Olivia Burton Watch Review | Vintage style Ladies Watch

Olivia Burton is a fairly new name in the watch industry but looking at their popularity it does not seem like it. The company is famous for vintage style modern watches for women. There are only a few brands that produce vintage-style watches for women and when you consider the quality it is hard to overlook Olivia Burton.

The design of these watches is very unique and one of the main reasons for the popularity of this brand is this. In this Olivia Burton review, we will talk about Olivia Burton Bee Hive Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch OB16BH02, and explore all the positive and bad sides of this watch.

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Olivia Burton OB16BH02 Watch Review

Now let’s know about Olivia Burton Bee Hive Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch.

Dial and Hands

Olivia Burton is famous for making simple yet elegant looking wristwatches for women. And this watch is no expectation. The dial design of this Olivia Burton watch is very clean and simple. But this simplicity in the design makes it elegant.

Any woman will surely love the design of the watch for its dial. The star of the watch show is its dial and this elegant looking dial is surely the winner. Rather than a traditional round dial design, this watch features a rectangular shape dial which is unique and super eye-catchy.

There is nothing much on the dial. The color of the dial is black and over the black, there are purple shades on some point of the dial. The random shade looks magnificent and makes the dial the beauty of the watch.

There are only four markers on the dial. At 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock position. At 3 and 9 o’clock positions, there is a square shaped pearl which looks very nice and also makes the dial symmetrical. For this symmetrical design, the dial looks even more gorgeous.

The 6 o’clock marker has a pointy tip and beveled tail. On the other hand, there is a bumblebee at the 12 o’clock position. The golden bumblebee makes the watch distinct and at the same time very beautiful looking. Below the 12 o’clock position there is the Olivia Burton London logo.

This watch also has three beautiful looking golden hands. The hand’s color matches with the bumblebee and the case color. Also, it blends perfectly on the black dial surface. Overall the dial design is pretty basic, simple yet super eye-catchy.

Watch Case

The first thing you’ll notice about the watch case is that it is not round but it has a rectangular shape. Rather than the traditional round shape of women’s wristwatches Olivia Burton design this case rectangular to give it a unique look. The case design is so good that it is quite difficult to find another one of such design watches at this price range.

Stainless steel is used to make sure that the watch case lasts long. For having corrosion-resistant properties to this case it surely will be your wrist companion for many years. The whole case is polished and it has a shiny glossy look which is so eye-catchy.

The case has painted rose gold and it does not have the raw stainless steel color and honestly speaking this rose gold color looks way better. And the shiny finish makes it stunning looking. Even on the back of the case, you’ll see this shiny polish. The case is screwed down to make this watch water-resistant.

The thickness of the case is much lower than other women’s watches which make it comfortable to wear and stylish looking. For having a quartz movement, the thickness is quite less and it makes it great styling women’s watches. This will fit perfectly on most of the women’s wrists and its unique rectangular case will give a distinct look to its wearer.

To protect the beauty which is the dial of the watch this watch features mineral glass. Mineral glass is quite tough and strong. And most of all this glass is quite scratch-resistant. So surely the dial will be protected by this glass for a long time and this glass will make sure its clarity and legibility.

The lugs are quite small of this watch and that actually blends with the case beautifully. These lugs are integrated into the case and along with the case lugs are also polished. To set the time there is a crown at 3 o’clock position with notched edges for easy gripping. And its rose gold color makes this crown look beautiful and makes the overall case design magnificent.


Water-resistant is a very nice feature to have on a watch. Without this feature, one may ruin the watch just by a little splash of water. So if you accidentally expose the watch to water then it can ruin your favorite watch that is why water-resistant is a great feature. This watch features 10m water-resistant. So it can handle a small amount of water but this watch is not ideal for long-term water exposure like swimming.


Olivia Burton OB16BH02 has a quartz movement to make the hands of this watch run. Quartz movements are very accurate in timekeeping and widely used in the watch industry. The quartz movement this watch has is very accurate and built using high-quality material so no worries this watch will last long.

Quartz movements use a battery as the power source and use its power to run the hands and tell you the accurate time. The battery is very high performing and capable of keeping the watch running for months. This battery degrades not much overtime so you’ll get a fair amount of backup on this watch.

The design of the watch is very simple and there is nothing on the dial but three hands. So for having no date windows or sub-dials the power consumption for this watch is very low. That is why the battery is capable of keeping the watch running for months.

For having a very good power reserve the maintenance that is needed to keep the watch running is nearly zero. So maintaining this movement is easier and simpler than any other movement.


This watch has black leather which is made using high-quality leather. The lug distance is 12 mm and as it is a ladies’ watch the bandwidth is perfect. On any type of wrist, the band will suit perfectly.


  • Mineral glass dial window
  • The beautiful eye-catchy dial design
  • Bumblebee marker
  • Stainless steel case
  • 10-meter water-resistant
  • Leather strap
  • Quartz movement

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In the conclusion of Olivia Burton watch review, I can say the design of the watch is stunning, beautiful, and well detailed. Other components like the case, movement straps all are made using very high-quality materials and the pricing of this beautiful watch is fair as well. So those who are looking for a beautiful unique design wrist watch they should try this watch and you surely will not regret it.

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