Movado vs Bulova | best US brands

Movado vs Bulova

Movado and Bulova are both American brands. Both brands have popularity in the watch manufacturing industry. Both brands are usually built after each other, and they have competition in their watch models. However, overall, Movado vs Bulova has popularity in manufacturing elegant and aesthetic brands. Both brands have an eye-catchy watch design, and they have … Read more

Bulova vs Tissot – who’s better in 2021?

If you are fond of horology, watches are not just an accessory for you. They are an identity, a legacy, and of course, a tool to tell time. This is the reason why watches are the most important adjunct throughout history. Bulova and Tissot are the luxury watch brands in the market today. For the … Read more

Pulsar vs Seiko | Which One for Me?

Seiko is a leading Japanese brand in the watch industry. They serve with almost all kinds of watches. They have table timepieces, wristwatches, analog, digital and exceptional watches such as dive watches. Moreover, Seiko introduced the first Quartz watch introduced in 1881 with chronograph complications. Seiko is also the parent company of Pulsar. Pulsar was … Read more

Ticwatch e vs e2 Comparison and Review in 2021

Ticwatch e2 released in January 2019 as a better version of Ticwatch e. The manufacturer claims that the Ticwatch e2 has more advanced features than Ticwatch e. Ticwatch is a series of reliable smartwatches made with high-quality materials and elegant styling. The brand produces new models continuously. Here we will review the two most reliable … Read more

Seiko Shogun vs Sumo | Comparison, and Review 2021

Seiko Shogun vs Sumo

In the watch industry, Seiko is famous for the best durable wristwatches with elegant designs. They launched multiple models of watches by considering the needs of people. Seiko was a company that introduced quartz watches for the 1st time. Moreover, it is the largest watch company in the world. They launch a vast collection of … Read more

Garmin Forerunner 630 Vs 235 Review and Comparison

Garmin Forerunner 630 Vs 235

Forerunner 630 and 235 both watches are manufactured by the Garmin forerunner brand. Both watches are used as fitness trackers. The smartwatches evolve from time to time, and there are different watches like the 235 and 630. Many people love 630 over 235; however, here we will take a look at detailed features of forerunner … Read more

Seiko 5 Vs Orient Bambino comparison in 2021

Seiko 5 vs Orient Bambino comparison

In the watch industry, Seiko and bambino are known for their craftsmanship and innovative designs. Seiko is famous for innovation in the watch industry, especially, Seiko was the first that introduced quartz movement watches. Moreover, Seiko is continuing inventing new technology. On the other hand, orient became a subsidiary of Seiko due to the ups … Read more