Stuhrling vs Invicta | What are the best?

Most of the time, when people think about buying a watch, there are so many things that they have
to sort out. Other than just the price range that they can afford for a watch, its features and
specifications also become a problem. Many times, they do not even know what to look for and
what not to. The two major brands for watches in the world are Stuhrling and Invicta. They are the
top priority for them to buy. So, a comparison between Stuhrling vs Invicta would be of great help for the buyers. They will get out of the confusion that might stop them from buying their favorite watch.

Stuhrling vs Invicta

Stuhrling and Invicta are the two watch brands that are popular all over the world. They have the
most affordable price ranges and they offer the most dependable features in all their pieces. But the
main question here is which one of these watches is best suitable for you?
Well, the Stuhrling vs Invicta comparison in the section below will answer this question. You will be
able to learn about the most prominent differences between these two. So, stay with us till the end.

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History of Stuhrling

Stuhrling is a new brand with a completely new niche in the industry. It might not match the high-
end watch brands like Casio, but it has been able to make its name since it entered into the industry.
This name is comparatively new in the watchmaking industry. It was introduced two decades ago in
1999. The name came from the famous watchmaker in Switzerland, Max Stuhrling.

The supply of chronographic watches is the main factor that was useful for this watch company to
secure its place in the watch industry. This impeccable delivery of middle to low-class watches is
attracting so many people not only from within the country but from all over the world. They have
come up with an amazing feature in their watches which is not present in any other. This is the
moon phase indicator in the dial.

Other than this, over some time, this watchmaking company was able to make its name by
introducing a combination of modern and traditional designs. This amazing blend of two eras has
made them outstanding from the crowd of other watchmaking companies. They are using new
technologies and introducing new designs every season of their launch.

If we take a glance at the products of this company, we come to know that they are providing very
unique watches. Their innovative time-keepers are unmatched even with some of the well-known
brands in the industry. A closer look tells that every new watch of this brand offers new features,
structure, colors, specifications, design, aesthetics, and functionality.

With all those features and qualities, this watch brand has become a choice of watch collectors. They
always look for variety and innovative timepiece designs, and Stuhrling can do that for them every
single time.

History of Invicta

If we compare the history of Invicta with Stuhrling, we come to know that this brand is much older
than this one. It was 1837 when this company decided of making watches and introducing them for
sale in the market. This means that this brand is almost about 1 and a half-decade older than

Invicta was able to maintain its strong presence in the watch industry in toll 1970s. After this, the
quartz revolution came in and the boom started in that direction. It was that time for this brand
when they felt it’s the end of their watchmakers. Well, it had to happen because, by the rule of
nature, innovations replace the older ones and then become antique pieces only.

It was surprising for the whole watchmaking industry that the Invicta brand made it come back in
1991. They redesigned their strategy and completely changed the way they used to make the
watches. The best thing that they did was to adjust to the new trends and new market demand. This
is how they were able to get a nice place in the industry as the good sellers of high-quality watches.

To date, Invicta is known for its adorable watch designs that come at a very reasonable price range.
Almost everyone with a medium budget could afford to buy their watches. They have expanded
their field of work and started making watches for all people. For instance, we can find the watches
for divers and chronographic ones as well.

Overall, if you are someone, who is looking for buying a watch that is within your small budget and
does not break the bank, this is the right choice for you. You will be able to enjoy luxury at a small
cost which is great.

Watches Comparison of Stuhrling and Invicta

In this section, we will compare the watches of both brands. They are the best ones from their
recent catalog. We will make sure to take out one watch from the same category of both brands.
This will help us in comparison. The quality of that watch, its specifications, design, performance,
and all functions will be under the comparison of Stuhrling vs Invicta. Let us get started:

Aviator Category

This category of watches is made for people who are in the flying field. Pilots can use them for
tracking, calculation, and converting of the time. Along with this, they can also do the same for the
fuel and the distance they are covering during the flight. This watch is made with a very unique
design which is uncommon for normal people to wear. It has features that the pilots can use
exclusively for their work.

Both brands, Stuhrling and Invicta, are known for world-class aviator watches. Therefore, let us learn
about how they are different from each other and which one is better than the other.


The Stuhrling is making aviator watches that have a stainless-steel cover. The steel construction is
very solid, so it is not prone to damage. Along with this, the inner working of the needles and the
floor of the watch is incredible. The buyer can rely on that system, and thanks to the company for
producing such a to-notch product.

