchy.

The case thickness of the watch is about 13mm. This watch is quite thin and it makes it even more comforting to wear. The automatic quartz movement makes it possible to have a thin design.

There are five crowns in total on the case on this watch. There are crowns or adjusting times of three different time zones and the other two for the chronograph.


Most of the watches of current time feature water-resistance and it is a very needy feature in a watch. Due to the fine quality stainless steel case, this watch is water-resistance up to 40 meters.

Watches that have water-resistance more than 30 meters can be worn while swimming. So this watch can easily handle water. But I will advise you not to wear the watch while diving.

Mineral glass

As the dial window, mineral glass is a very famous glass type. The glass is made using several materials and heat-treated. One of the most major properties of this glass, it is quite resistant to scratch.

As being scratch resistant the dial windows will shine as new for a long time and its legibility will not hamper even a bit.

We reviewed another watch of mineral glass, Orient Sentinel FAC05002D0. You can have a look.


This watch comes with a very reliable automatic quartz movement. For having quartz movement, the watch design is quite thin and eye-catchy. The movement is built of high-quality materials and keeps precise time. Also, quartz movements consume less battery and are easy to maintain.


This Uhr Kraft watch has a black leather strap that gives this watch a classy and formal look. A high-quality leather strap will surely serve you look and feel comfortable on your wrist.

Pros and cons


  • scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • Leather strap
  • Quartz movement
  • Quartz movement
  • 3 different time zone dial
  • Two-date window


  • We don’t find



Uhr Kraft 21023/3 watch has three different time zone dial with a very unique and distinct look. The watch is feature-rich and made using very high-quality materials. In this Uhr kraft watch review, I have discussed all its features in detail and tried to give an idea of this watch.

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