Pulsar vs Seiko | Which One for Me?

Seiko is a leading Japanese brand in the watch industry. They serve with almost all kinds of watches. They have table timepieces, wristwatches, analog, digital and exceptional watches such as dive watches.

Moreover, Seiko introduced the first Quartz watch introduced in 1881 with chronograph complications. Seiko is also the parent company of Pulsar. Pulsar was found in 1970. When they were part of the hamilton watch company, they introduced the 1st digital watch in the watch industry.

They continuously upgrade their technologies with time. Additionally, Pulsar also released a watch with a built-in calculator. After 1978 Seiko acquired Pulsar and started to make unique models with collaboration.

However, for assurance of better watches, we are going to elaborate both watches comparison separately.

Comparison between Pulsar vs Seiko

History of Pulsar vs Seiko

To know between all the differences and similarities of Pulsar vs Seiko, we will look at the brands’ complete history.

Seiko Watch History:

Seiko’s history is more ancient than Pulsar. The Seiko brand was formed in 1969 by Astron. The founder opened a shop of jewelry and watches in the beginning. Later on, they turned into a watch brand. Infect, the movement used in Seiko, also known as the Hattori Movement. This name is referred to as the founder of the Seiko for his respect.

The first watch from Seiko was manufactured by its founder Hattori in 1924. After that, Seiko never turned back, and now it is one the biggest Asian brands in the watch industry.

Seiko introduced the first quartz watch in the 1980s. It was the first automatic quartz watch. After that, in 1991, Seiko remodeled the watch a little and, this time named it a Seiko kinetic watch.

The Seiko kinetic watch can retain its charging for six months, as it is charging an automatic watch. Nowadays, Seiko is famous for various models and producing quartz, kinetic, solar, and mechanical movements.

Pulsar Watch History:

John Bergey of Hamilton manufacturing watches founded pulsar watches. Pulsar is the design of innovation and vision. Pulsar watches was the first brand that introduced the world’s first digital watch.

In the 1970s, the Pulsar was owned by Hamilton watch company. Furthermore, the manufacturers moved their company from Pennsylvania to Switzerland. Pulsar was the first manufacturer that created the first electronic digital watch. The brand unveiled the watch in New York, and it was a sensation in the watch industry.

You may have many digital watches in your wardrobe now but manufacturing a digital watch for the first time was an outstanding achievement. The price decided for the world’s first electronic digital watch was $2100 at that time.

However, in 1979 pulsar joined the Seiko watch officially. Seiko already owned Hamilton in 1974. The collaboration of Seiko and Pulsar gets further growth with their cooperation. After their first electronic digital watch, Pulsar introduced the early calculator watch 1980s. From the 1980s, the Pulsar international distribution. After the 1990s, pulsar deals in all lines like diamond, sport, and titanium.

Now, Seiko and Pulsar are owned by the Seiko holdings group. Now both brands have different audiences and different price points. You may feel many models from both brands have the same features but have other names. However, it is not uncommon in the watch industry. Both the Seiko vs Pulsar have their reputation; they had a combined experience of 120 years.


Pulsar comes with three different categories according to design: formal, casual, and sports. The 1st and Formal watches have quite decent cases and dials with elegant straps and bracelets. The second and casual watches of Pulsar are simple and come in lots of case and dial designs.

Moreover, they focus on modern techniques. On the other hand, Seiko comes in three categories: formal, casual, and dive watch. Their traditional watches are well designed with the latest technology, but it’s been a little bit boring. The design style of grand Seiko was set in 1967 so that they focus on traditional looks for watch designs with limited color options. Casual watches are simple and used for both casual and formal purposes.

The third and last category is dive watches, certified by the water-resistant ISO. There is not much design option in Seiko watches. On the other hand, pulsar watches have many design options and color combinations that can easily match users’ personalities.

Some elements that improve the neatness and elegance of Seiko watches includes multi-faceted markers, multi-faceted hands, high-quality window crystals,


Seiko watches come with modern technologies and robust materials for enhancing their durability. They always give 1st priority to the versatility of watches. While on the other hand, they manufacture durable watches but Seiko takes seniority in them.

Seiko is the 1st brand to introduce the quartz movement in the entire watch industry. They make watches with different movements, including spring drive, Quartz, automatic, kinetic, and grand Seiko 9F Quartz movement.


Seiko is a brand that has its reputation for offering versatile price ranges. You will find all kinds of watches like affordable and expensive ones from Seiko. Pulsar is less costly for the price range than Seiko, which is an excellent edge for all those who want a highly functional and affordable watch.

Now for a clear difference between both the brands, we will compare famous models of both watches.

Pulsar Gents Solar chronograph vs Seiko Solar


The design of the Seiko solar is like a large watch. It is an excellent choice for those who want a casual wear watch with reliable functionality. However, this watch is not for those who want a watch with small dials. The watch has an innovative design stainless steel case and all the functionality of a quartz watch.

On the other hand, the Pulsar Gents solar watch is a watch that has excellent functionality and a unique design. The design is stylish and elegant. The dials size is standard, and the case is made of stainless steel material. The watch is crafted with beautiful illuminated hands. You can say that the watch is rigid and a delicate timepiece at the same time.


