Seiko SKA371 Review | Stainless Steel Kinetic Dive Watch

Seiko is a branded watchmaker and well known over the world for providing incredible quality watches. They’re also branded for offering their timepiece at a reasonable price.

Today we write about Seiko ska371 review. This timepiece is also known as a kinetic watch. The kinetic watch is one of the unique watches produced by SeikoIt has an internal build-in generator, which makes electricity from our wrist’s kinetic movement.

And finally, store this electricity in a rechargeable battery. It’s interesting! And almost nearest an automatic watch. But in this Kinetic watch, you don’t have to wind as it makes electricity from your wrist’s kinetic movement once you wear it.

Besides an automatic watch doesn’t have a battery, this kinetic watch has a strong battery, which requires replacement less frequently than the conventional quartz timepiece battery.

Seiko SKA371 Key features

Brand Seiko
Model number SKA371
Item shape Round
Material Stainless steel
Window dial type Hardlex (Produce by Seiko brand)

Who needs this timepiece?

If you are someone who is looking for an eye-catching classic timepiece that you can wear every time. Then Seiko ska371 kinetic watch can be the right one for you.

This classic watch looks great with any outfit. This Seiko Ska371 comes with incredible quality depending on the price. If you are also looking for a mid-range timepiece at a reasonable price, then this wristwatch can right one for you.

Seiko SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch Review

Seiko ska371 Dial review

This is where we are looking at our first glance to check the time. So naturally, this dial should be a stylish and clear view to read time and date. Seiko ska371 dial comes with black color and white color marks that’s make this dial very clear and easy to read the time.

You can’t go wrong with a black color dial. It also has a minute text feature; every ten minutes has numeric marks. So you can quickly get the hour and minutes. At 3 o’clock, it featured a date option with a black background and white text, which also crystal clear to read.

Besides this dial, stainless steel case rounded makes this dial completely great looks and gives a classic touch.

Seiko also gives a unique touch at dial material. It uses a Hardlex dial window that’s produced by Seiko. Naturally, there are many types of dial uses by other watchmakers, such as Mineral, sapphire crystal, synthetic crystal.

Mineral dial type:  Mineral dial can sufferance many hits and easy to be scratch by little hits.

Sapphire crystal: Sapphire crystal is known as scratch-resistant but can’t sufferance many hits.; only, it can break when it comes to the font of many hits.

Synthetic crystal: Synthetic crystal makes from sapphire crystal to make it better for sufferance many hits. Even virtually, it is called a scratch-proof crystal. Only Dimon and many walls can scratch it.

Hardlex crystal: This one was made by Seiko watchmaker. They use mineral crystal and upgrade it for better performance. They make it scratch-resistant, and natural mineral crystals can cause suffering many hits. So finally, this Hardlex dial window is a sturdy and durable material.

One thing notable here: The dial comes in the luminous coating on the hands and hour markers. So you can read the time clearly in a dark place. Once it sleeps completely, just get in touch with a lamp, and the luminous will work again.

Seiko ska371 Design

It’s time to go to the Seiko ska371 design part. The design part is the most significant value of a watch.  If you wear a watch and it seems ugly, you might not be wondering about wearing it next time despite its durability and good quality.

Seiko Men’s SKA371 Kinetic watch comes in classic looks with a finish stainless steel strap and case. Fold over clasp with double push-button safety. This watch looks great and matches with any office or casual dress. So you can wear this timepiece every time and whatever you go.

If you wear it every day and every time, it’s a plus point for the battery. It came with internal generator equipment, as we mentioned earlier. And has a battery which can be charged when you wear and move.

It’s a kinetic movement power system. If you are not regular watch wear, then no worry about the battery charge. It has a durable battery that is charged when you wear and move. With that said, this watch will not be stopped if you do not wear it.

Seiko ska371 Movement

When it comes to the design part, then dial one of the main parts. When it asks for long-lasting and durability, then inside the movement is the central part. This movement equipment is also known as the mainboard on a watch.

The watch quality, durability, and sturdiness depend on this part. There are many watchmakers available in the world, and they use many types of movement.

But few movements are popular as durable and sturdy. Two of them, Swiss and Japanese technology. This Seiko ska371 Movement uses Japanese technology. So it’s quite enough to guess the durability of this timepiece.

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Seiko SKA371 amazon review


If you are looking to get a classic watch without worried about the battery charge, durability, and overall excellent quality. This Seiko stylized watch can be your first choice.

You can wear it during office or playtime, even during your stylized time. It can be perfectly fitted for your wardrobe. This Seiko ska371 particular timepiece is made by Seiko with a unique touch at dial material and power system.

They use an internal generator that can make electricity from our kinetic movement when we wear and move. We hope this Seiko ska371 review helps you to find the right timepiece for you.



What is second hand in a watch?

Answer: This is a common question in our mind often the time. Most people this second hand in a watch means it is a used watch. And when you search online and find this sentence under a new watch listing, it really makes a confusing question. That’s what also happens to me. Once I find the answer, I’m going to clear this confusing question to all. Ok, simply drive to this specific question answer.

Every watch has three markers to determine the hour, seconds, and minutes. Simply second-hand means second markers, the second hour means hour markers, and finally, the second minute means minutes markers. That’s all.

What is the kinetic watch?

Answer: Probably you hear new about the kinetic watch. Kinetic watch build by Seiko that’s also known Seiko unique watch. In this technology, the Seiko watchmaker adds an internal generator that can make electricity from our kinetic movement; when we wear it. That’s not an automatic watch but near an automatic watch. This kinetic timepiece also has a durable battery, which requires less replacement than another conventional quartz watch.

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