Casio W800H Review – Exclusive Casio Sports Watch for Individual

The digital leader Casio believes, “Necessity is not the mother of invention, invention is the mother of necessity.” This means that you need the newly innovated things to meet your demand created by that thing. The vision leads Casio to dedicate themselves to new technology, and in this way, they help build a more prosperous, richly, and rewarding world. Now you will find Casio products almost in every family across the world. The world of the digital watch has been captured majorly by them in the various price range. Among those, we have reviewed Casio W800H-1AV Classic Sports Watch to help you to know all about it. In this article you will get ultimate guide of Casio W800H review.

Casio w800h Review

A Perfect Classic Digital Wrist Watch

We have found many Casio W800H-1AV, a perfect digital watch having many utilities more than a conventional watch. If you think about a digital watch, the shape and design you imagine is the Casio W800-1AV’s shape. The world of the design of a classic digital watch is completed with intuitive style, and it makes it ideal for active use by every individual, including sportsmen.

The watch is made with tough resin materials with a fixed resin black bezel. The black color resin bracelet is modifiable. The flexible materials prevent the internal parts of the watch from serious damage with the shockproof features in it. The watch is featured with waterproof quality and actively works underwater up to 330 ft.

This watch takes account of light mode, and there are adjustable keys to customize the wristwatch display in order to suit the workout. The easy key operations also make the watch a favorite one too many people.

Size of W800H-1AV

The weight of the watch is only 1.2 ounces with a width 1.6 inches and a height measure 1 3/16 inch. The case is about ½ inches thick, which makes it better compared to other G-shock series. The case diameter is only 37 millimeters for which matches better with a small wrist. The 13.4 millimeters thick case and a 20 millimeters band that fits lightly with the wrist gives extra comfort. The USA-made resin case is another strong feature of the watch. It is available in different colors to suit your taste and preference.

Casio W800-1AV constantly adjusts the time by the remote radio waves obtained from atomic clocks stationed. There are many radio centers at different geographical sites to make the watch adjustable with the standard time set.

Long Battery Life

It is said that the batter of Casio watches never ends. Like other watches of Casio, W800-1AV has a never-ending life. One battery of the watch lasts almost ten years to deliver unmatched time during its life. The battery doesn’t only run its digital circuits properly; additionally, it lights the LED light to show the time. An illuminator integrated on the sports watch is built with a kind of hybrid technology. The illumination is not only from the rare side like other digital watches; it illuminates from the side. The neon green glow illumination really remarkable and beautiful to see. The watch has the same illuminator features, which are only available in a more costly model of Casio watches. No doubt, Casio W800-1AV is a very reliable small digital sport watch having all the good features in it and a ten-year battery life.

Key features

  •  Ten years battery life for long durability of the watches. The strong power system not only runs the digital system but also lights to display the while required. There is a very rare strong power system in the small body of the digital watch.
  • The watch has built-in 31 time zones to use it across 48 cities in the world.
  • LED light system for the display of the time in the dark. The bright light comes with the simple press of the switch by the side.
  • There is a 1/100-second stopwatch 1/10 second countdown timer 5 daily alarms or one-time alarms.
  • Very lightweight and flexible resin band made of strong materials to use in a tough environment.


 Product Specification

Product dimension 53.2 x 50.0 x 17.7mm
Item Weight 1.2 Ounces
Shape Square
Display Type Digital
Case Materials Resin
Case Diameter 37 mm
Case Thickness 13 mm
Glass Materials Plastic
Band Materials Plastic
Band Length Men’s Standard 10 inches
Band Width 10 mm
Band Color Black
Dial Color Black
Battery Lithium-Ion
Calendar Day-Date-Month
Water-Resistant 100 M
Special Features 10 years battery life, 48-city world time


Inside the Package:

Casio Men’s W800H-1AV Classic Sport Watch, user manual, warranty card.


Pros and Cons of Casio W800H-1AV


  • 1/100-second stopwatch to make the sportsman’s task easy.
  • 1/10-second countdown
  • 5 daily Alarms
  • 31 time zone of 48 cities to use it across the world
  • Lightweight for easy use
  • 10 years long battery life
  • Waterproof up to 100 m
  • Very easy to use


  • The only con we found in Casio W800-1AV is its plastic glass, which is less clear than other crystal mineral glasses.


How to take care of the Casio watch?

  • It is always mandatory to take care of your watch to have it for a long time. Here we furnish a few caring tips for your lovely Casio digital watch.
  • Always keep the water free from its body while storing it in the drawer. Wipe the full body to remove the water. Use a dry cloth to do it.
  • Wash the watch once a week to remove dust and sweat from the body. Clean the dust smoothly and clearly.
  • Avoid any hurt on the body of the watch.
  • Change the battery if the power goes down. Let not he battery fully empty. Bring out the battery if the watch stops display time and replace a new battery in it.
  • Avoid lighting the LEDs of the watch randomly. Frequent lighting makes the battery ends early.
  • Take the watch to the service center if any problem occurs. Never try to fix the hardware problem by yourself.


Does Casio W800-1AV use a radio signal

The sports watch Casio W800 uses the radio signal for standard time setting. There are radio centers in many sites to transmit the signal to your watch. The signal almost covers the whole world by the Casio radio transmission system.



It is not always possible to have all the required features in a simple watch. Casio W800-1AV tried to enclose all the basic needs of a digital watch to you. The watch in the affordable price range is really an exception among others. Once you use the watch, we ensure that you will become its fan in the first touch. The easy operating system of the watch is also its key feature to make it popular. We always say that the digital leader Casio is the best digital friend to make life easier. What you think to have, they work to invent in shape.

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