Orient Symphony review – Automatic Leather Dress Watch

The Japanese watch brand Orient is famous for its impressive and high-quality watch at an affordable price. Orient produces a lot of dress watches that don’t need to have a deep pocket to buy. These watches are very high in quality and some also come with sapphire crystal at an entry-level budget.

For providing the consumer with high-quality timepieces the brand gained a lot of popularity and has many fans of their watches worldwide. Orient’s Symphony series is a series under its dress watch lineup and these watches have an impressive design and are also very affordable.

In this orient symphony review, we will know about the Orient symphony generation 2 watch in detail and I will let you know how good the watch is.

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Orient Symphony Gen II Review

Orient Symphony Gen II Review

Dial and Hands

The dial of the Orient symphony has two variants one has black color and the other has a white color. At the very first sight of this watch, anyone would say it has a very classy look. The look of the dial is very simple and moderate which makes it perfect as a dress watch.

To give the watch a classic look the design of this watch is kept simple and the dial design is quite symmetrical which gives it an eye-catchy look. The round shape dial looks quite impressive due to this symmetrical design and the prints on this watch are so minimal for making it look simple.

This simple, classic, and traditional look makes this Orient symphony an ideal dress watch. With a dinner suit or any type of formal attire, this watch will look fine on your wrist. The simple and classic design will ensure that it matches your outfit seamlessly.

On the edge of the dial or the outer dial of orient symphony 2, has minute markers. The white color dial has black color minute markers and the black version got sliver color ones. This outer dial makes the whole watch interior quite detailed to look and this dial comes in handy when adjusting time. One can set the minutes accurately seeing on the minute markers printed on it.

On the inner dial, both the black dial and white dial versions have silver-colored hour markers. The silver color looks stunning on both dial color and makes it look classy. These hour markers are beveled instead of flat and due to these beveled markers, the watch dial gets a dimensional look which is very stunning to look at.

For 12 o’clock markers there are two markers there and for every other hour, there is only one. Below the 12 o’clock position there is the Orient brand logo and Name. also immediately below the brand name, there is the word Automatic printed in Italic format.

On top of the 6 o’clock position, there is a water resist printed using the same Italic format. There is no more printing on the watch dial and that makes it a very legible and simple looking dial.

All three hands of This orient symphony two have silver color and many address these hands as alpha hands. The hour and minute have the same beveled design as the hour markers to give the watch a dimensional look. These hands are quite shiny and have a very impressive look.

Looking closely at the watch dial you’ll see the dial is very detailed and the texture of the watch is super nice. Such texture at this price range is very rare and that is what makes Orient different from others. At the right of the watch at 3 o’clock position there is a date window with a sliver color border. This window has a square shape with a white background and black color date.

Watch case

The Orient Symphony generation 2 watch has a stainless steel case that is polished from the top and the sides are brushed. Also, the lugs’ upper portion of the Symphony is polished and these lugs seamlessly integrated into the watch case making it beautiful to look at. The side areas of the lugs are brushed to match the whole design.

The stainless steel case design matches beautifully both the black and white dial creating a flawless design. This watch has a dimension of 48.2mm lugs to lugs, the case diameter is 41.6, and has a thickness of 11.7mm. The thickness of the watch is quite less but the case diameter may seem to some people as it is a dress watch.

So those who have a small wrist for them may seem a bit big on their wrist. If you love to watch big timepieces on your wrist, then it is just fine. And for medium to large wrists persons, this watch has a perfect dimension.

The top of the case is flat and also a flat sapphire crystal is placed so for having a thin design and flat top surface the watch will sit fine on your wrist and it is easier to slide the watch under your shirt’s cuff. On top of the case around the dial, there is a polished stainless steel ring/bezel which emphasizes the whole watch look even more.

On the right side of the case at 3 o’clock position there is a beautiful looking crown which is push-pull type. Using this crown, you can hand-wind the timepiece and adjust the time properly.

Turning the watch back we can see that the case is a screw-down case to make the timepiece water-resistant. For seeing the movement that is going on inside the watch the company featuring a see-through exhibition case back. The overall case design is quite good and it matches the dial flawlessly.

Sapphire crystal

Sapphire crystal is the toughest crystal used in watches as a dial glass window. The crystal is stronger and hard to break than any other crystal. Generally, we see this crystal on expensive watches. But orient is giving this crystal on a very affordable dress watch that is Orient symphony.

Sapphire is more than 20% stronger than mineral crystal and it is much more scratch-resistant. So this will remain like new without any scratches for many decades and it holds its legibility.


Orient symphony is powered by their in-house made caliber 48743 automatic movements. As the movement is automatic so do not need any power source like quartz to power the watch. The movement will track your wrist movement to wind the watch and after one proper winding, it will run for 40 hours. That means the Symphony model has a power reserve of 40 hours.

This movement has 21 jewels and it beats at the rate of 21600 per hour so in a second it beats 6 times which is pretty impressive for an affordable watch movement.


The water-resistant limit of the Orient symphony is 50 meters. So it can handle water like a little splash or short-time swimming. You should also be careful while swimming as the crown is a push-pull type and it is not so ideal for swimming.


The orient symphony generation 2 gas leather made brown color strap. This strap is quite sturdy and the materials are also high-quality. The brown color matches quite beautifully with the whole design and it is quite soft so it will not just secure the watch on your wrist but provide you comfort as well.


  • Sapphire crystal
  • 50 meters of water resistance
  • Automatic in-house movement
  • Beautiful design
  • Date window
  • Exhibition case back
  • Leather strap
  • High-quality built
  • Affordable
  • Self-winding movement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Orient Symphony Gen II FAQ

What type of crystal is used on the Orient Symphony as a dial window?

The Orient symphony generation 2 has a sapphire gas as the dial window. The crystal is stronger and scratch-resistant than any other crystal.

Is a battery needed to run this watch?

No, the watch does not have any battery as a power source. This watch has an automatic self-winding movement that tracks your wrist movement to wind itself. It can run 40 hours on a proper wind and without any type of servicing it will serve you for decades.


The orient symphony is a beautiful looking classic dress timepiece that comes at a very affordable price. The balanced dial design and all other elements are placed in harmony to justify the name Symphony.  The design and built quality is up to date and it is really a nice timepiece to have in your collection.

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