Citizen at4010-50e review | Eco-Drive Perpetual Chrono Atomic Watch

In modern times wristwatches are packed with features and many of them are quite useful. Features like power reserve indicator, day-date, 24-hour, and chronograph are very common in watches but finding a watch that comes with all of these features will surely be a task of hassle and such a watch is pretty rare.

In this Citizen at4010-50e review we are going to talk about a citizen watch that has every feature that you can imagine on a wristwatch. The titanium makes the built quality of this watch superior and lightweight. Let’s know about Citizen at4010-50e in detail.


Citizen at4010-50e Review in 2021

Dial and Hands

The dial design is super busy yet stunningly handsome. Generally, we see that on the dial more sub-dials mean it harder to read the dial. As the sub-dial increases in number on the dial, the watch started to lose its legibility and it turns into a complex design but that is not the case with this citizen watch.

The dial is pretty easy to read and Citizens designed this watch in a pretty impressive manner. This watch dial is round in shape and has a black color surface. The outer dial has a minute and hour markings in white rectangular shapes. To give this watch a classic look it designed in black and white color.

These markings are pretty big and very easy to notice. The hands of the watch look great as well. On the tail of the second hand, there is a C shape that represents the brand name Citizen. Also, the tail and the tip of this hand are pointy.

The markings and the hands are luminous filled. So even in a dark environment or in low light conditions, you’ll not face any difficulty watching the time as the markings and the hands glow in the dark. The inner dial of the watch is filled with sub-dials and many other features.

Atomic Timekeeping

The Citizen AT4010-50E watch model name starts with AT and here AT means Atomic Timekeeping. There is an atomic watch in Colorado which keeps the ideal time and the time of that watch is the accurate one. Watches that have atomic timekeeping features that get a radio signal from that atomic watch every night and it synchronizes the time of the watch according to the atomic watch time.

As this watch has an atomic timekeeping feature to it gets a radio signal every night and it sets the time automatically according to the time zone. Not just the time but also the day and the date as well. So on this watch, you just have to set the time zone and you never have to set it again.

There are some markings like No, RX, and L on the dial. using the top button of the watch you can determine whether your watch gets the radio signal or not.  No means it did not get the signal, RX means it is currently getting it and L means it got it and set the time accordingly.

While the error margin on a simple watch is about 30 seconds in a month on this watch the error margin is 1 second in 100,000 years. So you can easily guess how accurate the time is. On this citizen AT 4010-50E, you’ll get the most accurate time possible.

Sub-dials- Complexity, Beauty, and features

When sub-dials one a watch makes the watch complex-looking but on this timepiece, the sub-dials add beauty to the dial and fills it with features. The 2 o’clock sub-dial of the watch indicates the day, power reserve and it is also a chronograph sub-dial.

On a silver plate, there are the day names on this sub-dial and the blue color indicates what day it is today. If you set the watch time zone from any given time zone, then you do not have to set the day. The watch will synchronize the day using the radio signal from the atomic watch.

On the left side of this 2 o’clock sub-dial, there is the power reserve indicator. There are four divisions of the indicator starting from the top right full, medium, low, and No. the blue division means the charge of the battery is about to die. So looking at this indicator you can see how much battery is left on this watch.

The chronograph feature of this watch is a 1-second chronograph and it is capable of measuring it for 60 minutes. For using the different time zone and different features of the watch you have to use the 6 o’clock sub-dial. There are five time zones features on this dial- London, New York City, Chicago, Denver, and Los angles.

You can set the indicator of the 6 o’clock dial to any of these time zone and the time will get updated. But if you are using this watch but you are in not any of these time zones then you have to use the A-™ or alternate time zone feature and set the time manually.

For using the chronograph feature you have to set the indicator to CHR mode and only then you will be able to use this, this watch also features an alarm, system as well. The blue hand indicator to ALM and set the time. At the exact time, the watch will notify you by making beep sounds.

The 10 o’clock sub-dial of this watch is for 24-hour or military format time telling. There are two different surfaces on this sub-dial one is black and the other is silver. The black one indicates daytime and the silver one is for indicating day time. At the 4 o’clock position of the dial is a negative square cutoff date window.

The calendar of the watch is the perpetual type which means if you are from one of the features time zones then you do not have to set the date and the day. But for the alternate time zone, you just have to set it once and it will automatically adjust it after that. So you do not have to set it even in a leap year.

Watch case

Instead of regular stainless steel, this watch case is made using titanium. This element titanium is way more scratch-resistant and lightweight than others. The design of the watch is pretty and its size 42mm. So this watch is not for those who have small wrist rather than for those who have medium to large wrist.

