Orient Bambino V3 Review in 2021

Orient Bambino V3 is one of the best dress watches that comes with an affordable price tag. The high quality built, stunning and eye-catchy design with classy look makes the watch ideal for wear with formal attire or dinner suit. Want to know about Orient Bambino V3 review? let’s start…

Orient is a Japanese company and all accessories of this Bambino watch are made in-house including the movement. So the built quality is super sturdy and it is designed to perform for a long time.

In this Orient Bambino V3 review, I will discuss all functions and features of this Bambino V3 and let you know what makes this timepiece an ideal dress watch.

Who Should Buy Orient Bambino V3?

The design of Orient Bambino is very modest, elegant, and super eye-catchy. Also in this watch, automatic movement is used which makes this a traditional watch. Its look, design, and features support this watch to be a great dress watch.

For those who are searching for an elegant looking dress watch with superior built quality but not going to cost you a fortune rather comes at an affordable price then this is an ideal watch for you. The watch is super affordable and has all features to be a dress watch.

The watch is made traditionally, has a beautiful and eye-catchy design. So if you want you can wear this with something very formal or a bit casual no problem the watch will blend with your outfit and will elevate your overall appeal.

Why Choose Orient Bambino V3?

While choosing a timepiece you must ensure the built quality, design, and how reliable the company is. Let’s see what Bambino V3 has to offer.

  • This timepiece features an automatic movement that we mostly see in traditional watches. And for making sure about superior quality these movements are in-house built. So the movement quality is top-notch and in-house movements are normally seen in super-expensive watches while this watch has an affordable price.
  • Stainless steel built quality with curve mineral glass. This type of curve glass is very rare in affordable watches and due to this design, it has a classy and expensive look as well.
  • Orient Bambino comes with color options so you have options available and you choose the one you like comparing all of these.

Orient Bambino V3 Review- Features of Orient ‘2nd Gen Bambino Version III


About the dial design, in a word the design of this Bambino watch dial is flawless. The craftsmanship of the dial is done extremely well and it is so eye-catching. This watch is available in four dial colors and each of them got a sunburst effect on its dial.

The sunburst effect makes the whole interior even more elegant. It is not too shiny but has the right amount of elegance. Viewing this watch dial from different angles one can see how beautiful the dial is designed.

The sunburst effect looks fine most on the blue color while the rest three have a delicate sunburst effect. Every color of the watch dial is remarkable and looks very fine. So for an extremely formal event go for a black, white, or grey watch dial.

The watch is designed very simple and the simplicity of the watch design is elegant. With a formal outfit, you should wear something that has a simple modest yet elegant design and this Bambino full fills all requirements.

On the dial edge, there are hour shapes printed. There are applied markers at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock. While for the rest hour markers are printed. For minutes markers there are silver color rectangular small shapes in between larger size five minutes rectangular shapes.

For indication hour, minute, and second, there are three silver-colored hands on the dial. The second indication hand is a bit curved to match the whole interior of the watch. The date window is at 3 o’clock. The back color of the date window is white and the date color is black.


This Bambino from Orient has a polished stainless steel case. The look of the whole watch is emphasized by its polished case. The upper surface of the watch’s lugs is also polished to match the case design.

Generally, we sell a ring on the top of the case around the dial but on this watch, there is no such thing. There is a curved glass on the dial that makes it unique and gives it a very luxurious look.

The case back is screw-down that makes this watch water-resistant. Due to this curve glass design with polished stainless steel and a classy dial, the whole watch has a stunning look. And it is suitable to wear any formal or informal event.

The case diameter of this watch is 41mm and that suggests it is a watch of medium size and perfect size as a dress watch. So people of small to medium wrist size can wear this watch without any hesitation and it will surely fit you perfectly.

The thickness of the case is 11mm and that is perfect for a watch that has automatic movement. It also has a 21mm rug to rug distance so the strap may seem a bit large to some people. At 3 o’clock in the watch case, there is a beautiful looking crown for time adjustments.


Most of the affordable watches and feature automatic movement generally outsource the movement from other manufacturers but Bambino from Orient has in-house automatic movement such a feature that is mostly seen in expensive watches.

The Japanese watchmaking company orient built this automatic movement to ensure superior quality for this watch. As the movement is automatic so it is very easy to maintain this watch and it does not need any power source.

The rotor tracks your wrist movement and it winds itself. For having an automatic movement this watch is fairly precise and the movement is very reliable as these are manufactured in Japan by Orient itself.

Curved mineral glass

Most of the affordable watches come with a ring and flat mineral glass but the Bambino has a Curved glass as the dial windows like premium watches. Due to the curve glass, it seems very classy and eye-catchy also it gives the whole watch a unique look.

As this is a dress watch so surely you’ll not use it daily and for having scratch-resistant mineral glass the watch will surely serve you for many years to come. The mineral glass can handle scratch pretty well and for that property of this glass, it will not lose its legibility.


The white dial version of Bambino comes with a Chocolate color strap and the other three color comes with a black leather strap. As for the quality these straps are sturdily made and a bit thick in design which is perfect for medium size wrist. The leather strap and buckle closure will make sure the timepiece is secure on your wrist.


The timepiece can handle water like a splash of water or rainwater but it is not ideal for swimming or diving. The limit of water-resistant is 30 meters for this watch.


  • Curved mineral glass
  • Date window
  • Leather strap
  • Buckle closure
  • Beautiful and eye-catchy design
  • 30 meters water-resistant
  • Stainless steel case
  • Polished lugs
  • Automatic movement
  • In-hose built movement
  • 40 hours of power reserve

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Wrapping it up, I believe that this watch is an outstanding choice as a dress watch looking at its features and the affordable price tag and it cannot be unnoticed. The Bambino is an elegant, classy, eye-catchy timepiece and a great option for those who are looking for an automatic watch with a modern look.

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