Citizen AT4004 52E Review – Review by Expert

The watches are considered one of the most used devices for humans. If you are looking for a watch that looks fashionable and serves well for a long time, then you are in the right place, my friend.

You will find many watches in the market with a lot of variety and options. Finding the perfect one for your use is quite tough. I am here to suggest you an amazing watch looks fashionable from every angle and is also pretty durable.

The major purpose of a watch is to help you with the correct time information according to your time zone. This watch from Citizen is highly capable for the job. If you forget which date is ongoing, don’t worry, the watch will tell you which date it is.

I am suggesting you to use this watch reading my Citizen AT4004 52E Review. I am hoping that you will like the watch and the immense amount of durability will help you to get a nice wearing experience.

Who should buy Citizen AT4004 52E?

If you want a stylish watch that will be the companion you for most of the time in a day, then the Citizen AT4004 52E is the best in the business. You may be tired of wearing watches from other brands with low quality and cheap bodies with normal built-material.

To save you from that worst experience, I have come with the Citizen AT4004 52E. The manual system will provide you easy control and access. You will fall in love with the stainless body and watch movement technology. You will look even more stylish by wearing this lovely watch from the Citizen.

Citizen AT4004 52E Pros and Cons


  • Presence of the Anti-reflective sapphire in the dial window
  • You will have Push Button Deployment Clasp
  • Usage of stainless steel in the case, band, and bezel area
  • Stationary bezel function on the watch
  • Black dial before the white background to provide you a better view of the display
  • The perpetual calendar function is also present in this watch
  • Japanese Quartz type movement procedure
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Analog display system.
  • Not capable of providing leather-like comfort and cushioning to the hand
  • The watch model is from the year 2011 which makes the model a bit old to some users


The Citizen AT4004 52E Review


Specification Type of Value
Brand Name Citizen
Number of the Model AT4004-52E
Part Number AT4004-52E
Year of the Model 2011
Watch shape Round
Dial window Anti-reflective sapphire
Display System Analog
Clasp Type Push Button Deployment Clasp
Case Stainless Steel
Case diameter 42 mm
Case Thickness 13 mm
Band Material Stainless Steel
Band Length 7.5 inches
Band Width 24 mm
Color of the Band Silver
Color of the dials Black
Material of the bezel Stainless Steel
Function of the bezel Stationary
Type of the calendar Perpetual
Special features Luminous, Chronograph and Stop watch
Full weight 6.24 Ounces
Movement of the Watch Japanese Quartz
The depth of water resistant 660 Feet
Warranty 5 Years Limited Warranty



The watch I have here is one of the best with the stylish looking, cool features and easy handling system. It comes with a properly assembled body. You just put the watch out. Push the button to start. And the wrist watch will add vibe in your style.

Citizen has made the watch with full metal finishing. Even the dials inside are stainless steel. So durability of the watch is confirmed.


The watch I am talking about is one of the best products that came out of the brand Citizen. All the high-quality built materials have made this watch more impeccable. This Citizen PCAT Eco-Drive Men’s Watch comes with the model number AT4004-52E. It is a model from the year 2011. But still, it has enough impact.

It has a round shape in the main dial having a part. You will get the Anti-reflective sapphire as the dial window material of this watch. The analog display system of this watch consists of a total of three dials.

All the three dials of the watch are from stainless steel. The thickest one indicates an hour. The medium one indicates a minute and the thinnest one indicates a second. All of them come in black color.

The case has 42 millimeters of diameter. The thickness of that case is close to 13 millimeters. This part of the watch is also made with stainless steel. The band of this watch is one of the top-selling points. The design and look of the band are top-notch.

The full-frame steel band is pretty much durable. It comes in silver color. The band has a length of 7.5 inches. It also has a width of 24 millimeters. The bezel material of this watch is also stainless steel. After all the measurements, the whole body of this watch has a total weight of 6.24 Ounces.


Some watches give you comfort. Many watches come with a mind-blowing design and look. Some are available with the proper build quality. But if you ask me to find a watch which has all the qualities above, the first watch that will come to my mind is the Citizen PCAT Eco-Drive Watch with the model of AT4004-52E.

The watch I am presenting to you comes with a useful feature which is the Japanese Quartz movement system. This analog display type watch comes with the Push Button Deployment type of Clasp. You will also see the presence of the anti-reflective sapphire in this watch.

The stationary bezel function is present in the watch that does not rotate. You will see the Perpetual type calendar system on this watch. This watch has certain amount of water resistance and will remain safe under 660 feet of water.

The water-resistance feature provides you the opportunity to wear it anywhere without any tension. You don’t have to put-off your watch again during the rain. When you are about to swim, you can jump into the pool without thinking about your watch to get wet.

This beautiful watch comes in silver color with black dials. The Eco-Drive timepiece from Citizen comes with a synchronized atomic clock design. It ensures to boast accurate time-telling technology. The watch consists of a masculine body alongside a sleek design.

