Seiko Recraft Review (Model : SNKP27) in 2021

The recraft series of any brand is generally inspired by some proven and most loved designs of the past. As these watch designs are proven and loved by watch enthusiasts and collectors, the watch brands take inspiration from such a design and present it with new technology and modern features to give people traditional watch design with the combination of modern technology.

Seiko recraft SNKP27 is a vintage style inspired timepiece and the watch was released in 2017. After the launch, it gains a lot of popularity and the design is loved by so many people. Today in this article on Seiko recraft review, I am presenting you the review of the Seiko recraft SNKP27 timepiece.

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Who Should Buy a Seiko Recraft Watch?

Looking at this Seiko recraft watch one can easily tell that the design of this watch is inspired by the old vintage watch. Not just the design but its color combination, looks, and case design are also very similar to retro or vintage watches. So those who like the look of the design of old traditional watches should try this timepiece surely you won’t be disappointed.

Also, the design of the watch is very bold which makes it unique and the perfect timepiece to catch attention. So those who like bold design and want to catch attention even in a crowd this is the ideal choice for you.

Seiko Recraft SNKP27 Review

There are many features and functions on this watch. Let’s know about these in detail.


The look and design of the watch play a big role in making the whole watch beautiful. If the dial design is not eye-catchy then the whole watch looks kind of dull. This Seiko recraft watch has a vintage-inspired dial design and the design is truly stunning and very eye-catchy to look at.

This recraft watch has a dial that is black and has a beautiful and super eye-catchy sunburst effect. The dial is designed in a way that the color of it fades as it goes toward the outer edge and that makes it stunning to look at. The sunburst effect has a greenish tone and you can easily see its beauty by looking at the watch from different angles.

Also, the dial color is not shiny and it does not reflect light, when it falls on it, it reflects the light in a proper way to do the sunburst effect properly. On the edge of the dial, there is an outer dial with a raised plate inserted additionally.

For making the design and color combination spectacular the outer dial has given a polished green color. For having a polished green outer dial, the color combination of the dial becomes more dramatic and also adds contrast to the design. The outer edge contains printed markers on its green surface and for every five minutes of marking there are applied metal markers placed broadly.

The hour markers of the outer dial are colored golden and that looks quite impressive on the green surface. There are two golden markers on it for 12 o’clock. On this outer dial towards the inside edge, there is a black ring shape and on that ring, there are white color rectangular shape markers for each minute. For this outdoor dial, the watch gets quite a depth, more details and it makes the design very impressive.

Immediately below the outer dial, on the inner dial white color circular-shaped stone is placed as hour markers and it seamlessly matches the inner black dial. To make the watch dial design simple and legible the company only printed The Word Automatic and the brand name Seiko on the dial.

At 3 o’clock on this watch dial, there is a golden border window for date and day. Generally, the date windows are rectangular but these day and date windows have a slightly curved shape with a golden border to match the hour markers. As there is a day/date window so you can keep track of the day along with the date.

For indication time there are three golden-colored hands on this dial. These hands are shaped rectangular and their golden color blends with the black dial and golden markers. On these hands, Lumibrite is applied so these hands glow in the dark. But there is no Lumibrite on the markers to it a bit tough to see the time in the dark.


Seiko recraft watch has a stainless steel case with a unique and unusual shape. The shape of the case is a bit square or I can see that it matches the shape of a rectangular pillow. For having this unusual case shape, it is difficult to give the exact dimensions of this case as you’ll get different results measuring it from different sizes. Furthermore. This case design makes it different from a traditional watch and gives it a distinct look.

However, the company says the diameter of the case is 39.5mm and the thickness of this watch case is 13mm. It has a diameter of 45.5mm lugs to lugs and the wide of the lugs is 22mm.

Most of the case is polished and the others are brushed. The bezel area is brushed and the side of the case is polished for giving it a spectacular look. Generally, we see the lugs’ upper surface is polished and the other parts are brushed but on this watch the lugs are polished. Actually, the whole side area is polished to make it look beautiful.

The lugs of the watch are angled and integrated into the case making it look bigger on the wrist. As the watch looks big so it is great for bold fashion. Here on this watch, the lugs are pointed down and for that reason, it sits on the wrist comfortably without causing any shaking.

On top of the case as the dial window, Hardlex glass is used. Hardlex may not be as strong as sapphire crystal but it is quite more scratch-resistant than mineral glass. So you can be assured of the fact that the crystal will shine like new for a long time and will not get scratches.

The crystal is slightly raised than the case as like old vintage watches. It looks good but as some part of the crystal is exposed and curved it gets dirty quite easily.

Turning the watch, we’ll see it has a screw-down and exhibition case back. The exhibition case back allows you to see through it and you can see the movements going on inside the watch in real-time. This feature is a great one and reminds us of traditional watches.

The crown of the watch is positioned at 3 o’clock and it is a push-pull type crown and as the watch is not suitable for diving so it is fine.


Seiko recrafts timepiece has an automatic self-winding movement that will serve you for decades without any need for servicing. The built quality is quite sturdy and it is not the most accurate movement but looking at its price tag it is fine.


Surely we do not want your beautiful watch to get ruined by a little splash of water or sweat. For making that you do not face such an issue the watch has a screw-down case back to make this watch water-resistant.

Small recreational swimming, a small splash of water, and other water activities can be handled by this watch because it is not great for diving.


The band of this watch is made using calfskin and the quality of the band is quite fine. It has a sturdy built and it will surely last long. The band is quite soft that makes it comfortable to wear on your wrist.


  • Hardlex crystal
  • Vintage-inspired beautiful design
  • Polished stainless steel case
  • Exhibition case back
  • Eye-catchy design
  • 50 meters’ water resistant
  • Automatic movement
  • Day/date window
  • Calfskin band
  • Screw-down case back

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Seiko recraft watch is very reliable, has a beautiful design, and mostly it is actually a value-for-money watch. The built quality is superior and the design is spectacular and it cannot be unnoticed. So those who love vintage style and bold fashionable modern-looking watches for them this timepiece is an ideal choice.

Okay, we hope you have no more doubt about Seiko recraft snkp27 read this review content.

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