Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000 52e Review – A perfect looking aviation watch

Citizen is a worldwide renowned leading brand name for producing quality watches for near a century. When you think about a watch, the first name that will come to your mind must be Citizen. Citizen products are said to be not just good but “great” and “awesome” even. Since its inception, it values the demand for quality products. Citizen’s product development policy is “the fusion of technology and beauty.” In this line, Citizen brings its Nighthawk BJ7000 52e watch with the combination of technology and style to make it a special analog watch for the stylish people who love new technology on their wrist. Today we are in this article to cover Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000 52E review.

While you wear a Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk Dual Time Watch with Date on your wrist, the crowd’s eye will be on its dial at first sight. The outlook of the watch is designed attractively to add more value to the user’s personality. Not only the design of the watch but also the technologies of it offers for powerful timekeeping functions is your favorite aeronaut. The large round case of the watch, thin silver black dial pilot’s inner rotating slide rule bezel, operated by the secondary crown at 8 o’clock makes the watch a perfect smartness on the wrist. The large luminous hands and markers allow easy and quick readability of time. It also allows low-light visibility with the markers. Dual time (GMT) makes the watch a perfect pilot watch to add more value to it.


Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000 52e Review

Our expert team reviewed all the ins and outs of the watch to help you with the selection. If you are a fan of an analog watch, we prefer you to select Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000 52e without thinking twice. Fairly, we have found all the good things in the watch and also become a fan of it. Let’s share what we have found in the watch with the title “Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000 52e Review.”


We have found eco-drive technology, the most special feature in Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000 52e. With the eco-drive technology, the watch converts the light, whether natural or artificial, into energy. This energy stores in a permanently rechargeable power cell. The process continuously recharges the cell in any light and run the watch forever. It means you need not to change the battery ever. Generally, this kind of recharge system presents in digital or smartwatches and do not last long. But in Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000 52e, it is a never-ending process.

Eco-Drive technology Citizen has served as the prime example of how the brand is dedicated to the world and making its environment a better place. Eco-drive technology is the Citizen’s proprietary and is a very simple yet revolutionary concept.

Watch Case

Citizen Nighthawk has a 42mm stainless steel case. The case has a lightly brushed finish on the body around the outer bezel. The case has three parts, and the outer bezel houses the internal slide rule. The 12.5mm tall body is a little greater perceived height. The case has its unique form with unpleasant geometry shapes. This gives the watch key base to favor it by the aviators. It also gives the watch a unique and modern look to add value to elite personality. There are two crowns at 8 and 3. Both the crowns are straight solid shapes. A protection guard with texture design keeps the crown safe from outer hurt. The shape and design of the crowns look strong and allows smooth operation.

Watch Dial

Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000-52E is the most special watch because of its excellent dial face. The round shape dial, design, black background, and red and white color text combination make the watch a unique one in the wristwatch market. The half aviation dial attracts people’s attention to the combination of black and red texts. Dual time (Second Time Zone), Date calendar are added features of the dial. The Nighthawk logo sets at the side of 3 o’clock crown under the date panel and the Citizen logo sets on the upper part of the crown. Once you look at the dial face, you will be its fan for the design of it.

The added beauty of the dial is its luminous marks and hands. The large marks lights in the dark and attract focus in the light also. The luminous hands are also a little wide in size for easy readability. I think the unique design of the watch is the main attraction of it and takes it to a top-level.

Inside the box

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk BJ7000-52E, Instruction manual, warranty card

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Pros and Cons of Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000-F2E

A Nighthawk BJ7000-F2E will bring a smile in your face and will please you fully if you like analog watches. We have found many pros of the watch to say it the best analog watch. Here are the pros cons of the watch:


  • Fantastic look
  • Large size bracelet
  • Large size bracelet
  • Waterproof
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Time accuracy


  • Small date panel
  • Little expensive


Key Features of Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000 52E

All the ins and outs of Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000 52E will win your heart while you see and know about it. All its unique features are remarkable and will make you its fan quickly. We arrange here a few of its key features to know about it at a glance.


