How long does the watch battery last ?

How long does the watch battery last? This is one of the trend questions who wear battery power watch. Many people were also wondering to know the first battery in a watch to last longer but not so after replacing the first battery.

Today we are going to clear these two questions at the watchseerConventionally the first battery should last 2 to 4 years and once you replace; the next battery will last around 14-18 month. If your watch’s battery doesn’t last like them, then find out the reasons below.

Why watch battery drain faster?

If your watch came with multifunction such as; alarms, chronograph, LED display, etc., then this watch battery will drain faster than a standard analog watch.

Never leave the chronograph running a long time or permanently. It will drain your battery more than 40% faster. Water damage, condensation, corrosion, and your watch’s age also influence to change the battery.

Older watch inside of the movement degrade the lubricants and slow the action down. Remember, before you purchase a watch, you don’t know how long this watch stays turned on at manufactures or retailers.

That’s means making battery life prediction is difficult. Few most complex watch brands like Diesel come with few dials and up to 5 batteries for separate dials. Each battery will last a different time; thus, we advise you to change all batteries together.

When should you change the watch battery?

Once your watch stops working right then, you have to change the battery. You have to replace the power source instantly when you understand the battery is completely drained.

Many watches come up with low battery sign functionality. Many clocks will display soft power symptoms; it usually happens with the second hand will jump a few seconds or delay a few seconds in one go. Sometimes a watch will be unable to keep the correct time always.

Those signs are notable as low power indicators. One thing noticeable that- please do not wait too long to replace the battery once it is drained.

If you keep a watch which battery has been drained a few years ago, then the watch can be damaged by leakage acid from the battery.

Watch this video to learn how to change watch battery.

Replacement watch battery how long will it last?

watch battery replacementWatch replacement battery durability entirely depends on the quality of the battery. A good quality battery can last up to 18 months. The lower rate of the battery brand and the longer the battery has been store before fitting; significantly affects its life expectancy.

Some watch-maker came with a good quality battery, and they keep their reputation as making long-lasting battery life timepieces. Swiss technology highest quality battery to ensure their timepiece power source durability.

During replacement, you have to ensure a good quality battery to get strong durability. The lithium-Ion battery can be lasting up to 7 years.

As a good quality and durability, the price is slightly high. But try to combine less amount of time opening the watch. If you open it repeatedly, there is a great chance to get a condensation issue if you live in extreme weather.

But keep remember, you will never get accurate durability like your first battery. But if you could off your watch multifunction like alarm, clock, and stopwatch, you might still get better performance than average. For example- a stopwatch can consume your battery life more than 40% faster!

Wearing a watch in water will affect battery life?

waterproof watchIf you are using a water-resistant watch, we suggest not diving in water or swimming because water-resistant doesn’t mean waterproof. If you do so, condensation will affect your watch.

In case you make condensation on your watch, follow our guide to know: how to remove condensation from a watchAfterward, if you keep your watch a few days without removing condensation, then this delay can affect your battery life.

So it’s highly advisable once you find a condensation sign, just remove it instantly. On the other hand, if you have an initially waterproof watch and wear it in water, what happens?

Firstly kindly check the water depth meters. If you are diving the watch in more depth than the manufacturer recommended, you might also be affected by condensation. And this way again decreases your timepiece power lifespan.

In case, after diving, you make sure there is no condensation at your watch, then no worries. You are safe, and this water will not affect your timepiece battery lifespan.

Bottom Line

How long does the watch battery last? Simply this statement depends on the battery quality that uses on your watch. You may check your watch manufacture guide book what’s about battery types and their lifespan.

If the watch uses a lithium-Ion type battery, this watch will surely last around seven years even more. But after the first battery lifespan end and you replace the battery, you will never get back up, just like before the first one you get.

If the watch has multiple functionalities, you can turn it off like a clock, stopwatch, and alarm as those extra features consume the battery more than 40% faster.



Wearing a watch in water will damage the battery?

Answer: In most cause yes, if your watch gets condensation due to not a waterproof. If you keep your watch with condensation for a few days, the battery will drain more quickly.

Even after completely draining your watch battery and keeping it this way for a few years, indeed, your complete watch could be damaged. Once the battery gets discharged after a long time, the battery naturally leakage and acid will corrosion your watch.

So it is highly advisable from all watch-maker once you find condensation take a removal method instantly; once the battery drain or you get a low battery signal, then change the battery shortly to avoid permanent damage to your watch.


How long does the watch battery last?

Answer: The first battery comes with a watch. This one can last up to 2-4 years. But after this lifespan and replace the battery, the new one will don’t last like this decent amount of time.

For various reasons- your watch age, dry lubricant inside of the movement; that makes the movement slow to rotating and consumes high battery power.

But the actual time depends on battery quality. If this battery Lithium-Ion type- this type of battery life can be last up to 7 years. If you purchase a cheap watch and the battery could be low quality so don’t expect a decent lifespan for your affordable timepiece.

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