Seiko 5 Vs Orient Bambino comparison in 2021

In the watch industry, Seiko and bambino are known for their craftsmanship and innovative designs. Seiko is famous for innovation in the watch industry, especially, Seiko was the first that introduced quartz movement watches. Moreover, Seiko is continuing inventing new technology. On the other hand, orient became a subsidiary of Seiko due to the ups and downs in management. However, they are still well known for their quality watches with high range prices. Overall, both brands operate independently, and here we will take a look at the difference between Seiko 5 and orient bambino watches.

However, to know about the difference between both Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino, we will compare both separately.

Comparison between Seiko 5 Vs Orient Bambino

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino comparison

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Seiko 5 and orient bambino have significant differences between the style and design of their watches. Seiko 5 designs are usually multi-purpose designs. Seiko 5 watches you can wear on your business trips and also with casual attires. 

On the other hand, orient bambino is perfect for dress code and formal dressings. They are not so suitable for casual situations. Usually, orient bambino comes along with a leather band and a stylish dial. 

DesignSeiko 5Orient Bambino
Spindle StyleLumiBrite paint and casual styleThin & Sophisticated
StrapChain, Nylon & FabricElegant Leather
DialMonochromaticShiny & Smooth
MarkingsArabic markingsSteel Indices


Now it’s time to get a detailed review on features of Seiko Vs Orient Bambino.

Automatic Movement

Seiko 5 and orient bambino both use different aromatic movements in their watches. Seiko 5 uses automatic movement called 7s26, while Orient bambino uses F6724. 

Difference between 7s26 & F6724

  • The first difference between both movements is that 7s26 has 21 jewels. On the other hand, F6724 has 22 jewels. 
  • Secondly, 7s26 can reserve 41-hour power. The F6724 has 40 hours of reserve power. 
  • Thirdly, the bambino has a date complication, while 7s26 has a day/date complication. 
  • The last and essential difference between both movements is that the 7s26 is not for hand-winding and hacking. However, F6724 has hacking and hand-winding features.

Window Crystals

In Seiko 5, crystals have used Hardlex material. Hardlex material is perfect for durability and scratch resistance. However, it is not the best glass. There are many good choices also. Furthermore, the Seiko 5 has not used any anti-reflective coating. But this problem is not so noticeable, as there is no impact on visibility because of the less distance between dial and glass. Overlap Hardlex material is great shattering resistant and makes maximum visibility.

Orient Bambino used a mineral glass for the crystal. Moreover, the crystal of orient bambino is less flat than Seiko 5. Even you can say the crystal is like a dome-shape. The pros of mineral glass are it provides excellent clarity and reading of time at any angle. The con we noticed in this, in bright light, there will be an appearance of shadow due to dome-shaped.


The handsets vary from watch to watch. However, usually in Seiko 5, the handsets have a luxury feel with elongated diamonds. Moreover, the second in Seiko 5 has a lollipop shape in dual colors.

The handsets in orient bambino match with hour makers. Moreover, the handsets have a sleek and modern look. The handsets in Orient bambino have baton-shaped.


The case of Seiko 5 and orient bambino is made of stainless steel. However, there are large differences in both cases. 

  • The first difference in both cases is the Seiko 5 case is not polished, while the orient bambino case is polished.
  • The Seiko 5 case has a matte finish that makes the watch perfect against scratches and abrasions. On the other hand, the orient bambino case comes polished and brushed on the surface. So we can say it is a simple and sweet feature of orient bambino.
  • The case of Seiko 5 is small in measurements, and these are perfect sizes for the small and medium-size wrist. On the other hand, the Orient bambino watches do not have such small dimensions. 


The dials of both Seiko 5 and Orient bambino are about the round. The orient bambino dials are little domed shapes. Both brands have great quality dials. Moreover, there is not crowded writing on dials, there are only text and markings indices. Furthermore, the dials from both brands are easy to clean. However, there are a lot of watch variants that come out every monFeatures:

Now it’s time to get a detailed review on features of Seiko Vs Orient Bambino.


Both Seiko 5 and orient bambino has a small crown. Moreover, orient bambino is preferably used as a dress watch, so the small crown fits the definition beautifully. If we talk about Seiko 5 most watches, then the crown position is at 4 o’clock. However, in new models, the crown position is at 3’oclock.

On the other hand, the orient bambino crown position is always at 3’clock in all series. In the end, both brands don’t have a crown guard. 

Moreover, if we talk about how the crown works in both watches? 

In Seiko 5, when the crown is fully out, you can set a time, and when it is half out, you can set a date while rotating it counterclockwise.

Orient bambino has hand-winding features, so you can power the watch by winding the mainspring when it is fully out. Moreover, you can also set time to full accuracy.

Water resistance

In water-resisting features Seiko 5 Vs orient bambino, both have water resistance features. Overall, watches from both series are water-resistant up to 30 meters. Moreover, it is necessary to look for the water-resistance feature of that one watch you will purchase. Furthermore, if you plan for diving and any water activities, never ignore the water-resistance features.


If you are looking for versatility in brands, the Seiko 5 bands are the most versatile vs orient bambino. You can pick from various choices like leather, stainless steel, rubber. You can choose the material depending on the occasion, where you have planned to wear the watch.

On the contrary, the orient bambino most watches come in leather bands. For their band, they are mostly preferred as dress watches.

It is not easy to give precise detail about the dials of every watch. But here are some essential differences between both.

  • The marking in Seiko 5 dials hours has in Arabic numbers. On the other hand, the orient bambino has steel indices.
  • The dials from Seiko 5 come in round shape, while all the dials from orient bambino have a dome-shaped design.
  • Seiko 5 and orient bambino has a day/date complication at 3 o’clock.
  • Orient bambino also has a word water resistance at 6 o’clock, and the right and left side of Japan Movt is written there. 
  • The brand logo orient is at the 12 o’clock position, and the Seiko logo also at the 12’o o’clock position.