The lightweight property of titanium makes this watch light yet super-premium. The shiny looking case is super eye-catchy. The areas of the case are shiny-looking and as the material is scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant so without any issue this will holds its shine for many years. Also, corrosion-resistant makes it safe from seawater as well.

The tachymeter of the chronograph measurement is placed on the bezel of the watch. The bezel is also ultimatum made and had a matte finish. On the black bezel surface, white color is used to print the tachymeter scale and it gives the watch a bold look emphasizing the overall appearance of the watch.

On the right of the watch case, there are two buttons with blue marking that matches with the indicator of the sundial and gives a distinct look. These buttons of various use not just chronograph feature. For example, by pressing the top one you can know the atomic timekeeping is set or not, the lower one lets you know the power reserve.

The case is pronounced around the top and bottom of the crown to make crown guards. This guard also has a matte finish like the case sides. At the traditional crown position, there is a stunning looking crown to explore the different features of the watch.

The lugs are 22mm wide and that makes it quite large to see than the actual size. Its case back is screwed down making it capable of handling deep water. The titanium made case looks beautiful, feels light and premium.

Sapphire crystal

The dial of this watch has an impressive design and most of the features are in the dial. To protect this dial from scratches sapphire crystal is used on top of the dial. Sapphire is the strongest and most scratch-resistant crystal in the watch industry. So the crystal is super clear and makes the dial legible.

The scratch-resistant properties of sapphire make sure there is no scratch on the dial window and you can wear the watch regularly without losing its legibility. So surely you can wear this watch for many years and the crystal will remain like a new one, even after using it for this long.


The screw-down case back makes this watch highly watch resistant. This citizen watch can handle up to 200 meters of water. So this watch is suitable for swimming and diving as well. This is a premium quality watch from Citizen and the water-resistant feature of this watch makes it an ideal divers watch.


Citizen at4010-50e comes with an eco-drive quartz movement and it is developed by Citizen. This quartz movement is way more superior to manual or automatic movements in many aspects. First of all, you never have to wind or replace the battery of the watch.

This watch can recharge its cell using light and no matter what light it is. The panel of the watch can convert every type of light into energy to charge the cells. So not just sunlight you can charge the cells of this using artificial light as well. Put the watch under a table lamp and it will recharge itself. But the best power source is direct sunlight.

The power reserve of the movement is 9 months or 270 days while automatic or manual movements generally feature 40 hours’ time reserve. So there is no fear of time reserved here, this movement is good rough for a very long time.

When it comes to accuracy for having atomic timekeeping feature the watch is one of the most accurate watches on the planet so the movement is superior in many ways to other types of movements.

The solar panels are below the dial and the dial is textured beautifully to make sure it is hidden. Reflected lights are captured by the dial and then these panels convert it into energy to power the watch. Without any need of replacing any cell, the watch can run forever using the light to charge the cells.


This citizen watch has a whole titanium build. So along with the case, the band is also made of titanium. This element is super lightweight and corrosion-resistant. So, even if you sweat much there is be no impact on the band for that. Also for being lightweight it will not make you feel any sort of discomfort.

Titanium band watches are ideal for wearing for a long time. It also features a clasp lock to secure the watch on your wrist. The band size is 22mm that makes the whole watch look a bit bigger than the actual size.


  • Sapphire crystal
  • Beautiful crown with guards
  • Packed with features
  • 24-hour format
  • Different time zones
  • Atomic timekeeping
  • Date-day window
  • Titanium case and band
  • Luminous hands
  • Power reserve indicator
  • Beautiful design
  • 270 days’ power reserve
  • Eco-drive quartz movement
  • Perpetual calendar

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Frequently asked question

How to use the chronograph feature of Citizen at4010-50e?

To use the chronograph feature, pull the crown to its first position. Then rotate the crown and set the 6 o’clock sub-dial indicator to CHR. now using the buttons you can use the chronograph feature.

How to set the time of alternate time mode?

To set the time of alternate time mode pull the crown to its first position. Then rotate the crown and set the 6 o’clock sub-dial indicator to A-TM. Now pull the crown to the second position and rotate the crown to adjust the time of alternate time mode.


Citizen at4010-50e watch got every feature that one can imagine on a wristwatch. Also, it has a water-resistant capability of a pro diver’s watch. So from every aspect, this watch has superior quality. It is a watch of useful features and functionality. As an everyday watch, this watch has everything that it should have.

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