Seiko sarb035 Review and More Details in 2021

When we search for a watch that has a beautiful dial design, sturdy built quality, and a reliable movement we find many watches but when we try to find the exact same things at an affordable price then the watch numbers become many to a handful. The Seiko SARB035 watch has all the qualities you are searching for and many more other features.

Seiko SARB035 is a very popular watch and offers a lot of things that other brands do not like in-house movement. The finish of the case is magnificent and the look and the feel of the watch are like a true premium one. In this Seiko sarb035 review let’s know about this Seiko watch in detail.

Seiko sarb035 review- Features

Now it is time to know about Seiko Men’s Japanese-Automatic Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, Silver, SARB035 in detail.

Dial and Hands

Seiko SARB035 has a very beautiful looking eye-catchy dial look and the color of the dial is more like off-white or ivory color. Some also say that this dial has a cream shade surface. But the dial color is more like creamy off white which actually a very nice color shade and looks beautiful as a dial surface color.

Looking at the beautiful looking carefully you can feel the texture on it. The detailing on the dial is done so nicely that it gives a very premium feel and look. There is only one cut out for the date window except that the design of the dial is flawless and anyone will be flattered by the looks of this Seiko watch’s dial.

The dial has a very clean and legible look. There is nothing heavily fancy on the dial but there are the basic elements that a watch must-have. It has three hands, primary markers, secondary markers, and a date window. The primary markers are applied markers and these are the hour markers of the watch.

The applied markers are in silver color and these actually play with light. When light hits the dial, the dial color and the markers look different from different angles. The middle of the hour markers seems grey at some angle and creamy at another angle. On the inner edge of each marker, there is a little boxy shape that is filled with luminous.

For each hour indicator, there is one applied marker that has a rectangular shape and at the 12 o’clock position the marker is doubled up. The positioning and coloring of the markers are beautiful and it matches the dial surface beautifully making the dial look first-class and magnificent.

The secondary dial is on a chapter ring which is slightly pronounced than the primary dial and on this dial there are the second markings. These markings are in black color which is vivid on the creamy surface and each second marking is a bit longer and bold than the four others which are printed in between each second interval. This dial is very nice looking and a great touch to the dial.

The only flaw in the dial or only cutout on this dial is for the date window. Many people like a flawless dial and also money says that a date window causes the whole dial design to lose its symmetry. But a date window on a watch is pretty basic and practical as well.

The background of the window is white, but I think it would look more beautiful if they design it as the same color as the dial but it still looks pretty well. At 6 o’clock there is the word Automatic printed using an old Cursive which is superb and many of us are a great fan of including me.

The hands are designed pretty well actually and it contains a lot of details. Along with the surface, the hands also dance on light as well.  There is a black lining on the tip of the watch which is visible only when light falls on the dial and looking at the hands from various angles you can spot the line.

The minute and hour hand have a pointy shape and on the middle part of these two hands, there are the luminous. Its second has a shape like a needle and on its tail is shaped like a diamond which, by the way, looks beautiful.

The luminous on the hands and the markers are pretty bright in dark and hopefully, you’ll have no problem seeing the dial in any lighting condition. So the dial is very clear and legible, has a breathtaking design and beautiful color combination. Its dial design gives it a sporty like feel at the same time it has a very formal look and as a dress watch, the design is perfect.

Watch Case

The case of Seiko SARB035 is very elegant and well-built. It is a daily wear watch with a case diameter of 38mm and the thickness of the case is 11.5mm. The size of the case makes it an ideal watch for wearing on various occasions. Firstly, the small case diameter is great for a formal dress watch and many people prefer the size of a dress watch exactly the same as this Seiko watch.

The case is small which makes it great for wearing with a formal outfit and for being not so thick it can easily slide under the cuff of your shirt. Also, the design makes it a great watch for people with small wrists. It will fit perfectly for those who have a small wrist thanks to the small lug to lug length.