Features Comparison Chart

Automatic Movement system7S26 automatic movementF6724, the automatic movement system
Reserving Power 41-hour41-hour
Jewel 21 jewel watch22 jewel watch
MovementsNone of hand-winding and hackinghand-winding and hacking features
Window CrystalsHardlex materialMineral glass
CoatingNo-reflective coatingReflective coating
Window shapeRound shapeDome-Shape
HandsetsLollipop shaped, dual colors, elongated diamondBaton-shape, hour makers handset
CaseStainless SteelStainless steel
PolishNot PolishedPolished
FinishMatt FinishNot Matt Finish
DimensionsCase measurements are smallCase measurements are more extensive than Seiko 5
DialCasual and formalFormal
Text MarkingsMore text markingLess text marking
MarkingsArabic numbersSteel Indices
At 3 o’clockDay/dateDay
At 6 o’clockAutomatic movement textWater resistive text
At 12 o’clockLogo of SeikoLogo of orient
LanguageDual language (English and Spanish)
ShapeRound Dome-shaped
Crown PositionAt 4 o'clock and 3 o’clock3 o’clock
MaterialStainless steel, fabric, leather, chainLeather
Closure styleVariantBuckle style

is Orient Bambino better than Seiko 5?

While comparing Seiko 5 Vs Orient bambino, we find three features that make orient bambino better than Seiko 5.

For larger wrist

If your wrist is larger than an orient bambino, watches will be comfortable to wear for you. The reason is the orient bambino watches are more extensive in dimensions than Seiko.

For hacking and hand-winding

The other thing that is a plus point in Orient bambino is the watch calibration system support hand-winding and hacking. The feature is due to automatic movement F6724 that supports 40-hour reserving power hand-winding and hacking features.

Mineral Glass Case

The Seiko 5 back is made with stainless steel, which is not a con at all. On the other hand, the Orient bambino back made with glass minerals. And many buyers find it intriguing to watch the working system of watches.

is Seiko 5 better than Orient Bambino?

Here we will consider some factors that make Seiko 5 better than Orient bambino.


Seiko 5 watches have high-end prices for many watches. However, in comparison with orient bambino, Seiko 5 watches are more affordable than Orient bambino.

Day/date complication

The watch has a day/date complication as compared to orient bambino that has date day complication only.

Luminous dial

The Seiko 5 used LumiBrite paint for the dial that is created by Seiko. The Lunibrite will help you to read time at day and night time equally.

Versatile bands

Seiko produced watches that have versatile bands. The Seiko 5 bands come in leather, chains, stainless steel, and fabric. On the other hand, the bands of Orient bambino come with high-quality leather material only.

Suitable for smaller wrists

The other thing that is a plus point is the watch is suitable for most smaller wrists. The reason behind this is the short measurements of case material.

Diashock Features

The Diashock feature in the watch will prevent your hands from sudden shocks.

Things common in Seiko 5 Vs Orient Bambino

Things common in Seiko 5 Vs Orient Bambino
Both Seiko 5 and The Orient bambino have automatic movement.
Both brands have Clean and beautiful designs.
Water-resistant features are common in both brands.
High-quality material is used in the construction of watches of both brands.

Pros of Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino

For casual use as well as for formal purposesBest choice for dress codes and formal attires
Prices are reasonableHand-winding and hacking features
Versatile designsHigh-quality leather and stainless steel straps

Cons of Seiko 5 and Orient Bambino

Not for hand-winding and hackingExpensive
Nylon straps in Seiko 5 watches are not comfortable to wearBands only come in leather material
Straps materiel is not so resistant against scratchesOnly day complication

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is Seiko 5 so popular?

  1. Seiko 5 watches are so popular because of the quality over the price. You will find high-end price qualities in the watch at a reasonable price. The Seiko 5 also became so popular as it has 5 quality features.
  2. Automatic movement with the self-winding system
  3. Features of water-resistant
  4. Recessed Crown features
  5. The case of the watch is durable
  6. day/date complication 

Does Orient make women watch?

Yes, Orient makes watches from women. There are many watches from the Orient that have elegance and glittering designs. Furthermore, there many watches from the Orient that are made for unisex. These watches are medium sizes that are equally perfect for both men and women.

Is Orient owned by Seiko?

Orient is a Japanese brand that is a subsidy by the Seiko brand. However, the Orient itself is owned by Epson. All the products from Orient are manufactured in their ware-house. However, many products of Orient also assembled in Seiko. 

Is Orient a good brand?

Orient is a name of quality in watches. The manufacturer pays a lot of attention to the durability of their watches. You may feel their prices are a little expensive; however, the watches are made for longer-lasting. Furthermore, orient watches are popular for formal purposes. 

Is Seiko better than Orient?

Seiko is a Japanese brand and is famous for its quality watches at a reasonable price. Moreover, Seiko produces watches that are more versatile than Orient. Moreover, Seiko watches are also known for their durability and innovative design. Overall, we can say Seiko is better than Orient.


When it comes to watches, the first thing that everyone looks for is durability. Seiko and Orient, both brands are a perfect choice if you are looking for durability. Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino review is not about preferring one brand over another. We only compare the features of both brands honestly. Now the choice is all yours. However, if you are looking for a versatile design watch at a reasonable price, Seiko is not wrong. And if you want a watch for your formal meetings or business trips, then Orient bambino has all your needs. Moreover, for small wrists, Seiko should be preferred on Orient bambino.

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