Seiko Turtle vs Skx Comparison and Review in 2021

If you are fond of Seiko watches, you already know about two popular lines of their watch manufacturing industry Skx and Prospex. Here Seiko skx line while Seiko turtle belongs to Prospex line. Today, our review of Seiko turtle vs skx will be about differences in both lines. Both Seiko turtle vs skx are good … Read more

Timex vs Casio | Choose The Best One

timex vs casio

Timex vs Casio both watches are well-known brands in the watch manufacturing industry. Casio is a Japanese brand; on the other hand, Timex’s main headquarter is in the Netherlands. Moreover, Timex has many branches in the United States, India, and the Philippines. Timex and Casio both brands are well known for producing various models at … Read more

Stuhrling vs Invicta | What are the best?

Stuhrling vs Invicta

Most of the time, when people think about buying a watch, there are so many things that they have to sort out. Other than just the price range that they can afford for a watch, its features and specifications also become a problem. Many times, they do not even know what to look for and … Read more

Analog vs Digital watch | Which one is the best?

The two main categories in the watch industry are analog and digital. You will find a clear difference in features of analog vs digital watch. People from centuries ago wear watches. With the advancement of technology, now their design features and styles are versatile. The two main categories are  analog vs digital watch. Analog watches … Read more

Samsung gear s2 vs huawei watch | What are the best?

Samsung gear s2 vs huawei watch

As we all know, Samsung gear s2 vs Huawei watches both are famous brands. Samsung announced their first smartwatch in 2013, while Huawei announced their first smartwatch in 2015. The main headquarter of Samsung is South Korea, Suwon, 13 miles south of Seoul’s capital city. Samsung is one of the best smartphone companies. In 2013 … Read more

Tissot vs Hamilton – Which is best to buy in 2021?

tissot vs hamilton

It seems as if everything’s set in phrases of first-rate assurances the Swiss-made tag guarantees for creating a spread between the two. However, the choice-making manner will grow to be an enterprise. How you identify the best between the two? Are you keen on branded watches and confused between two illustrious watches? Is that one … Read more

Citizen VS Bulova | top brand for you

Citizen VS Bulova

Citizen is an electronic company of Japan; it’s known for its watches. The Citizen company was founded in 1930, and now it’s become the famous brand of the watches industry. The main headquarters of Citizen watches are in Nishitokyo, Tokyo, Japan. The Citizen company was first registered in Japan in 1918 for watches that he … Read more

Fossil vs Seiko – a genuine brand comparison

Fossil vs Seiko

If you are a watch enthusiast and love to remain in the world of horology, then you must be familiar with the quality and demand of Fossil vs Seiko. As fossil is a bit more fashionable than Seiko, both do not fall in the same category, however, the price range for both brands is quite … Read more