In making the case of the watch stainless steel is used which makes the construction very solid. For this reason, it is a great watch for casual occasions as well. Its strong and sturdy construction can give the whole watch support and makes it a great one to wear daily and on various occasions.

When it comes to the finishing of the watch Seiko does not disappoint. The finishing of the case is done very subtly. Its mid-case is polished and so are the sides of the lugs. But the top of the lugs got a stain-brush finish which looks very nice and adds details to the case.

On top of the case, there is a stainless steel bezel that is fixed and you cannot rotate it. To make the bezel look shiny and emphasize the look of the watch it has been polished. The bezel serves its purpose superbly and gives the whole case and dial a very eye-catchy look.

The combination of brushed and polished finish gives the watch a sporty and shiny look but the brush finish dims some spots which makes it not shiny and that in my opinion is a nice touch. The case design is very elegant and gives the watch a standout looks. So the finish of the top and mi-case is superb and at this price point one of the best you can get.

With an S logo on the top surface, the beautiful looking crown is positioned at 3 o’clock. As the watch is not a diver watch so it is obvious that the crown is not a screwed one. The look of the crown is nice and the edges are notched to make sure proper gripping. This push-pull crown has got a nice look and finish and matches seamlessly with the case.

The water-resistant capability of Seiko SARB035 is 100 meters and as a daily wear watch, it is quite good. Daily normal activities do not involve deep water and this watch is capable of handling a small amount of water. Even you can do small-time swimming as well wearing this watch. So you no longer have to worry about damaging the watch by water exposure.

The case back is an exhibition case so you can see through the case and see what’s going on inside the watch. To make it see-through Hardlex crystal is used. It is a nice feature to have as this watch has an automatic movement.

Sapphire Crystal

Undoubtedly the star of any watch is its dial and to make sure the watch is legible for a long time we have to first make sure it is protected. And for protecting the dial Seiko used the toughest crystal which is sapphire. It is not glass but a crystal, and it is not as fragile as glass but very strong and very hard to break. Also, the crystal is scratch-resistant. So without any difficulty, it will ensure that the dial is legible and protected for a very long time.


One of the most beautiful things about this watch is its movement. It features Seiko’s in-house caliber 6R15 and it is an automatic movement. The craftsmanship of this movement is superb and you can see that using the see-through case back. As the movement is made in-house so it is a very high-quality movement and all its parts are made using high-quality material.

Being made in-house also makes the movement much more reliable. Interestingly, it can do so many things that we generally see on movements of high-end watches like hacking and hand winding. Yes, you can manually wind the watch using its crown, and it’s the charm of the watch.

The hacking feature allows you to stop the second hand and you can set the exact time even the second. Its power reserve is very good as well, mostly we see 38 to 40 hours of power reserved but this automatic movement is capable of running the watch for 50 hours by just one proper winding.

As it is an automatic watch you just have to wear it daily and it will keep running for decades without any maintenance. It will also wind itself using the high-quality rotor which is placed on its back. In the case of durability, its high-quality material comes forward and makes it very durable which made it a great daily wear watch.

The movement has a beat rate 0f 12600 per hour and when it beats it causes vibration to the whole watch and to reduce the vibration there are 23 jewels. So you’ll feel no vibration as well and the watch will sit on your wrist silently.


This Seiko watch comes with a stainless steel 20mm bracelet which is a beautiful-looking 3 links bracelet and has a brushed finish. The bracelet makes the watch look very elegant and gives it a sporty vibe. It is very comfortable and you can swap the bracelet easily with any other strap of the same size.


  • Sapphire crystal as the dial window
  • Super eye-catchy dial
  • Stainless steel case
  • The dial is well detailed and has a nice texture
  • Date window
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Stainless steel bracelet
  • Polished top case
  • Thin design
  • Sporty look
  • Reliable automatic movement

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In the conclusion of the Seiko sarb035 review, I can say that the watch is worth the fame it got. This Seiko watch has so many things to offer and it is ideal for a variety of different occasions. It is a great value-for-money timepiece with a beautiful design, useful features, and reliable movement.

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