Samsung gear s2 vs huawei watch | What are the best?

As we all know, Samsung gear s2 vs Huawei watches both are famous brands. Samsung announced their first smartwatch in 2013, while Huawei announced their first smartwatch in 2015.

The main headquarter of Samsung is South Korea, Suwon, 13 miles south of Seoul’s capital city. Samsung is one of the best smartphone companies. In 2013 they announced their first Samsung gear smartwatches. Now they launched multiple models of watches. Huawei’s main headquarters is in Shenzhen, China. Huawei is also one of the famous smartphone companies founded in 1987.

In 2015 they launched their Huawei watch, and now they operate in more than 170 countries. Both companies are now very famous and continuously expanding their business by launching up to date models with the latest technology.

Now here we will discuss Samsung gear and Huawei watches differences and facts which we gather.

History Comparison of Samsung gear s2 vs Huawei Watch

Samsung gear s2

Samsung company was founded in 1938 which was a trading company. Since 1990 Samsung has been increasing its activities in electronics such as mobile phones and semiconductors. With time, it becomes their important source of income. Nowadays, Samsung has the 8th highest global brand value.

When they earned their name in smartphones and other electronic devices, then in 2013, Samsung announced that they are working on a smartwatch. In 2014 several smartwatches were realized by many companies. Smartwatches are basically a wearable computer in the form of a watch with a touch screen. In 2015 Samsung launched their “Samsung gear s2,” a stylish smartwatch with a versatile circular design and a rotating bezel.

Huawei watch

The company Huawei was founded in 1987. It’s a private company of a former officer of the Chinese people. At first, Huawei focused on making phone swatches, and then they expanded their business by building telecommunications networks, providing its equipment and services inside and outside of China.

For the consumer market, they manufacture communication devices. Now Huawei has become the top smartphone brand. The company expanded its services and products in more than 170 countries. In 2009 they started manufacturing smartphones.

In 2012 Huawei was one of the largest equipment companies of telecommunication in the world. After the great success in the smartphone industry, when the company became famous in 2013, they launched their Huawei smartwatch and entered the smartwatch market. Their watches look decent as their phones, but they were not as successful as their phones, but they didn’t stop making and creating new watches.

Price Comparison of Samsung gear s2 vs huawei Watch

There is no comparison between these two brands in pricing because both are amazing brands all over the world. When it comes to watches, the Samsung gear s2 price is more than $300, and Huawei watches price is also more than $300. According to people, it revives mostly people like Huawei watches. Samsung gear s2 is also an awesome watch at an affordable price.

In pricing, we will suggest that Samsung gear s2 is the best at a lower price, but if you can afford then Huawei is more liked by people. Below we will discuss more of their specifications and features; both watches have their own features and specifications.

Samsung gear s2 vs huawei watch Design Comparison

Design is crucial in smartwatches because the design is the main reason people wear them, and now it is becoming a fashion to wear attractive smartwatches. Gear s2 is Samsung’s first wearable touch screen that looks like a watch with a round face. The Samsung watch comes in two colors, black or silver. One of the most significant aspects of the Gear S2 is the rotating bezel.

Samsung made two versions of this watch: Samsung gear s2 and the other is Samsung gear s2 classic. The Huawei smartwatch is the most classic look with a black or brown leather strap. To match the body, the device comes with a selection of metal straps. Both companies have great popularity in the smartwatches industry.

Samsung gear s2 vs Huawei watch Features

These both companies are world-famous electronic devices companies. But when we talk about these both companies’ smartwatches comparison, here are some differences between them.


Materials play an important role in making something great, and important for the buyer to know all these things before buying something. The Samsung Gear s2 comes in black or silver, two colors. Gear s2 classic is in the same shape as the gear s2 but having more features than gear s2. Their strap is made from leather, which can be removed and replaced.

Huawei watches come with black or gold brushed metal with a crown material used in durable polymer fiber. They also have a leather strap coloring black or brown, sometimes with a metal strap with a matching body.


Both watches have a stopwatch function. The Samsung Gear s2 doesn’t come with a stopwatch or timer app; you have to download it from the galaxy apps store. While Huawei smartwatches have their own timer and stopwatch, from the screen, press the up button, swipe it until you do not find a stopwatch, then click on it.


The Samsung Gear s2 has a 1.2-inch display, which is not bad for such a small type of device, while the Huawei watch has a 1.4-inch display, which is pretty good than the Gear s2 smartwatch. Samsung gear s2 is a sharper display, while the Huawei Watch comes with a sapphire crystal lens, which makes it stronger.

Storage, RAM, and Processing power

Both companies provide the same Storage and RAM, which is 4GB storage and 512MB RAM. When processed, it is a bit difficult to compare because both companies use different company processors. But the Huawei watch is the winner in the processor. They provide a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400, while Samsung offers a 1GHz Exynos 3250 processor.

Battery life

Battery life is an important thing for every electronic device, it’s happened with everybody, and we all experienced it, but still, we ignore this. Whenever we are outdoors, and we need our device urgently at that time when its battery dies, then we realize the importance of battery life.

Samsung gear s2 offers a 250mAh battery, while Huawei watches offer a 300mAh battery, which you can use for two weeks.

