Orkina watch review [Men’s Royal Classic Roman Index Wristwatch]

You might not have heard about the orkina watch brand yet. Orkina is a relatively new brand that comes up with an affordable price. They design some excellent watches. So let’s know-how are they their watch?

When it comes up to talk about this watch, its main feature is a too cheap watch. Another great thing that- some of Orkina watches come with automatic movement.

We found only one downside at this watch- they made some of the cheapest watches made with low-quality materials. So I decide to make the best ORKINA Men’s Royal Classic Roman wristwatch reviews.


About Orkina watch brand

Orkina brand is a Chinese company that makes a very affordable watch. That’s means their watch is so cheap, in that case, they use cheap materials on their look- it’s true. We found many reviews on Amazon, YouTube about these low-quality materials. That’s doesn’t mean there are no positive reviews.

On the other hand, we find many people at amazon, aliexpress who enjoy their watch by Orkina and recommended to others.

Full features

Brand Mr. Orkina
Model Year 2019
Dial window Glass
Clasp Deployment Clasp
Case Diameter 42 Millimeter
Band Material Stainless Steel
Band Window 22 Millimeter
Dial Color Black
Special Feature luminous pointers
Model Number KC 117
Item shape Round
Display Type Analog
Case material Metal
Case thickness 13 Millimeter
Band Length Stainless Steel
Band Color Black
Bezel Material Metal
Movement Automatic


Orkina Watch Pros and Cons


  • Eye-catching simple design
  • Automatic battery-less movement
  • Perfect for any kind of gift
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Cheap and affordable price


  • Low-quality material due to cheap price.
  • This watch tick always


Orkina watch review

It could save you time. In this article, we will write an Orkina watch review that comes with Skelton design.

Key Features

Movements Automatic
Battery No battery
Design Simple minimalistic eye-catching
Band materials Stainless Steel

Movements (Automatic)

You may find some fantastic watches yourself, such as solar power cells, Titanium lithium-ion long-lasting battery.

But today, this Orkina comes up with a skeleton watch without a battery! The most significant feature of this wristwatch is- it’s a battery-less watch.

It is a different job from another traditional clock we see. If you have an existing watch, you may sometimes be worried when you need to change the battery, or solar cells could be damaged by scratching.

In the meantime, when you look at your Orkina brand’s watch. There is nothing to worry about the battery. But yes, to continue running the clock, you have to wind it yourself.

There is a winding crown, and you have to wind it 25 circles a day. If you don’t do that, it will stop working.


It came with a 42-millimeter case size, which is not oversized, even not the smallest size. It could be fit any size of a wrist you have. It doesn’t matter if your wrist thin or fate. Once you wear the watch, the design is excellent at first glance. But you will also notice that’s not the best quality which we mentioned just before.

But regarding the price, the quality is excellent. Well wrapped comes up with a sweet blessed Box that looks nice and luxurious. It could be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Super Christmas, birthday gift, etc.


When we look for a wristwatch, our primary concern is to dial, which should be nit and clean. It should be handy to read the time from any angels at first glance. Well, it seems this Orkina

watch came with fulfilling all of our requirements. It uses a mineral glass in front of the dial, which clarifies the time to read as it is not reflective with sunlight. Although there is little downside with mineral crystal- it could be scratch very quickly. We will describe this crystal shortly.


When it comes to durability, it’s not the best watch. In the meanwhile, we already know that this watch uses low-quality materials. It uses a leather strap, which is not known to last very long. It uses the case stainless steel, which means that it’s also strong enough. So what’s the downside here?

Well, only one of the downsides we found about the mineral crystal in front of the dial. It could be scratch quicker, but you can also remove general scratches through wiping with little elbow grease. If the scratch is robust and you can’t remove it, then you can replace the crystal. Mineral crystal is not much expensive.


There is nothing much to talk about when it comes to talking about the automatic movement’s functionality. Because this movement only works by the wind. You have to wind the watch through its wind crowd. It is recommended to wind it 25 circles a day. So it can run the whole day. If sometimes you get it off, wind a few rings, and the watch will run again. Everyone finds it attractive.

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Buying Guide

Suppose you are primarily looking for a watch to gift to someone. Then this Orkina skeleton watch could be your perfect choice if you are an owner of this watch. Keep in mind and it will tick all the time when it is running. So when you are in office, it might be a little disgusting for someone.



This Orkina skeleton watch comes up with good packaging, which design is adorable and luxurious. If you are looking to find a watch to gift someone, this ORKINA Men’s Royal Classic Roman could be your best choice. It also perfects for any child due to its skeleton design and automatic movements. So especially child can find it interesting.

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