Invicta 89280B review | Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

The watch manufacturing brand Invicta is quite famous for offering feature-rich and high-quality watches at a very cheap price. Invicta 8928ob is an entry-level watch from this brand and it comes with a super affordable price tag. The design of this watch is pretty unique and super eye-catchy.

Looking at the classic design of the watch it is easy to assume that the watch is for those people who are fond of classic watches with a modern touch. This watch comes with some pretty exclusive features and in this Invicta 89280B review, let’s know about these and see if you should buy the watch or not.

Features and more details of Invicta 89280B review

Dial and Hands

The dial design of this watch is simple yet elegant and beautiful. It is pretty rare to find a watch with this good dial design at this price point. So the dial design is pretty impressive and at the first sight of it, you’ll surely like it. Blue and golden colors are used on the whole dial and in a word it is stunning.

The dial design is pretty simple and legible; it is not at all a busy looking dial. There are second markers on the dial edge. The color of these markers is vivid gold and the surface is blue and it looks beautiful. For these minute markings, rectangular-shaped is printed on the dial.

Below the second markings, there are hour markings of golden circular bold dots. The 3 o’clock marking is cut out because of the date window and for 6 and 9 o’clock, there are rectangular shaped markings. At 12 o’clock there is a triangle-shaped in pretty gold color.

At the traditional 3 o’clock position there is a negative date window and there is no other cutout on the dial so it is quite a flawless dial. The background of the date window is white and the date color is black that’s why it’s called a negative window.

The hands of the watch are pretty good looking as well. These are also gold in color and match the markings. The second-hand looks like a bow and arrow with a circular shape and point tip and the hour hand also have a big circular shape and pointy tip for indicating toward the markers.

The hour and the minute hand along with the minutes’ markings are filled with luminous to make it glow in the dark. The brightness of the luminous is pretty well and you’ll not face difficulty watching the time in the dark. That’s pretty much it on this watch dial and it is simple and legible.

Watch Case

The Invicta 89280B timepiece has a stainless steel case and its diameter is 40mm. The case design is quite impressive and it seamlessly matches with the dial design. For having a 40mm diameter the watch is perfect for small to large wrist size. So it will look so bold on a small wrist and for medium wrist people, this is an ideal size watch.

The watch has polished sides which is quite reflective and seems pretty nice. It has integrated lugs with brushed surfaces. Along with the case sides, the sides of the lugs are also polished as well. So the case is pretty good looking with its polished sides.

On the right of the case, the case is pronounced to make the crown guard. The design of the pronounced case is implemented quite perfectly and it does not look odd rather it makes it even beautiful looking.

For making this watch highly water resistant there is a screw-down crown at 3 o’clock place. The pronounced case guards this beautiful looking golden crown. This crown is colored golden to match the markings and the dial design and it has done with quite perfection.

On top of the case, there is a thick bezel that is colored blue and it has golden minutes’ markings. It looks stunning and as it matches with the blue-gold dial so it emphasizes the whole look of this timepiece. It is a unidirectional bezel so you can rotate it and for easy gripping, there are some dense notched edges.

For protecting the dial on top of it there is a mineral crystal. The quality of the crystal pretty looks and it is an obvious type of crystal for a watch of this price. This crystal is quite strong and scratch-resistant. So without any difficulty, this crystal will maintain its clarity for years.

On the crystal, there is a magnifier to magnify the date and that works pretty well. This timepiece also features an exhibition case back that allows you to have a look at its inside movements.

invicta 89280B movement and case


To make the watch run there is a Japanese automatic movement inside the watch. You can see the movement that is going on through the case back. Japanese movements are mostly solidly built and last for a very long time. The movement that is used inside Invicta 8928ob is a non-hacking, self-winding movement.

Self-winding movement means you do not have to wind the crown manually. The watch features a rotor on the back of it to track your wrist movement as you move the rotor rotates and gains kinetic energy and the energy keeps the watch running. As you cannot wind the watch manually so you have to wear the watch 8-10 hours daily for a proper winding.

For having an automatic movement, the second hand of the watch swipe smoothly which is more satisfying looking than the tick movement of quartz movement. The sweeping second hand will keep sweeping even when you unscrew the crown to fix the time as it a non-hacking automatic movement.

In an automatic movement, there are more than 130 parts and many of these rotate and vibrate. To reduce this vibration there are 24 jewels inside this watch. So when you wear the watch you do not feel any vibration but wear a stable watch. Also, due to reduced vibration, it lasts long.

The power reserve of the watch is pretty good and accuracy is pretty impressive if you look at the price tag. Overall this is a pretty high-quality movement for an entry-level watch.


invicta 89280B water resistant

The advertised water-resistant of this watch is 200 meters. But the price suggests that it is an entry-level watch and generally we do not see water-resistant like a pro drive watch but this watch got it. The case and the crown of the watch is a screw-down type but still, its water handling capability is not up to mark.

So even though the company is saying that the watch can resist water up to 200 meters, that is not actually the case. I would suggest not to wear this watch near deep water. For handling a little splash of water or something like that but an entry-level watch is not good for diving or long time swimming.


This Invicta watch has a beautiful bracelet made of stainless steel. The side links are brushed and the middle links are polished with a 23k gold tone. This polished and brushed finish adds contrast to the bracelet look and makes it super eye-catchy.

The built quality is sturdy and it is corrosion-resistant so it will surely be there for you for many years. For making the watch safe on the wrist as a safety feature it has a very secure clasp lock system.


  • Mineral crystal dial window
  • Magnifier on the crystal
  • Date window
  • The simple yet beautiful dial design
  • Stainless steel case
  • High-quality bracelet
  • 200 meters water-resistant
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Easy to read even in the dark
  • Automatic movement
  • Screw-down crown
  • Exhibition case back

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Frequently asked question

Can I replace the bracelet of this watch?

Yes, you can and it is pretty easy to do. The bracelet of the watch is attached using spring pins. So you need a spring pins tool to remove the bracelet and you can easily replace it with any other bracelet or strap of the same size.

Does this watch glow in the dark?

Yes, it does. On the hands and the dots, markings are luminous in it and it glows in the dark to make it easy for you to watch the time.


The Invicta 89280B watch is an entry-level watch that comes with many functions and useful features. It is quite classic looking and it has reliable Japanese automatic movement. So at this price range, this watch offers many things that we say in watches of premium quality.

We hope you are now ensure about invicta 89280B review. If you are fan of Invicta brand,  and want to know about other watches review of Invicta Brand, click here to get it.

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