Seiko SKX009K2 Review – The “Pepsi Diver” Analog Watch

The slogan of Seiko, “moving ahead and touching hearts,” is a strong commitment to all its users. They always seek support to step forward, winning the user’s heart, and encourage the passionate sportsmen, athletes who strive for new achievements in time scores. In the same line, their watches provide quality time and uplifting experiences. A popular watch series of Seiko is its SKX009K2, which has a proven and certified track record of performing the best for the scuba divers, sportsmen, and athletes who seek perfect time record during their performance. Now lets know about Seiko Skx009K2 review.


Seiko SKX009K2 Review

Our expert team has reviewed Seiko SKX009K2 with several parameters and found many noticeable qualities in it. They bring out the watch as one of the best watches for the people who like to play in the water like surfing, swimming, playing water ball, etc. It is special not only for its waterproof feature but also for the strong timekeeping technologies. Before going into their review, let’s see all the ins and out of the watches in a few words.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Luminus hands
  • Automatic movement
  • Waterproof
  • Elegant look
  • Durability


  • No battery
  • Tiny band

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Product dimension 118×118×90 mm
Item Weight 80 g
Shape Round
Display Type Analog
Case Materials Stainless Steel
Case Diameter 42 mm
Case Thickness 13 mm
Glass Materials Mineral Crystal
Band Materials Stainless Steel
Band Length 22 mm
Band Color Silver
Dial Color Dark Blue Tone
Movement 21 Jewel Automatic
Calendar Day-Date
Water-Resistant 200 M
Bezel Rotating Uni-Directional


Key Features:

Seiko SKX009K2 has many attractive features to make it special among other analog watches. The highlighted key features of the watch found by the experts are here below:

  •  Seiko SKX009K2 is a battery-free analog watch that keep away the fare of ending battery life.
  • The round case of the watch is made of stainless steel with a Hardlex dial window.
  • Driven with the Japanese automatic movement for endless watch life.
  • Five-link stainless steel band featuring fold-over clasp with safety closure
  • 200M perfect water-resistant capacity, which is suitable for professional marine activity and surface water sports.
  • Two-tone unidirectional bezel and blue dial give an attractive look to the watch.
  • Day/date window as an added value of the watch.
  • The luminous hands/indices help to see the time in the dark.

Let’s know the details about the features of Seiko SKX009K2.

Automatic Self-winding Movement

Seiko SKX009K2 runs with automatic self-winding movement, which generates power to move the hands of the watch. This technology turns the movement of the watch into motion to run its internal parts. Actually, a tiny spring inside the watch converts the movement into motion while you move your hand. The spring also preserves the power to create motion while it is kept without moving. Seiko SKX009K2 uses Japanese 7s26 automatic movement inside lasts 41 hours mean almost two days to keep moving. Every use of the watch refuels the motion to keep working.

ISO 6425 Certified Water Resistant

A common feature of almost all popular watches is water-resistant feature. Seiko SKX009K2 has water resistance up to 200M, which is generally suitable for professional marine activities and serious surface water sports. The watch is ISO 6425 certified to introduce it as a diving watch. In the watch market, it is also known called “Pepsi Diver” for its red and blue colors on the bezel and certified water-resistant feature.

Date-Day Calendar

Seiko SKX009K2 has a day/date combo, which adds expensive value to it. Honestly, while I see the day/date calendar in a pilot watch, I judge it as an expensive watch and do not think about its brand. I rarely find an analog dive watch, and SKX009K2 is a little special in its first look.

The Luminous Hands

Almost all of us familiar with the luminous hands of a watch. These kinds of hands light up in the dark to display the time. Seiko SKX009K2 has luminous hands and delivers bright lighting to show time in the dark. To me, watching time after several intervals is natural, and the luminous hands are something important for me. The hands are not only for time display in the dark; it shows your existence also; it means you are a little safe in the dark to avoid any unexpected impingement due to sudden power failure.

Five-link Stainless Steel Band

The watch has a special attraction with its five-link stainless steel band. The 22 mm band perfect man’s standard band keeps the watch tight with the wrist. The links give strength to the band more than other conventional steel bands or plastic bands. I always prefer a steel band in my hand because it adds more value to my personality.


What is inside the box of Seiko SKX009K2?

Seiko SKX009K2 unboxing

You will find the following items in the box of Seiko SKX009K2 Analog Watch. SKX009K2 watch, Instruction Manual, and Warranty Card.

Bezel color:

The rotating bezel of the Seiko SKX009K2 analog watch has a descent of red and blue accents the rotating. It is uni-directional and has detentes at 1/2 minute positions.

Band Length:

The 22 mm across a band of the Seiko SKX009K is a common width for easy customization with anyone’s personal choice of the watchband. The man’s standard width matches with general people to easy use of the watch.

Case and Size:

The well-made solid case of Seiko SKX009K2 gives extra protection to its internal parts and gives durability to the watch. The case size is 42 mm, and the thickness is 13 mm. The stainless steel case weighs 7.04 ounces to easy wear it every day.

Glass Face:

Seiko SKX009K2 watch has face covering with non-reflective Hardlex Crystal. The sapphire crystal glass with shock-resistant and scratch-resistant quality.


A little introduction of Seiko

Seiko has a glorious history of 125 years committed to art and science. In this long time, the company delivered many innovations to enrich the world of watch technologies. They introduced The first quartz wristwatch, which changed the history of time; the first Kinetic is the mark of a new era in quartz watch technology. Seiko exponentially improved the accuracy of wristwatches and firmly established today’s standard in Olympic and sports timing. In 1984, Seiko celebrated Kinetic Technology-the power by body movement. Like those, Seiko introduced many other technologies. These achievements take Seiko’s height to a top-level and make the brand a benchmark for the industry. “In the realm of fine watches, time is measured by Seiko innovation – A heritage of dedication to the art and science of time.”


How to ensure the Warranty and Servicing of a watch Seiko SKX009K2?

Seiko SKX009K2 comes with a 2-year warranty. You may have this warranty buying through an authorized distributor or shop. You should ensure the warranty before buying the watch, and if they fail, it is wise to avoid the shop. Also, to ensure the original Seiko product, you should go to the authorized dealer or distributor. The warranty covers any defects in the case, internal movement mechanisms, crown, and display.

Seiko watches need to service every after 3-years to keep their operation smooth and durable. Therefore, you should take your Seiko watch to the nearby Seiko service center or to the authorized dealer to service the watch after the intervals. Remember, the more you care about your watch, it will give the best result.



When you have a Seiko watch on your wrist, everybody will evaluate you as a man of perfection and punctual because Seiko means the accuracy of time. SKX009K2 on your wrist means more than other Seiko watches. It means a man who cares about time and like diving in enjoyment. The outlook of the watch brings a cheerful environment with its color and style. We ensure that once you wear the “Pepsi Dive,” you cannot leave it from the wrist for another watch. Enjoy time, enjoy with Seiko.

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