The Stuhrling 699.03 is especially precise in its calculations for the pilots because it uses the
Japanese quartz. Moreover, the aesthetics of this watch are also up to the mark. They have Skeleton
hands and the dial has textures that give it a very nice look. The dial is all back in the background,
and the contrast is made with a yellow color over it. It is mainly used for showing the day and date
so that it not only looks nice but also easy to read.

Other than its use in the sky by the pilots, it has also a great use in the water up to 300 feet down.
This means that it has water-resistance as well. So, the user can wear it while swimming and
snorkeling as well. This watch has almost about 44 mm measurements and with that, the bezel has
bright digits on it and stick markers as well.

The strap is alligator embossed and the measurement is 22 mm which is quite good for a nice grip on
the wrist. It has a very nice buckle and crown on one end as well. Other than this, the dial outer
portion is free from scratches and shattering if it falls by chance.


Invicta is showing a more luxurious look to their watches by using two different steel colors, gold,
and silver. The tuning head has a rose gold-colored circular section that adds so much class and
beauty to the product’s overall look. Along with this, the dial has a bright blue colored background
with some accents of red color. They also add to the aesthetic beauty of the product.

This watch has a bigger deal than the above that measures 48 mm. But the water resistance ability is
just up to 320 feet deep which is 30 values less than Stuhrling. The sapphire window is making the
product as much resistant to scratches and smashing as the above one. But it is lighter in weight
which is an additional benefit.

The Invicta 17203 is also satisfactory for pilots use because it provides similar precision in
calculations as the Stuhrling. The watch has a stainless-steel band that has a folding lock at the end.
These features complete the whole look of the watch and make it a luxury watch.
Overall, we can say that both watches are good enough to spend money on them. The buyer can
pick and choose according to the linking of features and overall look.

Diver’s Category

As the name suggests, the diver watches are the same as their name. they require big dials that are
resistant to water at the best possible depth. They should be perfect for you under the water. Unlike
many popular brands all over the world, these two are topper among the diver’s watches. They give
a very luxurious look, and at the same time provide good functions.

Both brands, Stuhrling and Invicta, are known for this type of watch, so let us have a Stuhrling vs
Invictacomparison. You will be able to decide which one is better for buying as a diver.


The Stuhrling has come up with multiple versions of their diver’s watches. They have added a luxury
yet traditional look to their watches. Their features are also up to date every time they launch the
new version. Therefore, the functionality of the product is very good and advance in nature.

The bracelet of the watch has three rows with one wide strap in the center. In the end, there is a
lock that is securely carrying the watch around the wrist. You will also have a date window which is
just at the side of the 4 and 5 o’clock needle. The needles are just like sword shape. They are made
with luminous material so that their visibility is maximum underwater. This coating also gives a very
nice to the needles that look luxurious.

The Swiss quartz movement technology is making this watch a very nice invention. The precision
with this one is unmatched with any other. In today’s market, this product has made is the name as
one of the most reliable diver watches. It is coming up with many new features with the very new
version, so it is technologically friendly. Above all of this, comes within the medium budget range.


Invicta is offering style along with great functions in its new model 15488. Other than this, they have
a range of diver’s watches that are super popular all over the world. The robust appearance of
watches along with reliable features makes them stand out from the crowd on high-end watches in
the industry.

This watch is made for people who love to use the watches when they are actively using water either
to do home chores or for swimming. The watch can resist water up to 164-foot depth. Well, this is
huge for those who are pursuing swimming as a profession or those who like an adventure in the
water bodies. This amazing quality is also reliable for people who like to do scuba diving.

The bezel fitting of the watch and the vintage look enhances the personality of the wearer. The date
and chronograph features are also a hallmark of this watch. Such features are not possible to found
in any other watch of the same kind.

We can say that Stuhrling is a good competitor. Both of them are amazing and worth buying, but
depends on the buyer what they like more. Therefore, recommending one from them is not as easy
and simple.


Overall, considering the Stuhrling vs Invicta differences given above, Invicta is our recommendation.
It is certainly a great choice for everyone with any amount of budget. The sheer number of varieties
that this brand is offering is unmatched with Stuhrling.

This Swiss-based brand is taking lead over the other one by offering themed watches. You can find
out Marvel, Star Wars, and many other themes in their collection. Other than this, the brand can
deliver quality and value to all its customers. Those who are quartz watch enthusiasts are loving
every new collection of the brand.

It also depends on personal choice as well. Invicta is typically focusing on heavy dials, and big
crowns, or buttons, However, Stuhrling is more for people who like sleeker lines and simple designs.
At the end of the day, you have to choose based on what you like and where you would like to wear.

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