How tight should a watch be ? A Proper Guide

When you are in a shopping mall to choose a wristwatch, and you are especially novice to wear a watch, then a common question comes to your mind- How tight should a watch be?

In this article, I will clear your doubt about wearing a watch tight or loose and why. You have to read to me periodically.

Your wristwatch should be tight enough to fit. It can’t be sliding during moving your arms also should sustainable loose to avoid any notable imprint. When you were especially shopping online, you have to consider the case dimension. 

The above description seems fairly essential and a perfect solution, but there is something on your own choice regarding a wristwatch fit. Many people like to wear their wristwatch tightly enough, besides many people want to wear their watch loose. 

To make your watch best on your hand, there is a proportion with your wrist size. That’s means a wristwatch can’t fix a size that will be fit your hand. 

Case Size

Wristwatch builds with many sizes and shapes, which means you will find a few watches that better than others. After wearing the clock, if it is sliding on your wrist, you choose the wrong size watch; besides, it could also be too tiny, especially for a child. 

watch ideal case size

You have to consider some crucial proportions, such as Case diameter, Case depth, lug to lug size. 

Let’s drive to know them in fewer words.

Case diameter: Excluding the crown, the watch’s side to another side is called the case diameter.

Case depth: That’s means depth of the watch. The actual depth can be a little increased or decrease through artificial due to domed glass.

Lug to Lug measurement:  This is various essential and primary measurement while choosing a watch. This is the measurement from one lug to another lug behind the clock. It could give you a real idea of how they look fits on your wrist. 

We have some recommended sizes for you, depending on your wrist size. At first, measure your wrist using any measurement equipment. 

If your wrist under 6 Inches

Case diameter: 38mm or under
Lug to Lug: Under 42mm
Case Depth: Under 10mm
Case diameter: 38mm or under
Lug to Lug: Under 42mm
Case Depth: Under 10mm

If your wrist range: 6-6.75 Inches

Case diameter: 36mm to 40mm
Lug to Lug: Under 46mm
Case Depth: Under 12mm

If your wrist range: 6.75-7.5 inches

Case diameter: 40mm to 44mm
Lug To Lug: Under 50mm
Case Depth: Under 14mm

If your wrist range: >7.5 Inch Wrist

Case diameter: 42mm and over
Lug To Lug: Over 46mm
Case depth: Over 10mm


Many pre style watch seems to trend towards a certain size

  • A watch slimmer than average that’s a call dress watch, and it’s getting a trend. Usually, we use it under shirt sleeves.
  • The watch thicker than average that’s called dive watch, and it’s getting a trend. This type of clock can withstand high water pressure.
  • A watch comes with more than one dials, and it is usually larger than average. It’s called Chronographs watch, and it’s getting a trend.
  • Quartz watches are usually getting trend because this watch often thinner than average. And the movement is small with no complications.
  • Lastly, the watch with square in size and is considerably slim in width. This type of watch is also getting a trend.

Below sings means your watch large

  • The lugs distance is only one centimeter or further from the side of your wrist. But this is your own opinion. Many people wonder about wearing a small watch, and many people love to wear a bit large watch.


Ideal Strap size

When it comes to talking about watch strap here, your comfort and effort is top. Never uses a very tight strap. Besides, don’t use a very loose belt that can slide on your wrist and look sloppy.

An ideal strap slacking amount is one finger to slide between both strap and wrist. But never allow two fingers; it will make it very loose.


How you can make the perfect strap size for you?

Best way to make a perfect size of your watch considering removing strap links

Suppose you love to wear bracelets besides a wristwatch. You may be required to adjust your watch by removing some links from the strap. It’s a straightforward method and less effort.

how to remove strap link

Consider changing the brand [Final option]

If your wrist is super thin, then sometimes changing the brand is the only option for you. Because a leather strap might not adjust to a fixed size, I will never suggest you look if available extra holes on any belt. I mean so many spots on the strap. So you might think it could be fit for you although that’s correct. But I don’t recommend this for you as there is a great chance to decrease your strap durability and lifespan. If you are considering buying a new strap, that’s also good, but make sure the size fits your wrist perfectly.


Our final thought

We can suggest you wear your watch in what size you prefer and feel comfortable. As their many people love to wearing little tight and many people like it slightly loose. So everything is your subjectivity. But try to keep the size where your one finger allows you to move around your watch’s strap and wrist. So it couldn’t make any imprints and not too sliding on your wrist during the walk and move your arm.

I hope if you read us periodically now, you know – how tight should a watch be?


Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)


How do you wear your watch? Tight or loose?

Answer: It depends on various factors. If I wear my watch too loose, it could seem not lovely and sliding through my wrist. Besides, If I wear it a bit tight, then it can imprint on my wrist. So I prefer the size not too loose or tight but middle, which means I wish to allow one finger can move quickly between my wrist and watch strap.

Which is the right hand to wear a wristwatch?

Answer: you might see many people wish to wear left hand and many people wear it right hand but that does not depend on wish actually. It is recommended to wear your wristwatch on a non-dominant hand. If you are left-handed that’s mean you are working through the left hand then wear it right hand Besides if you are working most of the time on your right-handed then wear it on your left hand.

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