Relic watch review and more details in 2021

Among many companies under the Fossil group, Relic is one of them which is widely known for watches with balanced quality and price. Relic produces watches mostly of vintage style using modern technology and these watches are very affordable and will not charge you thousands of dollars. Most of the watch Relic offers comes in different sizes and colors so you can easily select the one you like. We will discuss about Relic watch review in this article.

Relic watchmaking brand offers variety to their customers in their watches at an affordable price. All of the Relic watches are made using high-quality material and these are long-lasting. In this Relic watch review, let’s see what Relic ZR77295 has to offer and how good this watch is.

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Relic ZR77295 Watch Review

relic ZR77281 watch review

Dial and Hands

The dial design of the Relic ZR77295 is just stunning looking. From detailing to give texture on the dial is done beautifully on this watch. There are several variants of color available for this watch and every one of them is super impressive looking.

This Relic watch is available in seven different colors and gives you the freedom to choose the one you like. The features of all of these are nearly the same, just the color is different. As the watch is a dress watch so it must have a unique classy look with the capability of blending with formal attire easily.

The look of the dial is magnificent and it has the capability to give you a remarkable look no matter what you wear. With your outfit, this watch will blend perfectly making you look marvelous. This watch is available in gold, black, blue, red, brown, and silver dial color.

On the center of the dial, there is a light shade of a particular color that is used and moving from the center to the edge the color gets darker. This light to dark color shade is available in every variant and that makes the watch alluring to look at.

By looking carefully at the watch dial you can see the details and the beautiful texture of the dial. This type of detail we generally see on the watch of premium-quality and it is quite rare in affordable watches. But this watch has one of the best and eye-catchy detailed dial designs at this price right now in the market.

There is not much going on in the dial and the design is pretty simple. The dial design is straightforward with markers, hands, and logs on the dial. On the darker shade color, there are minute markers. The color of the markers varies in different dial color variants. Mostly there are two markers: silver and gold.

The gold/brown and gold dial color variant of this watch has gold color markers and the rest of the variants go sliver markers. Though the markers’ color changes with dial color but one thing does not change which is its diamond accent/ the accent is super beautiful and eye-catchy suited at the 12 o’clock position.

Except for the 12 o’clock markers the other markers are in a rectangular shape and it matches beautifully with the color of the dial. The color combination of the dial and the markers are magnificent and it looks eye-catchy and classy.

On the light shade color or the center of the dial, there are the hands of this watch. Due to the color, the silver color hands are exposed vividly making it very legible. It looks like the focus point of the watch is its dial central for the color shading. The dial design is flawless and super eye-catchy.

For having a simple dial design, the watch is very easy to read. The markers and the hands of this watch are luminous filled so it glows in the dark and allows one to see the time no matter how the lighting condition is. The overall dial is so simple and classy as a dress watch should be.

Watch Case

The first thing to say about the case is its diameter which is huge and 51mm. So this watch is only for those who have a large wrist and like to wear big size bold watches. For those who have a small or medium wrist, this watch will not look good on their wrist at all.

The built quality of the case is super strong as it is made using stainless steel. On top of the case, there is a bezel that matches the color of the dial. The purpose of this bezel is to emphasize the look of the watch and to give it a distinct look which it does perfectly. The thick bezel makes this watch look bigger and bold.

The star of this watch is its dial and to protect it mineral glass is used. This glass is quite strong and very resistant to scratches. So this watch will not get any scratches easily and will remain clear as you got it for a very long time. And at this price mineral glass is actually good.

The watch catch has a one-piece look that matches the color of the dial. For this model, the sides are polished along with the lugs and colored to match the dial color. So the sides of this watch do not contain a raw stainless steel polished look but it is colored which makes it more unique and eye-catching.

At the right side of this watch case at the traditional place, there is a beautiful looking crown. The crown is also colored with the whole case to match with the whole design and it actually looks beautiful. The edges of the crown are notched for easy giving and you can easily pull it and set the time and push it back, it’s so simple.

The case back is screw-down to make this watch water-resistant. Looking at the price range I can say that the case design is so sturdy and the look of the case is stunning.


This Relic watch features 50 meters of water resistance which is quite good because we generally see 30 meters water-resistant on affordable watches while this watch is featuring more. This water resistance is good but nothing special. You can take a shower, or a splash of water will do no harm to this watch, but it is not good for long term water exposure. Also, you should be careful of water that contains chlorine, like swimming pool water.


This Relic watch is powered by a quartz movement which is quite good in the case of accuracy and built-quality. The quartz movement that is used in this Relic watch is made to last and it surely will. As the movement is quartz so it is powered by a battery and the battery is capable of running this watch for months.

The design of the watch is simple and the movement just moves the three hands. There are no sub-dials or date functions on this watch so the need for power to run this watch is super low and that is why the watch can run months after months without battery replacement.

This movement supports hacking. So when you pull the crown the second-hand stops and you can set the exact time with the exact second. As it is quartz so the second-hand ticks while moving.

Many people prefer manual movement on a dress watch but there are many benefits of a quartz movement that do not have on a manual movement. The manual watch needs to wind every day after a certain time but you do not have to wind quartz watch at all.

Also, a quartz movement is way more accurate than a manual movement. So in the case of accuracy, precision, and maintenance quartz movement is superior to manual ones.

know about the difference between watch movement.


In this Relic watch series, some of the watches come with stainless steel bracelets and others come with leather bands. Both types of band and bracelets are made using high-quality material. The stainless steel of the band is colored matching the dial color which makes the whole watch look super eye-catchy and beautiful.

On the other hand, the leather bands offer two colors brown and black. The quality is quite good and the band is comfortable as well. The sides are stitches and there is the padding on the band to make sure it feels comfortable on your wrist.


  • Mineral glass
  • Simple and classic design
  • Quartz movement
  • 50-meter water-resistant
  • Stainless steel case
  • Nice looking bezel
  • High-quality band
  • Accurate time
  • Months of power reserve

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Relic watches water-resistant?

Yes, most of the Relic watches are water-resistant. In fact, the water-resistant feature of these watches is quite good as these are affordable watches.

Who manufactures Relic watches?

Relic brands watch under Fossil groups and as Fossil watches these watches are also designed in the United States and the assembly of these watches occurs in China.


In the conclusion of the Relic watch review, I can say that this is a beautiful looking value for money dress timepiece. The case, movement, bracelet all are made using high-quality materials and also the price of this watch is very reasonable. So, yes at this price point is a fine watch.

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