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Want to know about Seiko solar vs citizen eco drive, you are on time. We are going to uncover all the differences and similarities of Seiko solar vs citizen eco drive.

As we know, solar watches are in trend these days. Watch manufacturers are producing new models of solar watches every day. In all these brands, two leading brands had immense popularity Seiko and Citizen. Seiko and Citizen are both Asian brands that are leading the watch industry. Both brands have many similarities in their watches. However, there are a lot of differences, as well. Seiko is famous for introducing the quartz movement in watch manufacturing. On the other hand, the Citizen has vast popularity and customer confidence. Here we will look at the difference in features of Seiko solar vs Citizen eco drive. Both are solar watches from Seiko and Citizen.

How Solar Power watches function?

Solar watches have evolved with time. Nowadays, solar watches are an impressive timepiece with durability and quality. The popularity of solar watches is now everywhere.

Solar watches use solar energy with their solar cells partially or wholly. One of the most significant advantages of solar watches is the longer storage time. Yes, you can store solar watches for a long time, and you will have them in working condition once you use them back. This advantage you will not find with other kinds of watches.

The other thing where you will find solar watches highly beneficial is they are eco-friendly. You will not find yourself in the mess of dead batteries. The technology for solar watches is improved, and storage capacity is about tripled time than any old models. You will find solar watches that are long-lasting for more than eight years.

Advantages of solar watches

The advantages of solar watches are unlimited as they are the most perfect and most reliable watches. Many solar watches can work for months without even charging. Furthermore, these days, solar watches evolved into unique, sleek, and stylish designs.

Here I want to clear one of the common misconceptions about solar watches: they only get energy from the sun. This is not true at all. The fact is that you can also charge your solar watches with artificial light. This is one of the most delicate features that you will feel about solar watches. It means you will find your watch in working condition every time. Here we can conclude that solar watches have two main advantages.

  • Not running out of charge
  • Durable and long-lasting features

Now here we will look at detailed features of Seiko solar vs Citizen eco drive.


Firstly we will look at differences in the features of Seiko solar vs citizen eco drive. Overall there is no significant difference between cases, but they are pretty much the same. The material of both watches is stainless steel. Furthermore, the case of both watches comes with brushes and polished.

The top surface of both watches is brushed, and the side surface of both watches is polished. Moreover, the watch has a 400 mm case diameter. The back of the case is also manufactured with a stainless steel case. The case ensures the water resistance features of both watches.

Water-resistance features

Both watches have water resistance features. Usually, all models and watches from both citizens and Seiko come with water-resisting features. However, here we will look at the water resistance features of both these watches separately.

Seiko Solar

The water resistance features in the Seiko solar are limited as compared to the citizen eco drive. The Seiko solar watch is made according to standards of ISO 6425 standards. So the Seiko solar watch is a dive-ready watch. However, the water depth for Seiko solar is 100 meters only.

Citizen Eco-drive

In water resistance features, citizen eco drive is dominant over Seiko solar. The watch has a water depth of 200 meters and 660 ft. The citizen eco also drives a dive-ready watch. So it is recommended that, if you are an active outdoor person or a swimmer, you should go for Citizen eco drive.


The display type of both watches is analog. There are three hands in the display of both watches, for seconds, minutes, and hours. However, the looks of the hand are different in both Seiko solar and citizen eco drives. Moreover, in both watches, there is no use of numerals. Instead, both watches have used markers for hour hands.


Another common feature in both watches is GPS. The GPS will automatically adjust time and date according to your location. So there is no need to set the date and time manually. Furthermore, GPS also helps in accurate navigation and also calculates your workout. In addition to this, you will get weather results from your GPS. And the good news is both Seiko solar vs citizen eco drive has GPS.


The timer function is also available on both watches. It is also called a chronograph and stopwatch. There are three numbers to start the functioning of the timer. With the help of time, you can note down the elapsed time in seconds and minutes.


Timekeeping is another advanced feature that is present in both citizen eco drives and Seiko solar. Timekeeping features mean you will automatically adjust the time and date with the atomic watch.

The atomic watch is a radio controller for accurate timing. The atomic watch has ranged all over the USA, and your watch will automatically catch the signals and adjust the correct date and time accurately. However, when there is no decoding, your watch will work according to the quartz movement.

Style and design

The material of construction in designing both watches is the same. So the only difference you will have is the design of both watches. The style and design of both watches are unique and elegant. Seiko deals in a more classic and sleek design. On the other hand, the Citizen deals in watches with a versatile design and looks. Moreover, you will find the Citizen watches design bolder than Seiko. So if you love classic timepieces, Seiko is best, for versatility, Citizen is the way to go.

