Citizen bl5250 02l Review | Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch

Citizen is a Japanese brand and it is a legit watchmaking company. This Japanese brand Citizen makes high-quality watches and these watches come with tons of features. Citizens use advanced and modern technology to manufacture their watches and for that reason, all Citizen watches offer convenience and quality. In this Citizen bl5250-02l review, I have a Citizen eco-drive watch to talk about which uses light as a power source to charge its cell. Citizen bl5250 02l is a very feature-rich watch and has a very beautiful design. Let’s know about the watch thoroughly.

Citizen Bl5250 02I Details Review

Dial and Hands

The dial of this Citizen watch has a pretty busy design. It has a black color round-shaped dial which looks pretty. By looking closely at the dial, in peasants of adequate light, you’ll find there are some lines drawn which add detail and texture to the dial. The details make it quite impressive looking.

The dial of this watch is the main star of the watch and is packed with many features. On the edge of the watch, there is a tachymeter drawn for the chronograph feature. Using this feature you can use the watch as a stopwatch and it is quite a handy feature for sporty people.

There is a dedicated dial at the 2 o’clock position of the watch for the chronograph. This subdial can measure 1/20th of a second and that for 60 minutes. Also, this dial works as a helping hand of the Perpetual Calendar. The 0 of this subdial means it leap year, 1 means one year after leap year and it goes like that.

On immediately below the tachymeter there is a beveled section with second markings. For the second markings, a white rectangular shape is used on a black surface. The rectangular shapes of every five seconds are bolded and it helps a lot to set the time exactly.

On the inner dial, there are hour markers in Arabic style. For doing these markers also white-colored is used and on the 3,6 and 9 o’clock position there are rectangular shapes printed instead of the numbers. These numbers match with other markings and blend with the whole dial design pretty well. The markings make it a military-style sporty watch.

The next great feature of the watch is its perpetual calendar. This means you just have to set the date once correctly and till the year 2100 you are good to go. No matter if the year is a leap year or not it will automatically change the date correctly. The date windows of the watch are located at the 4 o’clock position.

The watch also features a 24-hour time format and to indicate the time format there is a dedicated dial at the 10 o’clock position. Using the feature you can also use this watch to set the time of two different zones. Looking at the 24-hour subdial you can know about day or night time in the second time zone.

The subdial of 10 o’clock is for indicating which feature you are using on the watch right now. If the subdial hand is indicating CHR that means you are using the chronograph feature. L-™ means 2nd-time zone and ALM indicates alarm feature.

Yes, this watch comes with an alarm feature which is quite rare and unique in analog watches. The alarm is not so loud so it works well as a reminder but if you want to set an alarm for waking up in the morning then the sound is not so good enough.

The 2, 4, and 10 numbers are cut out for the date window and two subdials. For the date window, there is a square cut out on the dial. These subdials make this dial look quite busy and feature-rich at the same time.

The hands of the watch are pretty big and have a diamond-shape. The color of the hands are white and it matches with other markings. To make this watch glow in the dark luminous is applied on the hands and the hour numbers. So it is quite legible even in a dark atmosphere. The second hand of the watches works as both a second and the chronograph hand.

Watch Case

The case of this Citizen watch is made using titanium which makes this watch lightweight yet super-premium. For being lightweight it feels comfortable to wear and you can wear it for a long time without feeling any sort of fatigue. The sides of the case have a shiny finish and reflective which look pretty impressive.

It has a 43mm case and the thickness of the case is 13mm. For having a medium size case diameter the watch is an ideal choice for those who have medium to large wrist sizes. On small wrists, this watch will look quite bold.

The lugs of the watch are integrated into the watch case and its upper surface is brushed and the slides are polished like the case sides. This polished and brushed finish adds contrast to the watch design and makes it more eye-catchy.

On top of the case, there is a titanium bezel which is a unidirectional bezel so you can rotate it from left to right. The rotating experience is very smooth and the sound it makes is quite satisfying. At a certain distance from the bezel, there are some notched edges for gripping it properly.

On the right side of the watch, there is a crown and two buttons. These two buttons are for starting/stopping and resetting the chronograph hands. On both sides of the crown, the case has a pronounced design to guard the crown. These guards are also published to give the watch a nice finish. Using this crown alone you can set or adjust every feature of the dial.

For protecting the dial and making it legible there is a mineral glass on top of it. The glass is quite strong and scratch-resistant as well. So it can handle scratches and still stay clear as new.

The case back has a solid built and it is screw-down making the watch highly water-resistant. So, its overall construction of the case is quite sturdy and undoubtedly it is a durable, strong, and premium watch case.


Water-resistance is a very needy feature in a watch. You are paying quite a lot of money for a wristwatch and it should be capable of handling a little bit of water. But this Citizen watch is capable of handling more than a little bit but deep water.

The water-resistant limit for this watch is 200 meters. So without worrying about any harm you can wear this watch even underwater. Also, this watch is good for scuba diving. You can attend a pool party without any worry wearing this watch.


This Citizen watch is powered by a Japanese quartz movement which has the superior build quality and great accuracy. It is not like an automatic movement or manual movement that has to wind it to keep it running. The quartz movement will use the light to charge its cell.

In most of the solar quartz movement, we see that the movement can be charged using sunlight but with this eco-drive movement, you can charge the cells with any type of light. So charging the cells is as easy as going outside or you can put it near the window and it will get charged or keep it on a table keep artificial light is available even then it will charge.

Charging the cells is super simple and is a quartz movement so it is more precise and accurate than automatic or manual movement. On a single full charge, the watch is good for a month and you do not have to wind it daily to keep it running.

For this eco-drive movement, you never have to replace the battery of the watch. It will charge itself and keep the watch running. For this reason, maintaining the watch is way more simple than any other watch. The reserved power for this movement is nine months on a single full charge.

Most of all, Seiko designed and implemented the movement in a way that you do not see it. It is placed under the dial and the dial acts as a solar panel and when lights fall on the panel it catches it and converts it to energy for charging the cell. So, the movement is pretty accurate and implemented beautifully.


When it comes to the strap the quality of the strap is quite fine and this watch has a high-quality leather strap. The brown color strap goes quite beautifully with the titanium case. As it is constructed with high-quality leather so it surely serves you for a long time. The sides of the strap have stitches and it is comfortable for long hours wearing. This strap will make sure the watch is secure on your wrist.


  • Mineral dial window
  • Date window
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Titanium case
  • High-quality leather strap
  • Buckle closure
  • Chronograph feature
  • Two different time zone support
  • Beautiful dial design
  • Eco-drive quartz movement
  • 200 meters water-resistant
  • Alarm function
  • 24-hour format subdial

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Citizen bl5250 02l is a premium quality watch with a lot of useful features. The design of the watch is pretty impressive and the case design is quite sturdy. Looking at its features I can see that the price is very reasonable and it is a value for money timepiece.

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