Seiko ssc487 review and features

Looking for a watch to make more convince your travel today? Naturally, you may be wondering about getting a watch with ensuring a long-lasting battery lifespan and long durability.

Seiko ssc487 particular watch comes with long durability and long-lasting battery even more awesome features. Thus all make this watch completely travel friendly. You can check local time straight forward on this watch through its world time feature- whatever you go.

It’s a travel field watch, so the manufacture makes this watch considering travel convenience. You will get everything that you expect if you are honestly looking for a travel watch. I find it on amazon with a 5-star review. Many people recommended this particular watch for traveling. I buy it straight forward, and today I’m going to write a Seiko ssc487 review after using this watch for around six months.

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Seiko SSC487 Review and More Details

seiko ssc487 review

 Quick features

Item shape Cushion
Dial window material Scratch Resistant Sapphire
Display type Analog
Movement Japanese Quartz
Water resistant 100 meters / 330 feet water resistance
Overall material Stainless steel
Battery durability You don’t need to replace battery for forever

Battery durability

If you are a professional tourist or service holder doesn’t matter. A timepiece is EDC (Every day carry) product. Everyone has to own a watch; many people love to wear a watch and love to keep a big collection.

Even when you are a novice in this sector and wondering to purchase a new watch, they are all making a question in mind how long the watch battery last? Sometimes you might see long lasting battery like Swiss technology, Lithium-Ion battery, and solar system watch, which can be charged from sunlight even from a light bulb.

But each powering system has a particular lifespan, although a Lithium-Ion battery can be last up to 7 years.

This Seiko ssc487 watch comes with a simultaneously strong power reservation and solar system.

This watch uses One Lithium-Ion battery, which type of power source known as very long lasting. Besides, it came with a solar system. That means once you wear it and go outside, this battery will charge automatically. You don’t have to worry about completely drain the battery or replace it.

It is almost possible to say- you don’t need to replace the battery forever as it is charged automatically through the solar system. In case the solar and battery both are damaged somehow, only then you might require to change the battery and solar, but it’s a rare case.

If you don’t wear it for around six months, keep it in a drawer, so it didn’t get any charge through solar; no worries, this watch will still keep the correct time and running smoothly. That means the battery can serve power for six months, even more without any charge.

Due to multifunction like world clock, chronograph feature this watch always required – One Lithium-Ion battery. Multifunction consumes more power than a standard watch. If it is required to replace, you must find which battery exactly matches to required one from the manufacturer.

Time Function

This is the biggest reason to call this timepiece – travel field watch. It came with a world time feature that allows you to adjust to the local time.

It has an extra simple dial layout where it shows your home and local time together. Suppose you are an international businessman and have a factory of any product and make them for your international customer. Then you can process orders checking your customer time zone through this watch.


Naturally, when choosing a watch, we first check the dial or watch face. We consider this dial color, dial glass, timing font size, and dial complication to read the time. If we can ensure the time can read very clear at our first glance. Most people select the watch and make their final decision to purchase.

But there is more thing left to check even they are more than crucial from the only dial. Yes, you hear it right. We talk about dial material type, and you have to check the dial material type properly.

Because there are many types of dial available, you might see many scratches or break your dial within 3-5 months if you can’t select a high-quality dial.

There are many types of dial available such as – mineral, sapphire crystal.

Mineral: Scratch is easy to draw on this mineral type of dial, but one upside is it will not break by many hits.

Sapphire crystal: Sapphire crystal is known as scratches protective dial, but one biggest downside is it can’t get many hits. It required you little effort of care to take away from hits.

Regarding this meaning, we got upside and downside for both types of the dial. The most significant part of this Seiko ssc487 dial came with sapphire crystal and durability. That means both upside combine to this one dial which uses on this watch.

Also, it’s a little complicated to read the time due to multiple dials such as- clock, world time dial, but it’s smart looks.


seiko ssc487 designIf this watch doesn’t match your dress and seems ugly, this watch doesn’t have any value; indeed, you will not wonder about wearing it for next time- despite its high-quality material and technology.

So the design part also essential to check. In fewer words, design means exterior looks that’s include dial, strap, crown, case, and clasp. For this particular watch, we are talking about – Its uses case and strap stainless steel.

Stainless steel material is known as durability. Something also looks excellent. Besides, its face shape is Cushion, which ultimately looks fantastic and perfectly matches your hand with any casual or formal dress.


To call watch durability is right; you have to know inside and outside material and build quality. Only outside high-quality material doesn’t mean this is a long-lasting watch. Movement is the primary mechanism in a watch; this part takes electricity from its power source and runs the watch to ticking the time.

So ultimately you have to choose a good quality movement too. In the world, the Swiss and Japanese technology is known best quality for most electronic even with the watch.

They are making great designs and durable watches for many decades. Seiko uses Japanese technology in its particular mode: Seiko ssc487. So now, indeed, we can call this is a long durable watch. Right?

Bottom Line

Every watch came with different features for different uses, even for different people. If you are a travel lover and looking to get a watch – you may get the Seiko ssc487 timepiece as it came with a world time feature.

If you are looking for something durable, you might also check this same timepiece. But just one mentioned thing before make an order take a look at this product’s features. If you need it or not, if that’s perfectly fine for your works, you may go with Seiko ssc487.

We are end of the Seiko ssc487 review. If you are looking to get a travel watch or looking for a timepiece with long durability, the Seiko ssc487 can be your first choice. It is a durable one, but its design also gives you a real aesthetic when wearing it with any casual or formal dress.

FAQ About Seiko SSC487

Which is a long-lasting watch?

Answer: For any electronic, durability depends on the quality and technology of the part. Stainless steel is well known as durable material.

When this long-lasting question comes for a watch. You have to check watch material, technology, battery type and quality, eco and solar system. For battery try to get Lithium-Ion battery, which is long durable.

For the multifunction watch, try to get the solar system and lithium-Ion battery and Swiss or Japanese technology. If you find them all to your selected watch, surely you can buy it without further question about durability. That’s all come with Seiko ssc487.

Are Seiko watch is good?

Answer: It entirely depends on your uses, how you will use this watch. A watch maybe needs you as a fashionable piece, for your job to wear during office time or your personal uses with casual dress.

You might be a traveler, and you need a timepiece to make your travel more enjoyable. Because every watch comes with multifunctional and various fields, suppose you are looking to get a watch to wear during your office time- you don’t need a world time feature.

Suppose you need a watch as a fashionable piece you might require should be matched with your casual dress, great design, chronograph, stopwatch, skeleton watch, transparent backside. So it entirely depends on your uses. To find a watch which features you need or not.

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