Automatic Movement

Both the watches have automatic movement with the atomic and solar movement. Seiko began the automatic movement, and now you will find almost all watches from Seiko with automatic movement. The automatic movement means a self-winding watch. In automatic movement, the watch uses the swinging motion of the user and winds the mainspring automatically.

Time Zone

You will find all the time zones of the world on the dial of Seiko solar vs Citizen eco drive.


Tachymeter is a device that is used to measure speed. The tachymeter is a solar watch inscribed on the rim of the watch alongside the chronograph. Both Seiko solar vs Citizen eco drive has tachymeter.

Which brand is more popular, Seiko or Citizen?

Many research shows that Citizen is a bigger brand than Seiko as it has a broader reach. If we talk about both brands’ sales volume, then the sales volume is higher for citizens.

We are not saying that Seiko is not popular. But in comparison to citizens, it is less popular. Moreover, the reach of Seiko is also less than Citizen. Furthermore, we can not consider Seiko as a luxury brand, as some watches have low prices. Same for Citizen eco drive.

The reason for the less popularity of Seiko is it is not available everywhere. On the other hand, you can buy a citizen watch at retailers or big shops easily. However, Seiko is a brand of reliability and confidence, and they have many customers that love to wear Seiko.

How is Seiko solar better than citizen eco drive?

  • Opaque Dials

One thing where we find Seiko solar better than citizen eco drive is the opaque dials. In its new models of watches, Seiko replaced their traditional dials with opaque dials. As we know, in solar watches, dials are the main parts as they play a role in the transmission of light. Usually, under the dials, there are galvanic cells that transform light.

On the other hand, the citizen eco drive has semi-transparent dials, trying to hide cleverly. On the other hand, the dials of Seiko watches are opaque to the eyes, which is an excellent advancement in Seiko solar watches.

How is Citizen eco drive better than Seiko solar?

  • Perpetual Calendar

The perpetual calendar mechanism is the feature in which the watch displays accurate data perpetually. The perpetual calendars in watches are made with leaps of days and different lengths of months. So the watches with perpetual calendars move the dial to the next day. The good is that the citizen eco drive has perpetual calendar features while the Seiko solar doesn’t. However, the perpetual calendar option is available in some other Seiko watches’ models but not in Seiko solar.

  • Price

Another thing that makes the citizen eco drive more attention-seeking is the price. The citizen eco drive is less expensive than the Seiko solar watches. The cost of a citizen eco drive is an excellent edge for those who want a good quality watch at a low price. This comes true with the citizen eco drive.

  • Trustworthy brand

Another plus point for citizen eco drive is the brand is manufacturing solar watches for a longer time. There are more applications of solar technology in the different models of citizen watches. You can say that the Citizen has more experience in solar watches.


How long do citizen eco-drive watches last?

Citizen eco-drive watches are long-lasting watches with more extended durability. As a pro, the use of the second battery in citizen eco drive watches makes it longer lasting. As a familiar feeling, the watches are longer lasting between 10-20 years.

Do solar watches last forever?

Solar watches are longer-lasting until they are exposed to light regularly. In the dark, solar watches will use reserve power in darkness. However, when reserving power will be low, then you can charge in sunlight again.

Why did my Seiko solar watch stop?

In the case of low charging and Seiko, the solar watch can stop working. The reason will be insufficient charging. So, you can recharge your solar watch and can also use artificial light.

Can Seiko solar watches be repaired?

Yes, if your watch stops working or there is any technical issue, your watch can be repaired. In maintenance, you can change the battery, pin and also replace the band of your watch. Infect, you do a complete restoration of your watch.

Does Rolex make solar watches?

Yes, solar watches are also in business. However, Rolex solar watches have more than $900.

What does eco drive watch mean?

Citizen eco drives generate energy from natural and artificial light. These watches can even recharge in dim light. These watches can last for years without the replacement of a battery.


Here we make a comparison of Seiko solar vs citizen eco drive features. Without a doubt, both watches are made from one of the biggest Asian brands. Both manufacturers are known for their reliable and quality features in their watches. Their watches not only have an automatic movement but GPS, tachymeter, chronograph, and atomic watch features. Furthermore, the Seiko also featured an opaque dial.

However, Seiko is more expensive than a citizen eco drive. For this reason, many customers find citizen solar watches more reliable. Furthermore, the other plus point for citizen eco drive is that the manufacturers are in business for a longer time. Now the choice is all yours; you can pick any of them that you love most.

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