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Citizen is an electronic company of Japan; it’s known for its watches. The Citizen company was founded in 1930, and now it’s become the famous brand of the watches industry. The main headquarters of Citizen watches are in Nishitokyo, Tokyo, Japan. The Citizen company was first registered in Japan in 1918 for watches that he sold in japan; now the company is famous for watches worldwide.

Bulova is also known for its watches. Bulova’s main headquarters is in New York, United States. The Bulova company launched its first watch in 1912. From 1912 Bulova started his watches brand which is now the top brand in the world. In 2007, Citizen owned Bulova.

Now here we will discuss Citizen vs Bulova watches differences and facts which we gather.

Comparison Citizen Vs Bulova watch

Citizen Vs Bulova


History of Citizen and Bulova watch


The Citizen brand founded in 1930 by the Japanese. Their first brand of watches was very costly. After the development of the company, they launched watches at an affordable price for the general public. In 1993 Citizen launched an atomic timekeeping watch which gives very accurate results within one second in one hundred thousand years.

In 2010 this brand introduced the Bulova UHF movement in which they used three-prong quartz crystal for the Precisionist or Accutron UHF was very smooth and more accurate than their other brands. With time, they make changes in the watches industry; now, Citizen watches have a big name in the watches industry.

Bulova watch

In 1857 Bulova was founded for manufacturing clocks at first. The Bulova company launched their first watch in 1912, “Bulova also known for its great advertisement strategies. In fact Bulova was the first watch brand that started advertising on the Radio.

Bulova was also the first advertising production on television in 1941. After the great appreciation of their watches, the Bulova companies added changes in their watches and made their watches more advanced; the Bulova company is famous since the 90s. In 2007, Bulova owned by Citizen. However, both brands have their audience and reputations.

Price Comparison

In pricing, both brands are fantastic; both brands have expensive and cheap watches. Everything depends on their material, design, and many others which we will discuss below. In comparison, citizen watches are less costly than Bulova watches. The Citizen watches pricing starts from 100$ up to $300 while Bulova watches pricing starts from 100$ up to $42000. The most expensive watch of Bulova is the “Joseph Bulova Collection” which is made of gold.

Design Comparison

If we talk about the watch’s design, then this is also important for you to know. Nowadays, watches are used for attraction, which looks classy in the arm. The ancient people used watches for a time, and now people use watches for attractive arm looks.

The Citizen watches come in different colors and designs, depending on you to select the color and best design that suits your personality. On the other hand, Bulova brand watches also come in different types of colors and designs. Both brands have good reputations in designing innovative watch models.

Here in the table, we will describe their differences and similarities.

Comparison between Citizen vs Bulova

Citizen and Bulova watch warranty

Citizen watches warranty

The citizen watches have three years of warranty if they watch New Zealand, Australia, Republic of South Africa, or in the South Islands. The watch has three years of warranty from the purchasing date. The first year of the watch is an international guarantee. You can apply for the five years of warranty from the purchase date this also an excellent option for the buyers.

Bulova watches warranty

Bulova watches also have a full year of an international guarantee. They provide two years of warranty for their buyer’s in which the company will replace all parts of the watch that defect in everyday use. But if the watch got damaged against water and the watch has no water resistance mark, the company will not replace it. In Bulova, some watches also come with five years of warranty.

 Citizen vs Bulova watches comparison

To give you an clear idea, we comparison between two Citizen and Bulova Watch. Let’s read to know about the comparison of :

  • Citizen Avion eco-drive VS Bulova 96B158 Precisionist watch
  • Citizen eco-drive Silver-tone VS Bulova 98B172 Precisionist watch.

You can also read Bulova comparison with different comparison:

Citizen Avion eco-drive Vs Bulova 96B158 precisionist watch

Citizen Avion eco-drive

The citizen watch has a classic design. The aesthetic look of the watch has a resemblance to 1950s designs. It is a large dial watch with a 45mm diameter case. Moreover, a mineral crystal used for the construction of the dial that makes it super durable.

The dial of the watch is analog and has luminous features for greater visibility in every condition. In-display, there is day and date complication. Furthermore, the bezel of the watch is stationary. It also has water-resistant features, and its water depth is 330 ft. The design and features of the watch make it a great casual and formal wear watch.

Bulova 96B158 precisionist watch

On the other hand, The Bulova precisionist watch has a black dial and black strap with a traditional look. The Bulova used Japanese quartz movement, and it provides excellent accuracy features in its functions. You can say, it is one of the most reliable watches inaccuracy from the Bulova brand.

The name of the watches is also after the accuracy that it offers. It offers accuracy with the second of the year. Moreover, the watch is from the Bulova brand’s precisionist series, which has its fan following in the watch market.

The watch has a contemporary design, and the black dial and black leather straps make it beautiful at first glance. Moreover, in the dial, there is a black and grey combination. The hands of the watch have a silver color. Unlike Citizen, it has only date complication.

Which one is better?