Waterproofing property

Both watches are waterproof. Samsung gear s2 can withstand up to 30 minutes for 2 meters of water depth. The Huawei Watch is also water-resistant, so that means that you can use both watches underwater for some activities like swimming, bathing, etc.

Advance features

In Samsung gear, the s2 unique rotating bezel, along with the back and home button, helps the user do quicker work, comfortable to access applications and notifications.

Huawei watches have two weeks of battery life, which is best for traveling. Also, it will guide us for fitness and provide a coaching introduction. It also provides heart rate reporting, accurate real-time personal measurements of your heart. If you are looking for a large screen, the Huawei watch has a larger screen than the Samsung gear s2.

Pros of Samsung gear s2 VS huawei watch

Samsung gear s2 Huawei
Good quality display Beginners free guiding workout
Great quality materials used Colorful display
Good support for androids 2 weeks of battery life

Cons of Samsung gear s2 vs huawei watch

Samsung gear s2 Huawei
Limited apps Don’t have any local music
Irritate connectivity Not supporting any real app



Samsung gear s2 vs Huawei watch, which one is better?

There is no clear winner; both are great smartwatches for their own purpose. You have to choose which one you need, here you will see all the good and bad qualities of these smartwatches. If you want a large screen (1.4inch) with good battery life (300mAh), then go for Huawei watches if you want a smartwatch with a versatile circular design and rotating bezel at a lower price than, go for Samsung gear s2 with a battery (250mAh) and screen (1.2inch).


Some questions which most people ask about Samsung gear s2 and Huawei smartwatches. Maybe you are also searching for these questions and answers.

Is Samsung a good watch brand?

Samsung is one of the superb brands. In 2015 they took a step in the watches industry in which they introduced their first smartwatch, in which they give a name “Samsung gear s2”. Samsung galaxy watches are a versatile circular design with a rotating bezel.

Samsung is the competitor of apple. Their watches have good battery life with a large screen, fully waterproof. They also improved their software and added fitness tracking, Samsung beat Apple in smartwatches. Now Samsung has made a big name in the watching industry.

Is Huawei a good watch brand?

In the tech industry, Huawei is one of the best industries with Apple and Samsung’s competitors. In a couple of years, they achieved a big name in the tech industry; after their success, they launched their smartwatch in 2013.

Their first smartwatches got decent success but did not succeed as their smartphones. The Samsung smartwatches were a better alternative. But they didn’t stop manufacturing watches, and at least they got success. Now they have a good brand in the smartwatches industry.

What is the most expensive Samsung watch?

The most expensive watch of 2020 is the “Samsung de Grisogono Gear S2”. The watch has 127 white and black diamonds, a gold rotating bezel with an AMOLED touch screen, a great attractive design. The cost of the Samsung de Grisogono Gear S2 is $15,000.

Can smartwatches be repaired?

Some smartwatches come with a company warranty, and professionals can repair all problems of smartwatches. Some problems which most smartwatches users face.

Broken Screen, home button replacement, battery replacement, water damage repair, camera replacement, Wi-Fi repair, Headphones jack replacement, speaker replacement, Glass back replacement, Strap replacement, Software refreshing, Data recovery, Lens replacement, Charging port replacement, Flex cable replacement, etc.

These all problems can be repaired with a smartwatch. You only have to send the smartwatch to their company, or where you buy the smartwatch, they will repair it and cost a few bucks or maybe no money for their services.

What does a smartwatch cost?

The smartwatch certainly has some great features, that’s why most people like it, it also looks great, some wear it for fashion. The smartwatch prices start from $100 up to 1500$. But some people say that it is worth the money so here we discuss some advantages and disadvantages.

There are many advantages of smartwatches, but we will discuss some of their advantages. You have everything in one place and easy access. You can text from the watch without picking up the cell phone, attend the call, click events pictures, make videos, and much more. It looks awesome in your arm. The stylish watch is not just a watch, it’s a small computer or small cell phone in watch from which you access everything at any time.

Everything with advantages had some disadvantages, so smartwatches also have some disadvantages. The first one is cost. Smartwatches are very expensive; they break easily. And the nicest smartwatches are more expensive than the other smartwatches. The main problem with smartwatches is their cost.

Can we use a smartwatch without a phone?

Yes, you can use a smartwatch without a phone, but several things will not be working on a smartwatch without a cell phone, which is calls and texts. For this purpose, the Apple smartwatch is the best in which you can text, call, and play music without a cell phone.

Some simpler watches, such as Samsung smartwatches, can save data from the phone, and then you can play the same playlist without a phone. Otherwise, it requires phone Bluetooth to connect with your phone and play music or text to someone or attend calls.


Samsung is leading South Korea, and Huawei is a China company. Both are manufacturing electronics devices having a big name in electronic devices. Here in this revival, we describe both brands smartwatches pros and cons and differences; now it’s up to you which you like for yourself and which suits your personality. Watches are very personal; it’s work for one, not anyone else.

If you want a smartwatch with a large screen and good battery health, go for the Huawei Watch. Or, if you want a stylish smartwatch and a versatile circular design with a rotating bezel, go for Samsung gear s2. Now the decision is yours, which one is perfect for you.

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