From the watch, you will get a sporty design with superior accuracy results. The Japanese Quartz movement system is capable of charging the battery both in natural sunlight and indoor light. The protective and non-reflective sapphire crystal in the dial window keeps your watch safe and helps you to see the time while outdoor and even in direct sunlight.

The watch comes with both the 12-hour and 24-hour time system. The 12-hour time system works as a major time-telling option. On the other hand, the 24-hour option stands behind that with less space taken. You will also see the perpetual calendar system on the watch.

The synchronized time is available for the five-time zones and the watch also comes with a day and date function on this time telling device. This device is capable of informing about which day of the week it is.

You will barely feel any weight while wearing this watch. With only 6.25 Ounces weight, it is a muscular looking watch with pretty light in weight. You will get a rechargeable power cell in this watch. The power cell stores energy permanently. The battery will recharge under any light condition both in sunlight and under any indoor light.

As a result, the battery does not require any further changes. So, your battery change cost gets saved. You will get many additional features in the watch. The watch I am talking about features a one-second chronograph measuring up to 60 minutes which is very much needed for any watch to have.

You will also get the luminous feature added to the watch. The stopwatch system is also present here. The manufacturer of the watch Citizen will provide a limited warranty of 5 years.


This Citizen AT4004-52E PCAT Eco-Drive Men’s Watch comes with a full metal body. As the dials are covered with glass, you have to stay careful for protecting the glass. Just make sure it is in a safe place where there is no scope of falling to the ground or floor.

You have to make sure that the watch is in a place where light reaches properly. Along with these things, stay careful when wearing and removing this watch from your hand.

No Carbon Emission

The battery of the watch is rechargeable. So, the battery does not need any changes at any time. As a result, electricity, and carbon won’t be needed. So, nature will remain free from emitting any carbon.


Citizen AT4004 52E highlight features

  • The watch for Citizen is water resistive up to 660 feet underwater
  • You will get Japanese Quartz type movement from the watch
  • This watch has stainless steel in the case, band, and bezel area
  • This amazing watch comes with the addition of the Push Button Deployment Clasp
  • Anti-reflective sapphire helps to have you a better view of the display under the sunlight
  • Lightweight watch body with only 6.24 Ounces of weight
  • Rechargeable battery with stainless steel body
  • Five years of warranty ensured by the manufacturer

User Experience

When I first used this watch, all my doubts were cleared. I was amazed at how a watch can be this stylish along with these many features and qualities. When I went outside wearing this very watch, everybody looked at my watch at least once.

Even some of my familiar ones asked me about the details of this watch. They were also amazed at how I get this beautiful branded watch full of features at such a low price.

Maybe this watch is an old model from Citizen, it looks pretty good and handy compared to the year it was modeled. Though sometimes this watch gives a vintage look to my hand.

Many watches have visibility issues under direct sunlight. I never felt that issue with my Citizen AT4004-52E PCAT Eco-Drive Watch. The display of this watch is visible in my office, at my home, outside, and even under direct sunlight.

The compact and sleek design with a stainless-steel body catches the eye on the first look. The watch has fallen on the floor from my hand many times. Still, not a single scratch comes on the display or in the body.

But I would suggest you use the watch carefully. The one-second chronograph feature is present in this watch for measuring up to 60 minutes which tells me the correct time information every second.

The watch also comes with a stop-watch facility. It helps me to know how much time any work or thing will take to be done entirely. This feature helped me on many occasions. It is a must having feature that you will your watch to contain.

I am very much satisfied with the performance this watch has shown to me. The stainless-steel body is capable of taking a lot of pressure on it. As the battery is rechargeable, my battery changing expenses are also saved.

I was having issues with the band in my last leather-band watch. I needed to change the band of this watch several times. But in this watch, I am free from that hassle with the presence of the stainless-steel band. That sturdy band looks cool and serves for a long time.

My overall impression of this watch from Citizen is very much satisfactory. I have faced not a single problem with this watch in my entire usage time. I hope you will also get a problem-free service from this watch.

As the company is providing a limited warranty of 5 years, they will provide service for the medium and minor problems. The term Old is Gold suits this watch perfectly. Hopefully, this lightweight and sturdy watch will stay as your time-telling companion for several years and will serve without any problem.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the watch durable enough to deal with heavy pressure situations?
The Citizen has made this wonderful watch with high-quality built-materials. The body, bezel, case, band, and dials all are made from stainless steel. All of these together ensures you to have a long-term service from this watch.

How visible is the display of this watch?
The display of this was is not reflective. The display of the watch is visible under the sunlight. The indoor visibility of this watch is also top-quality.

Do I have to change the battery?
No, there is no need for changing the battery of this watch. As it has Japanese Quartz movement, it helps to recharge the battery with the use of either natural sunlight or indoor light.


Final Words

Buying a watch for the day to use can be confusing. But you don’t have to worry anymore as our Citizen AT4004 52E review is available to keep you on the right path while buying.


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