As you see, the watches’ overall comparison makes it quite challenging to choose one from them. Here is a quick summary of both watches.

  • If you want a large watch with a more traditional look, then citizens should be your preference.
  • However, if you love black color and contemporary looks, then the Bulova precisionist watch is the way to go.
  • Moreover, if you want a watch with great accuracy features, then you should prefer Bulova.
  • If you want a watch with a reliable and durable construction citizen is the way to go.
  • Furthermore, if you want a watch with day and date complications, Citizen offers both features.

Citizen eco drive silver-tone vs Bulova 98b172 precisionist

Both Citizen eco drive silver-tone and Bulova 98b172 are chronograph watches. Chronograph means both watches can also work as stopwatches and can track a timed lap easily. For chronograph features, the watches should be very accurate in timekeeping.

Citizen eco-drive silver-tone

Here in this comparison, the citizen eco drive silver tone has a timepiece in its catalog. The overall construction of the watch is stainless steel. The color of the watch is silver. On the other hand, the dial has a black color with silver markings. The watch gives a chrome shine.

There is the use of atomic movement technology that ensures the accurate timekeeping features of the watch. The watch has a great plus point that besides its outstanding features of precise timepieces, it is also a solar-powered watch. It means there is no need to worry about the dead battery of the eye.

To make the watch durable, the watch has a sapphire crystal material in its dial. The sapphire crystal material is one of the most rigid materials used for the construction of luxurious watches. It is resistant to scratches and all kinds of harsh environments. If we talk about water-resistant features, the watch is water-resistant up to 200 m.

The display of the watch has a day and date complication like many other watches from Citizen. There is the use of metal all over the construction of the watch. Still, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Bulova 98B172 precisionist watch

The precisionist watch series is famous for producing watches that have an excellent reputation in timekeeping. The Bulova 98B172 precisionist watch is one of the most reliable models in this series. It is a chronograph watch and offers stopwatch features to its user.

The watch has black straps and a black dial. However, the dial has white sides. There is a use of advanced technology in the watches while maintaining a traditional look. The watch has a curved crystal and uses stainless steel material in the watch’s construction. The watch has silver hands in the black dial that gives the watch an aesthetic look.

Moreover, the black and silver combination also provides excellent visibility to the watch. Furthermore, it is also a water-resistant watch, and it can go up to 990 feet underwater. Moreover, the Bulova precisionist dial is luminant, and it will be visible in the dark also.

The band of the watch is constructed with polyurethane and it is super comfortable to wear. The band has a buckle closure, and it can fit any wrist easily. The diameter of the dial is 46.5 mm. Overall it is a large and rigid watch. Moreover, there is the use of Japanese quartz movement for great accuracy of timekeeping.


Does Bulova use real diamonds?

The swiss made watches are one of the clean differences of Bulova watches from all others. The used real diamond in the collection of women watches. Non-magnetic material used for the construction of all watches. Moreover, a unique crystal used two windows called Dura-crystal, which is a completely anti-scratch and distortion-free crystal.

How long does a Bulova Automatic watch last?

The Bulova automatic watches are famous for their power backup capacity. Usually, a fully charged battery of mechanical watches lasts 40 to 50 hours, but some sophisticated watches still work for days or weeks. Additionally, modern watches with the latest technologies and multiple functions that operate properly can last almost 38 hours after fully wound.

Do automatic watches last forever?

Yes, of course, if the Quartz or battery does not require power, automatic watches can last an infinite lifespan. All famous brands use non-magnetic material for manufacturing watches. That is corrosion free and durable material. These watches only stop when its wearer ceases, and no more winding process can operate. Also, it will stop working if you disturb its internal mechanism.

Is Citizen Swiss made?

The manufacturer of the Citizen watches is the most efficient in all over the world. All parts of their watches are made in JAPAN. La Joux Perret drives the movement of some Campagnolo watches. This is a watch company that is owned by a citizen.

What is eco drive and how does it work?

Eco-drive is a unique watch movement technology. Eco-drive movement mostly used in citizen watches models. Moreover, you should know why citizen watch companies don’t offer you a battery because the eco drive doesn’t need a battery. It is a technology that can generate power from light, whether it is artificial or natural. There is harnessed energy that keeps the power reserved and can easily maintain its operation for your watch.


Citizen vs Bulova both offers unique quality designs. No matter, Bulova is owned by citizens, and both are the same. Still, the Bulova has its reputation as watch enthusiasts. Bulova has enormous popularity in the American watch manufacturing industry. They are known for their rigid and well-known designs. Moreover, Bulova always innovates its watch models with advanced features.

On the other hand, a Japanese watch brand Citizen can be considered one of the leading Asian brands. It is famous for its eco-drive technology. Moreover, they also have a great name in the industry of solar-powered watches. If you are confused about picking the best, you need to know your personal preference.

For instance, if you want a rigid and durable watch, go for Bulova. Or if you want a versatile watch design with high-quality material, Citizen is the way to go.

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