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Not all of us can afford luxury watches. When we shortlist the affordable watch brands there must remain a name which is Orient. It is very hard to argue and overlook the built quality, in-house movement, and the spectacular design of Orient watches. Today we are going to write about Orient Monarch Review.

Orient is a very well-known name for their stunning looking affordable automatic dress watches. In the Monarch series, they tried something different and instead of automatic, they made this watch fully manual with modern mechanics.

The look of this watch is a bit old and looking at it one can easily identify the vintage style touch. Let’s have a closer look at the watch on this orient monarch review post.

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Orient Monarch Review

Dial and Hands

The star of any watch show is the dial of the watch. Without an attractive and eye-catchy looking dial the watch does not look that good. Most of us first see the dial before knowing anything about the watch’s specifications and functionality. For this Monarch Orient company designed the dial with an old school look.

So those who like the vintage style old school look surely will love the watch dial design. The dial color of the Monarch is described as ‘eggshell’ by Orient. But in real life, the color of the dial seems more like porcelain white or I can say silvery white.

On this white dial, there is also a sunray or sunburst effect applied. The sunburst effect makes this dial very impressive to look and the craftsmanship of the effect is very subtle. Orient executed the sunburst effect perfectly and if you look closer only then you’ll notice it. At the first sight, many people may not notice this effect as the effect revealed a little on this white dial.

Now let’s talk about the time scale. On this dial of the watch, there are three-time scales and those are distinct. On the outermost time scale or the edge of the dial, there are little Arabic numbers printed in black color in 12 increments for every five minutes starting from 5 to 60.

The middle time scale is also a minute scale printed in black railroad like old vintage style. This railroad is circular in shape and that perfectly matches the circular shape of the dial and there are minute markers painted and every five-minute marker are bolded a bit.

The innermost time scale is the hour markers printed in color cold color using a slight curly Arabic font. The dial color markers and the black dial blend seamlessly giving the whole watch a classy look and also this color combination and vintage style design stands for making it a dress look.

The hands of the watch are printed blue to reduce the effect of tempered steel. Among those three hands, the hour and minute hands have a circular shape in the upper middle part of the hands. This blue color seems quite eye-catchy on the black and white dial. At some angles, the hands reflect lights and that makes it stunning to look and the hands become the focal point of the watch.

Below 12 o’clock there is a power reserve indicator using railroad markers and Arabic numbers. The hand of the reserve is also colored blue to match the other three hands. On top of 6 o’clock, the brand name Orient, brand logo, and Mechanical are printed beautifully.

Hand Winding and Power Reserve Indicator

The charm of the timepiece is its hand-wind manual movement. To make the watch you have to wind the watch using its crown. The feeling of winding the crown is very smooth and satisfying.

As you wind the crown the indicator on the dial will show how much power is reversed and how long it will run without winding. This is a very nice feature to have in mechanical watches as you no longer have to guess how long the watch will run. Now on this watch, you can easily see the indicator and know exactly when the watch will need winding again.

Watch case

The whole case of the Monarch by orient is made using stainless steel and moreover, the case is polished. Generally, we see on a watch that the lugs’ upper surface is polished and the sides are brushed but on this watch, the whole surface is polished and has a very shiny look. The lugs of the watch also seamlessly integrated into the case making it stunning to look at.

The official dimension of the watch is that the case diameter is 4omm, lug to lug diameter is 45mm and lug wide is 18mm. The case thickness of the Monarch is 13mm. As you may think, seeing the dimensions of the watch is a bit big for being a dress watch but when you wear it seems a bit less big. Actually, it seems the perfect size watch as a dress watch when you wear it.

The old school vintage looks with perfect size case design makes it ideal as a casual, formal, and dress watch. You can wear this occasion on any occasion you like its classic looks and design will easily blend with your outfit giving you a remarkable look.

This 13mm thick watch sits beautifully on the wrist without any difficulty and you’ll surely not feel any sort of discomfort. On top of this case, there is a polished metal ring that is placed around the dial and that makes the watch even more distinct to look at.

As the dial window and the case back window mineral crystal is used. The crystal performs quite well in resisting scratches. So as you’ll not wear a dress watch daily so without facing any issue it will be shiny and new and scratch-free for a very long time.

For hand winding and adjusting time, there is a push-pull type onion crown positioned at 3 o’clock. The crown is very easy to hold for adjusting time and smooth to the wind. Turning the watch back we can see that the case back is screwed down to make it water-resistant. Also, to watch the movement it has an exhibition case back to see through the case.


Orient is one of the few watch brands that feature in-house movement. All parts of the watch are manufactured by Orient itself in Japan. Mostly we see companies freelance the movement they used to any Chinese company. But to ensure the best quality possible Orient makes these movements for their watch in Japan and delivers the best to their consumers.

Orient Monarch contains Orient Caliber 48C40 and it has 21 jewels also the beat rate of this movement is 21,400bph. In the case of precision, it is quite accurate. As the movements are built in-house so you can let your worries go about longevity, reliability, and built quality.


For having a screw-down case back this Monarch timepiece is water-resistant and it can handle water quite excellently up to 50 meters. So little splash or little water activity will cause no harm to the watch but be aware while swimming wearing the watch.


To make the timepiece secure on your wrist Monarch watches come with a strap made of genuine leather. Strap quality quite loots and it is very soft. So it will not just make the watch secure on the wrist but also provide you comfort.


  • Mineral crystal dial window
  • Power reserve indicator
  • 40 hours of power reserve
  • Hand-winding manual movement
  • Beautiful crown
  • 50 meters water-resistant
  • The vintage old school look
  • eye-catchy design
  • Polished stainless steel case
  • Exhibition case back
  • Genuine leather strap
  • Flawless dial


  • No date window

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The design of Orient Monarch is beautiful and the built-quality is top-notch. As a dress watch, this is a value-for-money watch. Its beautiful vintage old school look and wind winding traditional mechanical movement are very hard not to notice.

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