Citizen BM8180-03E review – Eco-Drive Chandler Field Watch for Men

Suppose you are looking to get an EDC (Every day carry) timekeeper. Probably you might be finding the best one which will be fit your wrist and come with sustainable comfort to wear. Also, be stylish with all of your outfits. Today I’m coming with citizen bm8180-03e review, which came with simple dials design, flexible woven strap, stainless steel which is long durable, eco-drive technology-solar power cells, and military aesthetic, and more. That’s all you will get alternation of around $100. It is a sustainable praising. Let’s take a closer look in-depth at what we get from a reputed citizen watch brand.


Citizen Brand History

Citizen Company was founded in 1918. It is a Japanese electronic company and popular at watchmaking. It’s headquartered in Tokyo. Originally called it Shokosha Watch Research Institute, which produces the name “Citizen.” When Japanese and Swiss investors took this region, this citizen company took their company name in 1930, although it was founded in 1918. Afterward, the first year of this company imported its clock technology from Switzerland. Citizen releases its first multi-band automatic timepiece, and this way, this company is well known for watchmaking. They publish radio controlled watch and clock too.


Citizen BM8180-03E review

Key Features

Water-resistant Yes, water-resistant at 100 meters deep
Lumen Long-lasting bright-blue lumen
Solar system Eco-drive technology
Case materials Stainless steel
Movement Japanese Quartz


Pros and cons


  • Eye-catching simple design
  • Efficient solar power quartz movement
  • Long-lasting lume (bright-blue-glow)
  • Canvas strap


  • Canvas strap with a leather inner lining that’s not comfortable.
  • When pulling the crown it goes out too far.

Eco-drive technology

Citizen introduced their first eco-drive technology watch in 1995. It’s built a solar system itself, and it generates power and powers the electric movement continuously. Eco-drive use of rechargeable batteries should be disposed of after using numerous times, and it’s regarding an individual company. Eco-drive caliber 7878 movements were first used by citizen brand. That means it could be powered by solar cells. And this solar cell located underneath the dial. So the dial design is not cluttered. Recently eco-drive solar system technology brings lithium-ion batteries, which are known as durable.  Even it can operate for 180 days without charge it again. You can put this watch in your drawer. It will continuously work without any battery issues.

At this time, the Citizen company’s primary focusing on its Eco-drive technology to push technological boundaries. They will release an Eco-drive watch that can utilize GPS satellite signal and set the time automatically.


It came with a 37mm case diameter, which not an oversized timepiece. A 37mm field watch seems not a trend for now. Because when it came wrist watch everybody like the more significant and bigger size for men and women’s.

Anyway, it is attracting its way through this citizen bm8180-03e reminiscent it was a military timepiece for the old days.

One noticeable thing regarding most of the watch doesn’t have more than 42mm diameter sizes. In general, they’re the most uncomplicated and modest size. During land warfare, this watch was initially used by infantries since world war-1. They were different from the latest oversized tactical look. Such as Casio G Shocks.

You could be worried about this small size if your wrist is so tiny, then it might be seen as ugly, Right? But the good news here for you. Its dial came with a bigger size, most of the face area covered, so it doesn’t look small on your little wrist despite this watch’s tiny size. It looks bigger than other watches of the same size.

So many people like this watch for its tactical looks, but its main feature is eco-drive technology. This solar panel can’t imagine on your naked eye even if you don’t need to replace this battery as this type of battery is sustainable.

Dial-Clear legibility

When it comes to talking about the watch field, then the central part coming first, that’s dials and appeal to the watch, should be clear legibility.

More appeal is you should be able to read the current time from any angle. This watch’s hour indices are a significant Arabic number, which you can see at your first glance. Minutes and second indices also bolder comparing those of ordinary outfits watch.

All other details are very well on the dial with the matte black background. It makes the whole watch aesthetic and attractive.

If you like a minimal style and looking for a watch, it could be a great choice.

All of the indices Lumid with Luminova paint make this time clear and bright blue even when you are in darks.

This bright lumen blue technology is one of the most significant advantages of citizen watch. Especially for military and swimmers, this bright blue glow technology watch is beneficial. This bright will not be for too long in the dark. But it’s reasonably durable enough. You can check the time around 3 hours before going to it completely sleep.