  • Black dial and luminous hands and markers attract people’s sight from far.
  • The pilot’s slide rule inner chapter ring is operated by one of the crown at 8 o’clock position. The crown rotation is very smooth and easy.
  • The non-reflective mineral crystal helps to see the hands position of the dial to know the time without any light reflection. You may know the time just at a simple look.
  • Citizen’s proprietary eco-drive technology keeps away the need for a battery. The technology converts any light into power and stores it in permanently rechargeable cells. The technology removes the fear of replacing battery.
  • The cylinder shape luminous hands and the large markers allow easy readability of time in the light and dark.
  • Dual time helps to keep the second time track in the same dial.
  • Up to 200 meter water resistant allows usage of the watch in water sports, diving, surfing.
  • The design, shape, and color combination of the watch makes it different from other wristwatch adding elegance in it.


Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000 52E Specification


Product dimension 42 x46.3 x 22mm
Item Weight 141 g
Shape Round
Display Type Analog
Case Materials Stainless Steel
Case Diameter 42 mm
Case Thickness 13 mm
Clasp Push Button Foldover Clasp With Safety
Band Materials Stainless Steel
Band Length 8 inch
Band Weight 22 mm
Band Color Silver
Bezel Materials Stainless Steel
Dial Color Black
Dial Window Material Type Mineral crystal
Movement Japanese Quartz
Calendar Date
Water-Resistant 200 M
Special Features Eco-drive power system, dual time


An introduction of Citizen watches

Citizen is one of the best watch brand very well known across the world for innovation of new watch technology and design. The name “Citizen” means “close to the heart of people everywhere,” according to the founding father of it. The words are enough to why the brand takes care of people’s demand and show new ways. For the last 75 years, Citizen has expanded its business throughout the world and has achieved recognition as a global brand. These years have coexisted with its dynamic rise to its present position. Now it has become the largest watchmaker in the world. Citizen is not only leading the watch market but also a leader of advanced technologies.

It has introduced the world’s slimmest LCD watch, the first voice recognition watch, and the world’s first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor. Like those, the name Citizen is associated with many “world’s first” technologies.

The latest addition of Citizen is its eco-friendly timekeeping that is powered by light. This perpetual energy-driven watch removes the hassle of battery replacement in the watches and gives the watch never-ending battery life. The new eco-drive technology uses any kind of light and converts it to power for running the parts of the watches. The brand name conveys a deep respect toward craftsmanship and considered as familiar by citizens the world-over.



How accurate is Citizen Nighthawk time?

Citizen’s revolutionary innovation eco-drive has set a milestone in the watch technology. The perpetual technology gives a never-ending life to the watch with the highest time accuracy. The technology gives +-1 second accuracy in the year with 2.92 mm movement. The accuracy is the highest standard for keeping a perfect time display.

Do I need servicing of eco-drive watches?

Eco-drive technology converts light power to electric power to drive the internal mechanism of the watch. The technology removes the hassle of replacing of battery. Therefore, eco-drive watches do not need any battery replacement in their life. But, servicing the watches is the other issue. This is needed to keep the parts moving in their way. Generally, you should take your watch to a service center every after one or 2 years to keep it working. Eco-drive removes your fear of sudden battery replacement.



One of the men’s oldest fashion is a wristwatch on the wrist. The watch lovers like to keep such a watch on their wrist, which represents his personality as well as test and elegance. Citizen Nighthawk makes the fashion more elite with its outstanding look and at the same time maintains accurate timekeeping use the latest technologies in it. Once you have the Nighthawk on your wrist, anyone will treat you as a man of strong personality and punctual. You need not to care about your watch for its life; the watch will care you for your accuracy where time is an issue. Be a citizen, be with Citizen.

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