Seiko Turtle vs Skx Comparison and Review in 2021

If you are fond of Seiko watches, you already know about two popular lines of their watch manufacturing industry Skx and Prospex. Here Seiko skx line while Seiko turtle belongs to Prospex line. Today, our review of Seiko turtle vs skx will be about differences in both lines. Both Seiko turtle vs skx are good quality watches, and anyone can enjoy having them on their wrist. But in the end, you need to pick only one, and to choose the best it is good to spend some time in research. Here you want to read our complete review so you can spend your money on the watch made for you. Now without going into further debate, let’s start with our review of Seiko turtle vs skx.

Comparison between Seiko turtle vs skx


The design of both watches is relatively classic and beautiful. The Seiko Turtle is relatively a big watch in comparison with Seiko skx. For this reason, many buyers get their attention towards Seiko skx, which has a small size.

But if you are fond of large watches, then nothing is better than Seiko turtle. If we talk about dimensions, the Seiko turtle has a 45mm case diameter, on the other hand, skx has only 38mm. Further, we will discuss cases in more detail.

Furthermore, the Seiko turtle design is for professional wearers; for this reason, it is more expensive than skx. At the same time, the skx can be used with formal as well as casual wear.

Automatic Movement

Both watches have high prices just because of their updated automatic movement. Seiko turtle and Seiko skx have automatic movement technology. Seiko skx comes with 7s26 automatic movement. While on the other hand, the Seiko turtle comes with an updated technology 4r36 movement. The 4R36 movement has hacking and hand-winding features. Both these features are not available in the 7S26 movement. Moreover, the 4R36 is also considered more accurate than 7S26.


There are a lot of similarities in the dials of Seiko turtle and skx. The shape and design of the dials of both watches are also quite similar. The styled hands on the watches also resemble each other.

The minute and hour hands have a rectangular shape with needlepoint at the end. Moreover, the hour hand has an end shape that is like a triangle, and the minute hand doesn’t. For the second hand, the watch has a colored part where it is fixed. In comparison, the shape of the second hand is sleek and slim. The colored part makes it easier to know about the direction of arrows.

The markings in both the dials are also alike. For instance, the three markers are replaced with day/date complications. Moreover, there are circular dot markers besides 6,9, and 12’o o’clock. The markings in watches also have luminance features. However, the one difference in dials of both watches is the difference in colors. In the below table you will get all the details about all the available colors in both lines.

Dials and markings of Seiko Turtle watches

Models Colour
SRP77 & SRPC44 Black dials and white markings
SRP77 5 Black dial and gold, white markings
SRP773 & SRP779 Navy blue dial and white markings
SRP PADI Blue sunburst dial, and white red markings
SRPC65 Orange dial and white markings

Dials and markings of SKX

Models Colour
SKX013 & SKX013K1 & SKX013K2 Black dials and white markings
SKX009 & SKX009P9 & SKX009K1 & SKX009K2 Navy blue dials and white markings
SKX007 & SKX007P8 & SKX07K2 &SKX007JI & SKX007K Black dials and white markings
SKX01J1 Orange dials and white markings


The crown position in both the watches is at 4 o’clock. As both Seiko turtle vs skx are large watches, the crowns of watches are also large. To make the crownless intimidating, both watches are featured with crown guards.

There are fine teeth edges for the strong firm on the crown of both watches. In this way, you will not get any trouble in setting the time of the watch. To fix time, you need to pull the crown out. After that, with the help of you will move it slowly to set the time. For setting the date, you need to pull the crown half out and rotate it in the clockwise direction.

Moreover, it is good not to do all the procedures for safety purposes when you are wearing your watch.


The stainless steel material is used for the bezel construction. Its surface is a polished and crinkled shape for a comfortable grip for movement. It is a unidirectional bezel used in both watches. Both dive watches’ bezel has the most appealing quality: its paint, which can glow in the dark. Also, markers on the bezel glow in the dark so that divers can easily monitor their time lap during underwater dive.

The most important thing for divers is that you can rotate the bezel in only one direction. So these watch bezels are unidirectional that helps the divers to notice accurate time-lapse. Bezels have grooves on the rim’s outer side that enhance your grip when you are in slippery conditions. On the face of the bezel, markings are in very highlighted form. Seconds/ minutes are shown in dots, and a thicker dash is at the 5th second/minute position. There are Arabic numerals punched at the 10th second/minutes.

There is a different option available for the different color schemes of the bezels.

Stainless steel material

The reason that makes both watches look attractive is their material and finishing. Generally, stainless steel material used for the construction of both Watches brushed for the finish. And, polished at the edges of the watch. When you look at the bezel, that adequately fits the case, making it look more efficient. For all dive watches, Seiko used this material to enhance their durability. The case’s backside is also made from stainless steel and is fitted with the screws that make it waterproof. Their back is also equipped with the technology “Seiko Tsunami” insignia; it symbolizes the best quality of water-resistance watches.

If we compare the Seiko turtle vs skx bracelets of both watches, there is some difference. It comes with a range of 38mm to 46mm lengths.

Window crystal

Like in all other Seiko watches, Seiko manufacturers use Hardlex crystal to construct the windows of both watches. Hardlex crystal is Seiko’s trademark for their watches. Here, to be honest, we will not say, this is the best material type that is available for dive watches.