One most straightforward downside I found this watch model. The dial glass builds with mineral glass, which knows as regular watch glass instead of sapphire crystal, but this mineral glass is not too low quality. It can be scratch very quickly, but it can take hits better than sapphire crystal. Also, this mineral glass is not too reflective, so you can read when you are in sunlight. Green canvas strap

The case diameter is 37mm that’s not oversized. Regarding this case size, the lug width shouldn’t be too much, and it’s perfect at 18mm. I completely love this style and design. But honestly, I’m not satisfied with this strap.

Unhappy with this strap due to:

  • The strap is too hard, it has a leather inner lining which is good.
  • This strap needs a bit longer time to fit perfectly on your wrist. It’s a common problem when it comes to the leather strap.
  • The strap surface is fine because of the coarse rough fabric.
  • One noticeable issue with smell. But it’s also a common problem for all textile watches. Not only this particular model.

If you don’t like this type of strap, you don’t need to move to another watch or brand. You can change your belt to the other one. There are many profitable brands available with a good quality strap. You can choose which meets your style and demand.

The bottom line regarding this strap, this strap not preferable to me. But many people still prefer this strap due to metal reinforced holes on this strap. It nicely matches your wrist.

Water-resistant depth-100 meters (330 feet)

The citizen bm8180-03e produce by a citizen reputed brand. It is a field watch. In that case, naturally, it’s water-resistant depth higher than a conventional clock. However, citizens mentioned this watch could be used during swimming and snorkeling but not for dividing water because the gasket used in this watch may not resist deep water pressure. In that case, you should make a regular check-in two years, the watch and gasket by diving water for best use.

We reach the bottom of the line about citizen bm8180-03e review.

When looking at something a best-selling product in the North American market, we find this eco-drive watch one of the top-selling products. This particular model of wristwatch might not be perfect all the way. But it gives you an outstanding value at an affordable price. Alternation of around $135, you can get your eye-catching filed watch. We find it reliable and efficient, and very easy to use without any single issues. One mentionable about this citizen watchmaking company that they are the second-largest watchmaker in japan. So you can imagine the value and quality of the watch.


Citizen BM8180-03E Functionality

When it comes up to talk about watch functionality, and when it comes to men’s timepieces, everybody likes to get something very stylish than quartz. It is true that when a mechanical product, especially watches, came from the manufacture, they always try to give our high demand priority. That means it ever went to an excellent and stylish timepiece. Besides, I don’t mean that other kinds of movement are of low quality. You don’t need to run your watch continuously. To keep the time accurate, it just off a few seconds per month. Quartz movement for kind of person who loves to set and forgot it.

Let’s make this date and time adjustment easy for you. This crown has two positions they are position one and position two.

Changing the date/day: To change the day, you have to pull the crown to position one and rotate it clockwise to adjust the day. In the same way, just turn the crown counterclockwise to change the date. Very simple!

Adjustment time: To adjustment your watch’s time, pull the crown to position two, then you can see the clock has stopped. Simply then adjust the time by rotating the crown.

It is advisable to don’t adjust from 9 pm to 4 am as this timeframe calendar changes the date. You can make a mistake on your adjustment at this time.


Citizen integrates their bm8180-03e watch with the eco-drive solar system. It is proud of an invention by this company. It featured a solar panel that makes electricity from direct sunlight and moves to the quartz movement. You don’t need to change the watch’s battery every two years like other ordinary watches regarding this eco-drive technology.

Warning system when an insufficient charge

As we already mentioned earlier, about battery long durable. Incase this watch battery is going to discharge. The second hand will be warming you by move 2-second intervals. You have to understand the lack of energy, then you should charge by sunlight. And if you are wearing your watch regularly, then forgot about the battery life. It will charge automatically from sunlight when you are outside.

Quick start technology

Supposed you make the battery completely discharge in that case your watch sleep. Now what? If you face this problem, nothing to be worried about the charge. Just bring the clock in front of any intense light, even could be an energy light. It will make electricity through the build-in solar cell and transfer the power to the movement, and after 10 seconds, the watch will run again. I hope you find it very convenient.

Two-level crown

Meanwhile, we already know and see in the picture that this wristwatch includes a date feature located under 3’o clock. Right? Now you have only one crown to adjust your date and time. How you can do so, is it a little confusing? Not at all.



Suppose you are an owner of a thin wrist and wonder to find the right timepiece as your EDC product. Then citizen bm8180-03e watch can be your best choice. It is perfectly suitable and reliable to fit all of your outfits. It could be your life’s tick.

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