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Not all the time we want a timepiece with a fancy design or packed with tons of features but sometimes we need a simple design classic watch with basic features to wear on the wrist daily. Fancy watches with tons of features are great to have on your watch collection but for daily wear or wearing in a formal/professional environment, these are not so good.

As daily wear, you need a timepiece that can tell you the accurate time and date function with it would be great but nothing more. In this Oris classic date watch review, I am going to talk about a classic watch from Oris which is a great choice as a daily wear timepiece. Oris is a Swiss watchmaking company mostly famous for their sports watches but they also have many classic date watches and I am reviewing here one of them.

Oris classic date review, Specifications and Features

Dial and Hands

The dial design of this Oris Classic date watch is basic and simple. It is not a busy looking dial and there is nothing much going on the dial. The dial got some basic features and it is a very neat-looking dial. Also, the reason behind the elegance of the dial is its basic and simple looking dial.

The dial has just the basic needed features and the watch has a black surface. For being a classic watch the black and white color combination on the dial suits beautifully. On the black surface, all the markers and prints are in white which is explicit to see and makes it look beautiful.

The outline of the dial got minute markers in white little rectangular shapes. Every five minutes’ markers are replaced with circular luminous filled dots. There is one dot for each five-minute marker except for the 60 minutes’ position, there are two.

Below the minute markers, there are hour numbers in white color and the numbers are Arabic. These numbers are printed on the black dial surface using a bold white color which is classy looking and quite explicit as well.

Normally we see the date window of watches at the 3 o’clock position or sometimes at a 4 o’clock position. But Oris classic date watch series got the date windows at 6 o’clock position. There is a cutout on the dial for this date window. This window got a white border and black surface.

The date window blends with the dial surface and it seems like there is no cutout on the dial making the whole watch dial flawless. On the black surface, the date is shown in bold white and it is quite easy to see.

There are three classic looking silver color hands on the dial. The hour and minute hands have a pointy tip to indicate the number. These two hands are also filled with luminous. The hands and the dots glow in low light conditions and allows you to know the time regardless of the lighting conditions.

Watch Case

The Oris automatic has a stainless steel case and the diameter is 42mm. This case diameter makes it a watch of medium size so it is an ideal choice for those men who have a medium wrist. Small wrist people should avoid this watch for its large case diameter as it will look bold on their wrist.

This classic design watch is designed especially for wearing on formal occasions and its raw stainless steel makes it ideal for such occasions. Also, the thickness of the watch is quite ideal and it makes it easy to slide the watch under your shirt cuffs.

The lugs are integrated beautifully with the watch case. All sides of the lungs and the case except the lugs upper surface are polished and the lugs upper surface is brushed. The watch case becomes more contrasts due to the polished and brushed finishes.

On top of the watch case, there is a stainless steel bezel and the bezel is polished. This polished bezel matches with the whole case design quite beautifully making it eye-catchy to look. Below this bezel, there is a small ring which is quite rare in watches but it makes it unique and adds more details to the case. The ring emphasizes the whole watch look and gives it a remarkable look.

On the right side of the watch, there is a push-pull crown at the traditional 3 o’clock position. This crown is very well detailed and these small details make brands like Oris different from others and adds more value to their timepiece. On the crown, there is the Oris logo printed, and that’s not something you see on cheap quality watches. For easy gripping, the edges of the crown are notched and it also makes it look good.

Flipping the watch over you’ll see there is a see-through case back to allow you to see the movement inside the watch. Sapphire is used to making this case see-through. The overall case design is very detailed and the craftsmanship is top-notch.


Without a water-resistant feature, a little splash can ruin your favorite watch. To make sure you do not face such a situation this watch is capable of resisting water up to 50 meters. So you can also wear this watch while swimming but it is not ideal for deep water exposure.

Sapphire Crystal

The beautiful and most eye-catching part of a watch is in most cases its dial. So if the dial becomes overtime then it loses its value and it protects it from that Oris is using sapphire crystal as the dial window. Sapphire is the toughest and most scratch-resistant crystal in the present time.

For having a sapphire as the dial window you do not have to worry about accidentally breaking it or getting scratches. Because the glass is super strong and highly scratch-resistant. So no more worries about scratches.

The scratch-resistant properties of this crystal make sure the watch is legible and clear for a long time and you face no difficulty watching time. Also, the exhibition case contains sapphire making it a scratch-resistant case back.


The dial design of this Oris watch is quite simple, and there are three hands and a date window on the dial to tell the time and date. To run these hands and the date there is an automatic Swiss-made caliber inside the watch. You can see some parts of the movement through the exhibition sapphire case back.

Oris is a Swiss company and it uses high-quality Swiss components to make these watches. We all know that Swiss movements are made using high-quality materials with delicate care. Also, these movements are way more accurate in timekeeping than any other movements. For being made of high-quality materials and being accurate these movements are quite good in terms of service and longevity.

As this is an automatic movement so you do not have to wind the watch manually. This watch will track your movements while you wear it and it will wind itself automatically. Also, the power reserve for this watch is 38 hours and that is quite impressive.

To track your movements, it uses a rotor placed on the watch back and you can see the rotor through the case back. If you wear it daily, then it will never run out of reserve power and without any service and parts replacement this watch is capable of running for decades.

This movement also features a second hand and it is quite satisfying to see a sweeping second hand on a watch rather than the tick movements on quartz. But it supports hacking so when you pull the crown to set the time the second hand will stop and you can set the exact time with second precision.

In an automatic movement, many parts rotate to keep the watch running and this rotation causes vibration. This movement vibrates 28800 times in an hour that means 8 vibrations per second. To reduce these vibrations there are 26 jewels used on this watch. So it basically means you’ll not feel any vibration while wearing this watch and feel comfortable. Also, less vibration means the watch will serve long.


To make the watch secure on your wrist there is a high-quality leather strap. The quality of this strap is quite good and it is padded for added comfort, sides of the straps are stitched as well. For a secure fit, it features a buckle closure.


  • Sapphire crystal dial window and case back
  • Scratch-resistant crystal
  • Polished surface
  • Beautiful classy looking
  • Stainless steel case
  • 50 meters of water-resistant
  • Leather strap
  • Date window
  • Swiss Automatic movement
  • 8 beats per second


Frequently asked Question

We include two common question with answer in this Oris classic date review. If you have more question, comment bellow. We will ans quickly.

Is Oris classic date watch waterproof?

No, this is a water-resistant watch. This Oris watch has the capability of resisting water up to 50 meters. With this water resistance, you can even do recreation swimming wearing this watch. But it is not good for a long time and deep water exposure.

Is this automatic movement support manual winding?

No, you cannot hand wind this watch. It uses its rotor to wind the watch automatically and that’s the only way to wind it.


Oris classic watch is a charming watch with a simple looking dial. This watch is quite a good choice for wearing daily or to wear in a professional environment. Its high-quality parts and movements will surely serve you for many years.

Okay, we hope that you have no doubt about Oris classic date review now. You Can buy it From amazon.com

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