Many users expect better material for window crystals. However, the watch has many other features to say the price is quite fair. On the other hand, the Hardlex crystal is durable and resistant to force.

The complaints and cons of the Hardlex crystal is easy scratching. Moreover, this material also smudges easily, which is a complaint from many buyers. Last but not least, the window crystals have a matte look. Both glasses join the bezel at an angle and look stylish.

Dive readiness

As we say, both the watches are dive watches as the watches met with the standards of ISO 6425. Dive watches must possess some standards.

  1. Water-resistance features 

Both the watches are water resistive until 200 meters.

  1. Case

The second most important is the back of the case. A dive watch must have screw-down cases from prevention of water. Here Seiko turtle vs skx both owns this feature.

  1. Easy-grip

A dive watch must have a comfortable grip on the sides of the watch. Both watches have this feature also.

  1. Bezels

The marking and hands should be luminescent, and bezels should be read easily. While having this feature, we can say both the Seiko turtle and Seiko skx are dive-ready.


The case is always important to consider to know about the quality of a watch. First of all, the case material of both watches is stainless steel. Both the lines have different ranges of sizes for each watch model.

However, the case diameter of Seiko turtles is larger than skx. For instance, the smallest diameter watch you can buy in Seiko skx is 38mm. On the contrary, you will always find large diameter watches like 45 mm in Seiko turtle. The main reason for the significant cases is the watches are specifically designed for professional use.

But if you are looking for a large diameter watch in skx, you may need to pick Seiko skx009 with a 46 mm case diameter. But here I must say, if you are not fond of large watches then none of the watches is for you. However, if you want high-quality watches, then you are in the right place here.


In bands, you have options to choose from silicon bands and stainless steel bands.

The closure type is safety clasps with stainless steel bands. On the other hand, the closure type of silicon band is the regular clasp.

However, here we will give you recommendations of silicon bands if you especially purchase watches for diving. The reason is the rubber material is super easy to maintain and clean.

Is Seiko turtle better than Seiko skx?

Here we find two features where we can say Seiko turtle is better than Seiko skx.

  • Automatic movement

One thing that can withstand the Seiko turtle over skx is the 4R36 movement with more features than 7S26. For instance, hand-winding and hacking features.

  • More color selection

In our review of Seiko turtle vs skx, we provide you with detail about every model and color of both watches. From all the details, it was evident that the Seiko turtle has more color options than skx.

Is Seiko skx better than Seiko turtle?

In this section, we have two features that are better in skx than Seiko turtle.

  • Price

The skx is relatively inexpensive in comparison to a Seiko turtle. However, as we know, we get what we pay. So you will find compromised features also.

  • Small size

Another thing where Seiko skx grabs attention is its smaller size as compared to Seiko turtle.

Things common in Seiko Turtle vs skx
Both Seiko Turtle vs skx has automatic movement.
Availability of band material in both the watches.
Water-resistant features are also common in both watches.
Dive-ready watches meet with ISO 6425 Standards.

Pros of Seiko Turtle vs skx

Seiko Turtle SKX
R436 is a sophisticated movement with accuracy Affordable watch
More colors options For all wrist size peoples
Hand-winding and hacking features Smaller size

Cons of Seiko Turtle vs Seiko skx

SEIKO Turtle Skx
Expensive Fewer colors options
For large wrists Not hand-winding and hacking features


How do I care for my metal watch bracelets?

If you are passionate about watches and want to take good care of your watch metal bracelets, it’s not difficult but a little bit tricky. Dust can be stuck into the small segments of bracelets. You have to clean your metal bracelet with dry rags. If dust spotted deep inside the segments, then deep cleaning is necessary. It would be best to have a soft bristle brush and a bar of mild soap and clean water for deep cleaning. Use the brush gently and after that, wash it with clean water and dry with a clean and dry rag. Don’t use daily cleaning with water. Keep away from moisture as much as possible. Otherwise, it will result in damage to its beautiful finish.

Why is the Seiko SKX so popular?

There are a lot of reasons for the popularity of Seiko skx. You can say it is a perfect return on its price. Moreover, it has some qualities like durable, iconic, modern design, accurate, upgraded latest engine, and automatic movement system. Furthermore, it comes with a vast range of straps. You can choose metal bracelets straps or can choose leather straps accounting for your comfortability. There are so many options for customization of your watch. There are a lot of color options to watch models and bezels.

What kind of paint is used for luminous features?

Seiko is a leading brand in the watch industry. They always try to find out solutions for their users. Seiko company created a paint called LumiBrite and mainly used for luminous purposes in the watch dial markings, hands, and the bezel marking. Brilliant quality helps the user to read accurate time in the dark.


Seiko is the brand of innovation in the watch industry, and they have hundreds of models that best over others. All their watches have different and similar features to meet with all kinds of choices. For instance, Seiko skx is less pricey than Seiko turtle, which is the right choice for under budget people. Here the low price does not mean the quality of the watch will be compromised by the manufacturer. Our main aim of this review of Seiko turtle vs skx was to provide reliable information about both watches’ features. To pick any of them, firstly consider your needs and requirements and then select the one that fits you most.

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