Fossil Townsman Review (Model: ME3110)

In the affordable watch category, Fossil is a very famous and trusty name due to their high-quality watches and magnificent design. Fossil is an American watchmaking brand that manufactures and distributes watches around the whole globe. The craftsmanship of Fossil watches is great and all these watches have a fresh and modern look.

Today in this Fossil Townsman Review I have a very beautifully designed automatic timepiece from Fossils. This is an affordable watch that comes with pretty cool features and automatic movement. Let’s know about Fossil Townsman ME3110 in detail.

Fossil Townsman ME3110 review

Dial and Hands

Fossil watchmaking brand is very famous for its elegant, innovative, and unique watch design. This Fossil watch is no exception and it has a very unique and elegant looking dial. The dial got a very nice texture and the details are first-class as well. Its blue and gold color combination is very vivid and eye-catching that the dial will surely catch others’ attention.

The look of the design is outstanding in a word and surely anyone will be flattered by its dial. There are many watches with the same features as this Fossil watch but there is something on the dial that you do not see every other day. The most unique and highlighted thing of the watch is its skeleton dial.

Directly above the 7 o’clock position, there is a cutout and the cutout is see-through which makes the part of the dial skeleton type. Through this see-through part, you can have a view of the heart of the watch which is its beautiful automatic movement. Inside the cutout, the parts of the movement are organized beautifully and the heart view window increases the beauty of the watch a million times more.

The view through the heart view and the other element on the dial blends quite beautifully and makes it look super eye-catchy. Its golden color looks quite magnificent on the blue color dial surface and matches with the markings and hands color present on the dial. So in the case of the dial look, it’s elegant, vivid, and super eye-catchy.

On the dial, there is the primary dial, secondary dial, two sub-dials, and two hands. The secondary dial is placed on the edge of the beautiful looking blue dial and the surface of the secondary dial has a black surface color. This secondary dial is pretty well detailed and it got minute markings in white rectangular shapes.

On the black surface of the secondary dial, the markings can be seen very clearly and on each five minutes’ interval, there is a circular dot as a marking instead of the rectangular shape. This dial is quite handy and blends well with the inner dial.

The primary dial of the watch has Roman numbers in rose gold color. This color looks beautiful and eye-catchy on the blue surface. There are numbers on 3,6,9,12 o’clock position and the rest position has The ‘one’ Roman number on the respective place. These numbers on the primary dial are pretty big and that makes the dial focused and legible.

Below the primary dial, on the center of the dial, there is a big circular cutout and inside this cutout, there are two sub-dials and the heart view window. On the upper side of the cutout, there are diamond-shaped patterns that look stunning and inside these patterns, there is the Fossil logo, and the word Automatic is printed in bold white color.

On the bottom right side of the counter cutout, there is the sub-second dial. This dial counts the second and for that reason, there is no second hand on the dial. There are only two hands, one is the hour hand and the other one is the minute hand. Both hands got the same color as the marking which is gold and these hats are shaped like a sword.

On the middle of the left side of the center cutout, there is the second sub-dial which is a 24-hour indicator. It makes it easy to know the AM/PM and military time. The markings of the sub-dials are in white color and the indicators are in gold to match with the big hands. So it is a pretty well functional beautiful looking dial.

Watch Case

At the macro level, the case design is quite perfect, and as it is an affordable watch so we should not expect the finishes of the watch like a high-end watch. The case design is quite well if we look at the price tag. It has a solid stainless steel case construction which is corrosion-resistant and lasts for years.

The whole stainless steel case has a polished finish but the mid-case is not as exposed as the top and the case back which is actually a good thing. For not being highly exposed the mid-case will attract fewer fingerprints. Shiny case finish attracts more fingerprints and after wearing it for a while you have to wipe it with a clean cloth to keep it clean.

So the mid-case is not so shiny looking but it still looks quite good. The lugs of the watch are integrated with the mid-case and the top surface of the lungs has a brushed finish which adds contrast to the case and the sides are polished along with the whole mid-case. The finish matches with the overall design and gives the watch a charming look.

On the mid-case at 3 o’clock position, there is a beautiful looking crown. The top surface of the crown is polished and it has a shiny look. All its edges are notched to make sure you get a proper grip for adjusting the time. The design and positioning of the crown are beautiful and perfect.

The top case is a stainless steel ring on top of the case and around the dial. It has a polished finish which is very shiny looking and makes the whole case design looks eye-catchy. To give the case a standout design and emphasis the whole case look this stainless steel ring has a big hand in it.

The case size is huge and the diameter of it is 44mm which is pretty big and specifically designed for medium to large wrist people. Looking at the diameter you can say it a casual/semi-casual watch. On a small wrist, this watch will look very big and the watch is built for medium to large wrist people.

For protecting the dial there is a mineral glass placed beautifully on top of it. The mineral glass is quite strong and as the watch is a budget watch so the mineral glass is not a bad choice. It can handle scratches quite well. So your beautiful dial will maintain its clear and legible look for many years.

Flipping the case watch over we can see that this watch features a screw-down exhibition case back. So you can see the movement of the watch through the dial and the case back which is unique in a watch. Through the case back one can clearly see the rotor and other movements of the watch. So overall case design is pretty good and it has a solid case construction.


The Fossil Townsman ME3110 has 50 meters of water resistance that mean the watch can handle a pretty good amount of water but not so ideal for using under deep water. So you can do little reaction swimming or little water splash will not do any damage to this watch.


Fossil has an excellent reputation for having high-quality parts in affordable watches. In this Fossil Townsman watch, they have given a fine automatic movement which we mostly see on high-end watches. The built quality of the movement is quite good and it is very reliable.

The power reserve of this automatic movement is 40 hours and this is a pretty great backup for a budget watch. In terms of the accuracy of the watch, it is also excellent. As this is an automatic movement you do not have to wind the watch manually anymore. The rotor of the watch will move when you move the watch and it will generate energy to run the watch.

This is a non-hacking movement so when you pull the crown to adjust the time the sub-second dial will keep running. And there is no dedicated second hand on this watch you many of us may miss the satisfying sweeping of the second hand.

In an automatic movement, many parts rotate to keep the watch running and this rotation causes vibration. To reduce these vibrations there are 21 jewels used on this watch. So it basically means you’ll not feel any vibration while wearing this watch and feel comfortable. Also, less vibration means the watch will serve long.


This watch has a genuine leather strap of quite good quality. This leather is pretty soft and it will feel comfortable on the wrist. The strap quality is fine and it is pretty comfortable and secure.


  • Mineral glass dial window
  • Gorgeous and elegant looking dial
  • Skeleton dial design
  • Leather strap
  • 50 meters water-resistant
  • Stainless steel case
  • Automatic movement
  • 21 jewels
  • Sub-second dial
  • 24-hour dial
  • Polished stainless steel ring

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In the conclusion of the Fossil Townsman review, I can say this Fossil watch is a great value for money. At an affordable price, the watch has many features to offer. The eye-catchy design, solid case construction, and high-quality reliable movement make it a great casual watch.

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