Seiko sary057 review and more details to know.

From the top largest watch-maker Seiko is one of them in the world. It has various collections with available all kinds of taste watch-from elegant to professional. That means Seiko has an available timepiece for everyone. Today we write about Seiko sary057 review.

Seiko is loved and appreciated because their watch is well knowing that offers good value for money depends on the build and material quality. They also have many automatic watches which is high-quality, long, durable, sturdy, and reliable.

If you are looking to get a clean, elegant, and classic automatic timepiece, then you may take a closer look at presage collections by Seiko.

Why Seiko sary057?

Automatic watches are well known for better quality than quartz. Most of the automatic watch came with a skeleton design; that’s seems very complicated to read time and date.

So you may be wondering to find an automatic watch with a simple and elegant design. Seiko publishes an automatic timepiece at a classic design known as Seiko sary057, so let’s drive to Seiko sary057 review without further ado.

Seiko sary057 review

It combines a Japanese aesthetic sense with traditional craftsmanship at their presage collection. Being with Japanese beauty, quality, and long-lasting performance.

This item is a classic, elegant, clean timepiece that means this is a perfect EDC watch. Especially Seiko presage collection appreciated for its reasonable price and good value for money.

Depending on its price and quality, few competitors can complete the same quality watch.

In this article, we will know in-depth about the Seiko Presage SARY057 watch.


Pros and Cons


  • Water resistant 100 meters
  • Automatic and manual winding functionality
  • Aesthetic and classic design
  • Simple and handy dial


  • Sapphire regular glass
  • Ticking sound is little louder

Key features

Dial window type Sapphire glass
Water resistant depth 100 meters
Material Stainless steel
Item shape Round
Winding system Automatic and manual

Seiko Presage SARY057 case

When we look at the watch to check the time at our first glance, we see the dial and case together. So dial quality and design also important. On this Presage SARY057, the case builds with stainless steel. It looks sleek and elegant. The diameter is 41mm and a thickness of 12mm, and lug-to-lug measures 49mm. Seems it’s a little bigger but ok.

It’s elegancy make this is a perfect timepiece for everyday wear. This watch gives a little touch of sportiness to it. So if you are a playboy, then you can wear it every day. Besides, due to its classic looks, it’s enough to wear as a dress watch.

That’s all means this Seiko presage sary057 successes very well for a perfect balance. The crown is located under 3 o’clock and slightly recessed into the case; that keeps the crown protected. Also keeps it way from digging too much. That’s a great one for considering.

Once you turn the watch around, you will present a real aesthetic. It uses a see-through case back; this way, you can see the movement beating inside.

Seiko Presage SARY057 dial review

When it comes to talking about the dial, our first opinion is that the dial should be exact looks and easy to read time, date, and day. Seiko makes this dial classic layout instead of a skeleton.

It has a black background, which is a versatile and elegant color. The dial is shiny finished, and you can’t go wrong.

The dial has metal hour markers, which reflect the luminous beauty. At 3 o’clock day and date feature is integrated with a black background and white text color. That’s also can’t go wrong during reading.

There is nothing more complicated features like world time, stopwatch, clock, and skeleton looks. That makes this dial completely simple and classic, and that’s why this automatic watch is for every day – everyone. It can be fitted with any outfit.

This dial face uses sapphire glass. This means scratch resistant glass, but you have to give it little effort. This glass can’t take many hits. Neither this dial glass can breakdown. But that does not mean the dial glass is too low quality; effort a little. That’s completely fine to keep it protected.

Seiko Presage SARY057 Design

Now take a closer look at the strap, dial, and clasp overall design. Their first choice is stainless steel for most people for now, as it’s a fresh look.

This Seiko SARY057 watch strap came with stainless steel. Dial came in a simple and elegant design with a black background color. The dial is not so complicated and very handy to read.

The clasp also uses stainless steel besides stainless steel known as long durable material. This Seiko SARY057 watch is a fantastic design and a durable one. Can wear every day and every time. Fits with any casual or formal dress.

Seiko Presage SARY057 Movement

Movement is the central part of a watch. This part doing everything and runs the clock itself through power. At this watch, Seiko sary057 uses an automatic movement as it’s an automatic watch.

An automatic watch means its battery-less timepiece. There is a system that builds electricity and moves the power to the movement. This whole process happens by a crown that’s located outside of this watch at the case side.

This movement uses Japanese technology, which is known worldwide as high-quality technology. The movement carries some gold rotors; as we mentioned earlier, the case is transparent so that you can look inside through the case side.

You will see a gold rotor beating inside of movement and this way finally running the watch. One thing must be notable- this automatic watch came with automatic and manual winding functions, so if you are boring by winding manually and looking to get the winding case, which is an extra cost. This Seiko sary057 appeals to be your first choice.


If you love an automatic watch due to its long durability but don’t want to buy it because of its complicated dial looks. Then Seiko sary057 came with classic looks. And perfectly fine to wear every day; it’s elegant and aesthetic design.

The dial is straightforward and handy to read the time, date, and day. Seiko Presage series watch is known good value for money. And Seiko is one of the top brands in the world, having various series and collections. Indeed you can find your dream watch from Seiko.

Thanks for reading us; we hope Seiko sary057 review helps you to find the Best automatic watch.



Is Seiko watch is good?

Answer: Seiko is one of the top watch-maker in the world. They are trusted to make high-quality and durable watches. They have a reputation as offering good value for money.

Seiko have various collections with many automatic watches. Automatic watches are known as a long-lasting watch. So Seiko watch is good enough; it’s a reputed brand.

What is an automatic watch?

Answer: Automatic watch means battery-less watch and its build electricity by a crown. You have to wound the crown, and it will make electricity and run the watch. Many automatic watches came with automatic winding functionality.

Also, there is a winding case available in the market. No worry about damaging your automatic watch by overwound. It has a feature that’s protect overwound. Once it reaches the desire electricity right, then winding will stop or electricity will stop.

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