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Movado and Bulova are both American brands. Both brands have popularity in the watch manufacturing industry. Both brands are usually built after each other, and they have competition in their watch models. However, overall, Movado vs Bulova has popularity in manufacturing elegant and aesthetic brands. Both brands have an eye-catchy watch design, and they have a separate fan base for many watch enthusiasts.

Here, when both have an exciting rivalry in their watch models, we would want to know which one is better. Or which brand is leading over another. For this, we will look at a complete comparison of their history. Moreover, we will also compare some most popular watches from both brands.

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Comparison between Movado vs Bulova


Bulova was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova. The name of the company is after the name of its founder. After that, in 1979, the watch became a part of Lowes corp. In 2007, Bulova went under citizen manufacturers. Till now, they are working under Citizen.

Nowadays, Bulova has a massive success in the American watch market. Bulova knows very well about the marketing style, and they know how they can become public attention. In fact, Bulova was the first brand that started its advertising on the radio in 1926. 

They were not only so conscious about their marketing aspects, but they also delivered complete satisfaction to customers. Bulova pays great attention to its all timepiece design and features. Moreover, due to their popularity, they were also the first manufacturers who became part of the lunar walk.

The astronaut Bulova watch cost $1.625 million. This watch from Bulova is considered one of the most expensive watches that is sold in the auction. This was one of the greatest achievements by Bulova, and the record is still unbroken.


Here we will talk about other famous American brands. The meaning of Movado is “always in motion.” However, the first name of Movado was not Movado. Firstly, it was founded in 1881 by the name “LAI Ditesheim & Freres SA. The name “Movado” was given in 1905. First of all, it was also founded in Switzerland. 

In 1983s, Movado started its American run-up when North American watch corp bought the brand. 

Nowadays, the watches are famous for their museum watches. The Museum watches of Movado have a minimalist design crafted with sophisticated features. one of the most famous Movado histories is their single dot dial design. This was one of the greatest achievements for Movado. This design makes Movado stand out from its competitors.

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Comparison between Movado Vs Bulova Watches

Here we will look at some of their famous models and look at their features’ similarities and differences. We hope till the end you will find your favorite way to go.

Chronographs watches of Movado vs Bulova

Movado Museum sport vs Bulova Gunmetal Precisionist

Both the Movado Museum sport and Bulova Gunmetal Precisionist are chronograph watches. But you will look at them for the first time; there is a lot of difference in their designs.

Movado Museum:

Here is the Movado Museum that is a museum watch with chronograph features.


Now here, if you look at the design of the Movado Museum, the stainless steel featured case and black dial look adorable. The design is super sleek and beautiful. The watch delivers a beautiful appeal to museum watches. 

One of the things that you feel is surprising is the lightweight features of the watch. The watch’s dial is 44mm; the bracelet is stainless steel; still, the watch is lightweight. It is super comfortable to wear and looks elegant at first glance.


Here you may not like the way of presenting easy to read features of the watch. It will take some seconds to know about the time with this watch. This is one of the most common complaints about this watch.

There is no incorporation of digits in the dial of the watch. The 1/10th second area and the watch’s minute area are at the 9 and 6’o o’clock position. At the 3’o o’clock position, there is a sub-second area. This may make it a difficult feature for those who want a watch with easy to read features.

Bulova Men’s:

Here the Bulova Men’s gunmetal is also a chronograph watch and has huge popularity for its durability. Unlike the Movado museum, watch the manufacturer pay equal attention to style and design. 


It is an overall block watch that is a great choice for those who want an entire black watch. The watch’s dial is black, and the bracelet is made with stainless steel material and has a black color. It is a relatively larger watch than a Movado watch. The dial measurements are 46mm. 

Furthermore, the weight of the watch is also heavier than Movado Museum Sport. The weight is more than Movado; however, it is comfortable to wear, and you will not watch a heavyweight at all. It is considered as one of the rigid watches that has ensured durability with its great sense of fitness and style.


The analog dial of the watch makes the watch super easy to read. The traditional analog design makes it quicker to check the time than Movado museum sport. The watch delivers high accuracy and easy readability for telling time.

Which one is better?

Now, to know the choice more easily, have a look at this summary;

  • If you are a lover of watches with a rigid design and that offer durability, you need to go for Bulova gunmetal precisionist.
  • If you love easy to read features and want a quick telling time, then Bulova is the choice.
  • On the other hand, if you want a watch with a stylish look, Movado is your choice. 
  • Moreover, if you want a watch with more lightweight features, then Movado is the way to go.


Dress watches of Movado vs Bulova

Movado Dress Watch

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Bulavo Dress Watch

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Movado Men’s Museum Classic Vs Bulova dress watch model

Here we will look at two models of the dress watches category from Movado and Bulova. Both Movado men’s museum classic vs. Bulova dress watch models is categorized for dress watches.


Movado Men’s Museum Classic:

Movado museum classic watch is a dress watch museum design watch. Let’s get into detailed features of Movado Men’s Museum Classic.


