Henry Jay Watch Review [Mens Stainless Steel Multifunction]

Henry jay watches are reputed to build great quality and design. Their watch is upper quality and smart looking watch. It allows you to get benefit from the functionality with an excellent design. This company has been around and take watchmaking to the next realm.


Today we will write about Henry Jay Men’s Stainless Steel Multifunction wristwatch so let’s direct-drive to henry jay watch review without further ado.


Henry Jay Watch Key features

Movement Henry Jay Specialty Quartz Movement
Band Material Stainless Steel
Water-Resistant Yes (100-meter depth)

Pros and Cons


  • Water-Resistant
  • Henry Jay Specialty Quartz Movement
  • Protective & Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal
  • 3 sub-dial [Date, Day, and GMT]
  • Luminous hands


  • × As a field watch, it’s advisable to make it more depth water-resistant.


Henry Jay vision

The main target of henry jay watchmakers to make a great quality watch at an affordable price. They build their watch at high quality, and the design also uses stainless steel to make sure long durability.

Their vision to make it easy to get a watch for everyone means their main vision is to make a watch at an affordable price.

They focus on the style, design, and as well as functionality that makes a great working watch and uses it every day as an essential timepiece not just for show.

Those watches are long-lasting by Henry Jay. They make with superior care by the highly dedicated expert team to provide a great timepiece.

Affordability is one of the key factors when it comes to talking about this watch.


Henry Jay Aqua master Series Review

Aqua Master series is the most popular watch by Henry Jay. These series make their watches to have the name of Henry Jay brand in the market.

Their watch is specially made for any type of sports on land or sea. Conventionally henry jay aqua master series comes with a large round steel case on a stainless steel bracelet watch, and it’s featured water-resistant.

So you can wear it during swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and so on. During sports and play, those are all watch can stand through tough conditions.

Not only have so many great sports watch available in the market. Even not just good looking and elegant design. Also, provide good quality and style with great functionality.

Another great factor of this watch is-it’s affordable and provide great value for money. This aqua master series watch all come with great quality, style, design, and functionality, there is no doubt.



When it comes to dialing section talking, it’s appealable to mark this section as one of the most particular points we have to look at first.

Because when we wear a watch and see for the time, date, and day, this is the only thing at our first glance.

Even basically, most of the time, we keep this dial at top priority during a watch choosing.

All that’s means, we have to consider how the dial clear to see time, date, and day? Are they handy to readable? If all those answers are yes, then we go for it.

But still, there something we have to consider, that’s one about the crystal in front of the dial.


Dial window material

This is one of the most important and should be our top priority while choosing a watch.

Supposed you have purchased your dream watch and are wearing it every day, and you find it a good timepiece.

But after wearing this watch a few days, you discover that you find it hard to see the time, date, and day on the dial; because of scratch.

I mean, you have to consider a dial window crystal that is scratch resistant. Right?

Let’s drive to know a little bit about the dial window material type.

There are many types of dial material available for a wristwatch. Such as mineral, sapphire crystal, synthetic crystal, etc.

Mineral crystal is used most in the watch, and it’s easy to scratch by a minor injury, but it can suffer many hits.

On the other hand, sapphire and synthetic crystal – Are scratch less, but they can’t suffer many injuries. If it finds too many hit-this crystals will break instantly.

Let’s look at which type of dial window material type comes up with our Henry Jay Men’s Stainless Steel Multifunction wristwatch. It came with a mineral type of material.

That means it can easily scratch. But no worry, happily, this dial featured additional protective and scratch-resistant. So it can suffer many hits and will not scratch like other conventional mineral crystals.



This watch comes with the most 4 essential functionality: time, day, date, and GMT feature. It came with an additional 3 sub-dial. Direct-dial showing time and under 3’o clock sub-dial showing the day, under 6’o clock showing date and under 9’o clock showing GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). All of the featured came in analog-style, but they are pretty good looking.

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Bottom Line

Henry Jay Aqua Master series watch came with water-resistant and they are popular as sports watch.

They always give high priority to make sure it’s quality and durability and functionality. It is a multifunctional watch.

If you are looking for something exceptional. Then it could be the right timepiece for you.


Buying Guide

It is a sports field’s watch. Generally, field types of watches are made of high quality than conventional watches. Especially this Aqua master series by Henry Jay they build this watch especially for the sports field and this series appeal to brand henry jay in the market. If you are looking for a durable field watch with supper quality then this could be a perfect timepiece for you.



Is it water resistant watch?

Answer: Yes, it is a water resistant wrist watch with 330 feet water depth. You can wear it during swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and so on.


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