Fossil Grant Review and More Details (Model Number : FS4813IE)

Fossil is a world-famous watch-making brand for its innovative and eye-catchy design. This brand has a very good reputation for manufacturing and distributing high-quality, stylish, and trendy watches globally. The watches from Fossil are made using high-quality materials and all of them got a very reliable movement. In this Fossil Grant review, today we will talk about Fossil Men’s Grant Stainless Steel Chronograph Quartz Watch which has a very attractive look and solid built quality. This watch is praised by most of its users. So let’s see what makes this Fossil watch special and what it has to offer.

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Fossil Grant Review

Dial and Hands

The dial design of the Fossil Grant watch is breathtaking and super eye-catchy. Even though the dial is pretty busy looking, it is still very legible. The color combinations, markings, and other dial components blend perfectly and give the dial an impressive look which is exactly what Fossil is famous for.

The detail on the dial is done very carefully and that results in a beautiful-looking dial. The primary dial of the dial got big roman numbers as hour markings and the secondary dial got minutes’ markings. On the secondary dial, there is a rectangular shape in silver color and every five minutes’ interval contains Arabic numbers and the shapes are placed in between the numbers.

The secondary dial is printed on the edge of the dial and the edge is beveled which makes the watch look bigger than the actual size and allows more room for other features. Immediately below the secondary dial there is the primary dial and on this dial, there are Roman numbers. These numbers are pretty big and that makes it easy to see the time.

The watch offers various color options and the color of the surface and the markers are different in different color variants. So you get to choose and the company is offering many color options for you. In the middle of the dial, there is a pretty big cutout for its three sub-dials. The cutout is quite symmetric and this design looks very impressive.

The chronograph feature of the watch works pretty much like a stopwatch and you can use the chronograph feature to measure time for 30 minutes long. To help you to do the measurement there are two sub-dials one at 6 o’clock and the other at 9 o’clock. The 3 o’clock sub-dial indicates 24-hour format so that you can also keep track of military time.

On the dial there are Sword shape hour and minute hands, these hands are pretty big so that you can easily see the time. The shape of the second hand is like a needle. Overall the dial is very well detailed, got some cool features, and very legible.

Watch Case

The case design of this Fossil Grant watch deserves a lot of praise. In case of the look, it is simply beautiful. The polished top case brushed mid-case, and case back all has solid built quality. Its case design is done quite beautifully and it gives this watch a very impressive look.

The mid-case has a brushed finish along with the lungs of the surface. All four lugs of the watch got the same finish as the mid-case and it makes it easy for the lugs to blend with the whole easy design making it look magnificent. The upper surface and the sides of the lugs are brushed to add contrast to its whole design and Fossil has done it very beautifully.

Brushed finishes are not as exposed and shiny looking as the polished finish and it has many advantages. The polished case design makes it look good but it attracts quite a lot of fingerprints and you have to wipe the surface now and then but a brushed case does not attract fingerprints and it is way easier to maintain.

When it comes to the measurement of the case the diameter of the stainless steel case is 44mm and it is a bold design watch. So people with small wrists must avoid this watch because it is a very large size watch and it does not look good on a small wrist but looks clunky. Medium and large wrists are the perfect candidate for this look and it will look nice on those people.

To emphasize the whole look of the watch and make it eye-catchy there is a stainless steel ring on top of the case and it is the top-case. The look of the ring is stunning and it got a polished finish. Its polished finish and shiny look make it more eye-catchy and the whole case design magnificent. The round-shape top case really does increase the attraction of the watch.

The top case is placed around the dial and on top of the dial, there is a mineral crystal to protect the beautiful looking dial. This crystal is quite strong and pretty good scratch-resistance and as the watch is affordable so a mineral glass is not so bad at this price point.

The case on the right is pronounced which makes crown guards on top and below these two guards there are two pushers to use the chronograph feature of the watch and between the guards, there is a beautiful-looking crown. It is a bit small in size but its edges are notched and have a very beautiful pattern which will ensure no difficulty gripping the crown.

The top surface of the crown and the top and sides of the button has a polished finish that looks beautiful and matches with the top ring design. The case of the watch is screw-down and solid. Overall the case gives this watch a standout and distinct look and ensures its quality.


Water-resistant certification not just tells you about the watch’s capability of handling water but also tells you about the quality of the materials that are used to build the watch. Generally, watches that are capable of resisting water up to 30 meters are good for swimming and on this Fossil watch, you are getting 50 meters of water resistance.

For having 50 meters’ water-resistant features you can do little recreation swim wearing this watch and water splash or rainwater will not do any damage to this watch. But the water-resistant feature of this watch cannot withstand deep water or sports activities like diving.


The watch comes with many features and a very affordable price tag. To power the hands and other dial features there is a reliable quartz movement inside the watch. Looking at its price tag I can say it would be foolish to expect a watch with this beautiful design and sturdy built with functional manual or automatic movement. The quartz movement is quite a good option at this price point.

The watch that features manual or automatic movement comes with a higher price tag. Also, there are many more benefits of a quartz movement than others’ movements. First, let’s talk about accuracy, you have to wind a manual or automatic watch daily to keep the watch running and if it runs out of power then you have to adjust the time once again.

But you just have to set the time once to a quartz movement watch and you are good for years. Manual or automatic movements lose more some second every day but a quartz watch loses about two seconds in a whole month. So you can see that quartz movement is way more accurate than automatic ones.

Also, manual watches generally have a thick construction but quartz ones are thinner compared to manual watches. So the watch looks a bit pronounced and puffy on the wrist while the thin watch looks perfect. This is a high-quality quartz movement that is used in this watch and it is very accurate and reliable.


This Fossil watch is high with a high-quality soft leather strap. Cheap leather does not age well and thankfully you’ll not have any such issue on this strap. The quality of this strap is very fine and you’ll not see aunty crease or crack while you buckle the strap.

Also, the soft quality of the strap makes it very comfortable on the wrist so it is great as a long time wearing watch and it is suppler than other leather bands as well. So do not worry about the quality of the band. Furthermore, the strap is changeable so you can easily change or replace the band with any 22mm strap.


  • Mineral glass dial window
  • The beautiful and eye-catchy dial design
  • Sturdy case built
  • Stainless steel case design
  • Beautiful looking crown
  • Chronograph feature
  • 50 meters water-resistant
  • Soft leather strap
  • High-quality quartz movement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fossil Grant’s watch glows in the dark?

The watch does not feature luminous hands or markers so it does not glow in the dark.

Can I change the strap that the Fossil Grant comes with?

Most Fossil watches feature changeable straps. So that you can replace the strap very easily. The width of the strap is 22mm and you can easily replace the band with any other 22mm strap.


The Fossil Grant watch has a very beautiful and eye-catchy dial design. Its built quality is sturdy and also has a very reliable quartz movement. This Fossil watch is a great choice for daily wear and suitable for any casual event. It is quite feature-rich and a great value for money watch.

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