One of the catchiest features you will notice in almost all the museum watches of the Movado is the minimalist design. One of the most mesmerizing features of the Movado Men’s Museum watch is the single dot dial design. Moreover, the watch has a simple rundown design.

The design is clutter-free and is appealing to the eyes at first glance. The watch has a black stripe and black dial with stainless steel combination. The watch uses a quartz movement in the watch, that will provide accurate and reliable movements. The watch does not have a large dial. The dial of the watch is 40mm.

Moreover, the watch is not so heavyweight and comfortable to wear. However, if you are the person who prefers function over design, then you may like this single dot dial design. 

Bulova dress watch model

The Bulova dress watch has a traditional design with an analog dial. It is the choice of those who want a functional and a traditional dress watch in their wardrobe. It is a perfect classic watch in terms of design and also for its display.

The watch has a larger dial than Movado Men’s museum classic. The case diameter of the watch is 42 mm in diameter. The dial of the watch has a black color with all the white markings. The black dial watch has a stainless steel dial.

Which one is better?
  • If you want a dress watch with the most appealing features, then Movado is the way to go.
  • However, if you want a traditional style watch with a classic design, Bulova is the right choice.
  • If you want a watch with functionality and easy to read features, the choice is Bulova.

Is Movado better than Bulova?

All the watch manufacturers deliver different kinds of models from time to time. Every watch manufacturer tries to innovate their design and technology. So there is no clear winner in this race. Sometimes you will find any model of Movado better than Bulova and Bulova better than Movado. For this reason, we provide detail of some features of both manufacturers’ watches. Here is our conclusion about both watches.


If you are a fan of stylish and newly designed watches, then no one can compete with the designs of Movado. Movado is famous for its single dot dial design and its minimalist designs for watches. You can say Movado is the brand of stylish watches.

Moreover, the watches have precise movement and accuracy in all their features. They use cases with lightweight features and comfortable to wear. However, in the classic designing looks, Movado does not present easy readability in their watches. 

On the other hand, Bulova presents a more classic watch with a traditional style. They pay a lot of attention to the construction of their watches. They are popular for their rigid design watches that offer longer durability. The watches from Bulova usually use a good color combination and also a traditional look.

The watches are also medium size watches with stainless steel bracelets. Furthermore, the watches from Bulova are not so lightweight, but they are comfortable to wear. Like Movado, they also use quartz movement for precision and accuracy.

One feature that is loved about the Bulova is that there is no hassle for telling times with their watch. They usually deal in analog design that is easy to read and has more functionality value. 


Finally, in the price section, you will not find one brand more affordable than the other. They have different watch models with different price ranges. Their price ranges have versatility. You can find affordable and expensive watches from both Movado Vs Bulova.



Is Movado a Luxury watch brand?

Yes, there are watches from Movado that have luxurious price ranges. But they also have watched at an affordable price. Moreover, the astronaut watch from Movado has the highest price. 

Their high-end prices for the innovation in their design and the high precision and accuracy features. All these features make the watch brand stand out from others.

Is Bulova a luxury brand?

Yes, Bulova can be considered as one of the luxurious watch brands in the watch manufacturing industry. The brand has very technological achievements, and the watches have a more appealing look. The Bulova is work with the citizen, but it has huge popularity in America’s luxurious manufacturing Industry.

Which brand is better: Citizen or Bulova?

Since 2007, the Bulova has been owned by citizen. However, the brand has its own name and popularity, and both Citizen and Bulova have their own audience. Bulova has a great reputation in the American watch industry. If you compare the advancement and well-made watches of Citizen vs Bulova, you will better find Bulova.

Here we are not saying Citizen does not have well-made watches. However, for using the advancement technology, Bulova is better than citizens.

Why is Movado expensive?

Movado is an expensive brand, as they pay a lot of attention to their watch’s functionality and designs. They ensure quality at the manufacturing stage and their designing stage equally. Bulova makes watches with durable material and lightweight features. 

They produce watches that are comfortable to wear. Overall, they are known for their reliable and durable watches with stylish looks. For this reason, you may feel the price ranges of Movado are expensive.

Is Movado a swiss made brand?

Yes, Movado is a swiss made company. The manufacturing of the Movado is based in Switzerland. However, Movado has corporate headquarters in New Jersey. The company touches the American watch market with the well-designed features in their watches. 

Not only in America, but the company also has a reputation all over the world. Watch enthusiasts love Their brand by the features they offer in their stylish looks.


As we find, a clear difference in comparison of Movado vs Bulova is the design. The Bulova has more innovative looks in traditional style watches. On the other hand, the Movado has popularity in new stylish dials. For example, the single dot dials are among the most appealing look watch designs for the Movado. This design is loved by many watch lovers all over the world.

On the other hand, when it comes to high functionality values and a rigid design with traditional looks, Bulova has its name. They usually featured watches elegantly and uniquely with the traditional design. 

Now, in the end, the choice depends only on your preference and your personal choice in Movado vs Bulova. You can pick the one you love or make a choice that fits you most.

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