The Seiko Solar uses a solar quartz movement and automatic movement, while Pulsar gents are featured with a solar movement. The Seiko solar has a movement that has the accuracy and an automatic adjustment of time. The quartz movements are famous for their different features and reliability.

On the contrary, the pulsar gents have solar movements. The solar movements are eco friendly and great for those who want a watch with a long-lasting life span. It is a solar-powered quartz movement. You can recharge its battery with artificial as well as natural light. Furthermore, the watch can work properly for six months, with its reserving power.


The case material for both watches is stainless steel. Both watches have a high-quality stainless steel material with lightweight features. The stainless steel material made both of the watches durable and also for professional wearers.


The water-resistant features are present in both the watches. However, in comparison to Pulsar vs Seiko, the Pulsar has more water-resistant features. The pulsar gents offer water-resistant features to 330 ft. On the other hand, the Seiko solar has water-resistant features of 220ft.

Which one is better Pulsar or Seiko?

Now, after comparing Pulsar vs Seiko, you are stuck on what to choose and what to not, then here is a summary for you.

  • If you want a watch with a large dial and a more casual look, the Seiko solar is your way to go.
  • If you want a stylish and elegant watch on your wrist, Pulsar is the right choice for you.
  • Furthermore, if you are too conscious about your watch’s accuracy features, the quartz movement in Seiko is the one you need.
  • On the other hand, if you want an eco-friendly watch with more extended durability, pick the Pulsar.

Seiko Turtle vs Pulsar PAR147

To compare the difference between Pulsar vs Seiko, we will look at the difference between Seiko turtle vs pulsar PAR147.


One thing you will find familiar in both the watch is the large dials. The case diameter of Seiko is 45mm, while the Pulsar has a dial of 43mm. So if you are fond of large watches, both watches are the best pick for you.

The Seiko turtle dials have a turtle shape design and a large case. It is a perfect fit for those who want a watch that is for professional use. Moreover, the highly rigid stainless steel band and the beautiful crafts make the watch attractive.

On the other hand, the Pulsar has a stylish and elegant look. It has light gold-tone hands that increase the watch’s impressiveness. The silver color combination of the gold color makes the watch a talk of the town. The watch has a super eye-catchy design.

Like the Seiko turtle, the bracelet has a stainless steel material in its construction. Furthermore, it has a beautifully crafted raised shaped dial.


Both watches have quartz movement. Both watches will give you accuracy in all features. Moreover, the Pulsar has a kinetic self-winding movement.

Water resistance:

The water resistance features are also available in both watches. The pulsar watches here are one step forward that Seiko. The reason is the water-resistance features in Seiko turtles are up to 200ft. On the other hand, pulsar PAR147 has water resistance features up to 330 ft.

Seiko turtle or pulsar PAR147?

Now to choose the best between both, here is a summary of both the watches.

  • If you love water activities more, you should take advantage of Pulsar’s higher water resistance features.
  • On the other hand, if you are fond of large and casual watches, the Seiko turtle is for you.
  • For a more casual look, a Seiko turtle is the best choice.
  • For a colored and elegant look, a watch pulsar is an option for you.


Are Pulsar and seiko the same?

Ans: Pulsar watches are famous for analog clocks in the watch industry. Pulsar is renowned for making the first digital watch in the world. Later on, Pulsar was the brand that built the first calculator watch also. Seiko owned the brand in 1979. After the collaboration, it goes further with its achievement.

Now, both Seiko and Pulsar use the same movements in their watches. You can also find models from both brands, with the same features and different brand names. However, Pulsar has its audience, and Seiko has their name in the watch industry.

Is Pulsar a good brand?

Ans: Seiko owned Pulsar in 1979. The brand uses the same features and movements that Seiko used. Their watches compete with the durability and reliability of Seiko watches. They are fonder of the first digital watch and have a respectful reputation in the watch industry.

Moreover, Pulsar is not as famous as Seiko. However, there are many models from Pulsar that have no competition with anyone. You can say that Pulsar has their audience, and they have a love of watch enthusiasts in the world.

How long does a Pulsar watch battery last?

Ans: Pulsar makes their watch long-lasting with powerful batteries. Usually, a pulsar watch battery lasts between 4 to 5 years. Maybe your watch battery doesn’t stop after 4 to 5 years. But it would be best if you replace your pulsar watch battery after every 4 to 5 years. It is necessary for the overall maintenance and functionality of the pulsar watch.

How do you set a pulsar watch?

Ans: For the setting of a pulsar watch…

  • Hold the upper left button for a few seconds. The controller will flash the second digits.
  • Now to cycle through different fields like minutes, seconds, hours, you need to press the lower-left button.


Today, our comparison was between Pulsar vs Seiko. Both brands are under the hold of Seiko’s holdings. However, they target different audiences with their different prices. They are the same at many points like many pulsar watches use the same movement as Seiko. Furthermore, they have their history of achievements in the watch industry.

There are many models where you will find a large difference between Seiko vs Pulsar. One of them is the price. The price for Pulsar is usually less than Seiko. However, one thing that is common in both is the durability and reliability of their product. They had the trust of their customer, and both are doing very well. In comparing their different watch models, it is clear that they had their preferences for their audience.

Now everything depends on your personal choice, and you can pick any watch from your most beloved brand. One thing, we assure you, you will not regret their product at all, either you choose Seiko or Pulsar.

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