Casio gw6900 review, Let’s Know Before Buying

The company focuses on product durability and resistance: two elements on which to focus to define the concept of quality. And this with an eye always focused on design. The massive shape and the modern style dial , sometimes combined with both hands and digital display, are flanked by accessory functions such as date and chronograph that are the basis of a beautiful watch. Casio is one of the popular and oldest watch brands from all of the others. Their journey is long because of their huge popularity and unique design. They have huge showrooms in the USA and other countries as well. When I am seeing this model, I’m feeling nostalgic because our previous person was using this. If you want to gift your family members like your grandfather or father then it will be the best gift for them. In this casio gw6900 review, we will discuss about its pros and cons in details. So, let’s keep your eyes on this review.

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Casio G-shock – Let’s discover its history

A battery lasting ten years, up to ten bars of water resistance e impact resistance up to ten meters high: these are the three requirements of the “Triple 10” system at the base of the G-Shock concept. Now, 35 years after that first launch, the best Casio G-Shock still watches models at the forefront of technique, design, declined for men and women who like adventure and therefore always resistant to any shock. Casio is a major and famous brand of electronic products. In particular, it has had enormous success following the production of the watches, made in different basic lines all based on digital quartz and liquid crystal technology, with operating mechanisms, however, that vary according to the model.

The sturdy shape and style were born from the will of an engineer to create an “indestructible watch”. Since its creation in 1983, G-Shock has continued its unbridled evolution, while retaining the unique basic structure. The G-Shock models are perhaps one of the luckiest series in the world, known above all for their technical characteristics and excellent quality, capable of lasting over time , so much so that in circulation – among a world of collectors – there are still models launched on the market thirty years ago but which work perfectly and never go out of style.

Features of the Casio gw6900 Watch

Today G-Shock maintains its basic characteristics and continues to carry out its challenge. On the market there are models that vary in aesthetics, type of material used and, of course, for a whole series of functions supplied. They exist in special editions customized for their testimonials. The best watches are often also used by professional and extreme sportsmen who, thanks to the specific functions available, can measure their performance. After some time, the Casio G-Shock confirms itself as a watch with great potential, regardless of the model. It is characterized in fact by its performance and its qualities of resistance , durability . It is built to withstand daily wear and tear and use in the most adverse climatic and environmental conditions.

Casio G-shock gw6900 provides a combination of comfort and style with high resistance to shocks and water pressure, even reaching up to 200 meters with ease . This model is fully plastic and it is a Japanese Quartz. The dial color is digital and the band color is black. There is a additional features including that are multi-band system which is pretty good enough..

The most advanced option is it doesn’t need any battery because it supports a solar system. So after buying this watch no need to buy an extra battery for it. This watch has a 41 mm stainless steel case. This steel case has a mineral dial window. If you are tired of wearing a heavyweight watch then there is good news for you. This watch is very lightweight that is only 63 gm.  There is two kinds of format is available. First is 12 hours format and 2nd is 24 hours format. Besides this feature, you will get a daily alarm option.


  • It is a lightweight watch because the material of this watch is only plastic.
  • It has an old model display and a solar system is available.
  • No costs for an extra battery.
  • Elegant design with a strong strap.
  • Very low price.


  • Semi waterproof.
  • You don’t get to use any app for monitoring your health.

Why you should choose Casio G-shock series

There have been numerous milestones in the three decades of G-Shock history. The first analog / digital model appeared in 1989. In 1993 the first real diving watch was launched, the Frogman DW-6300, with water resistance up to 20 atmospheres. In this casio gw6900 review, you maybe understand its pros and cons already. Other features have appeared over the years: resistance to low temperatures, dirt and mud, built-in temperature, and pressure sensors.

A new “ Metal Twisted G-Shock ” chronograph recently paved the way for the line in the luxury market costing over $ 900. But our selected watch is only $17. It is very cheap, right? In fact, numerous models from different series are launched every year. The base ones receive updates every spring and fall. Casio launches more than 200 new G-Shock models every year. The peak occurred in 1998 (221 models released). The last few years have seen between 100 and 150 models put on the market. These numbers show how popular the G-Shock is around the world.

Suffice it to say that over 70 million G-Shock watches have been sold since the first unit made its market debut in 1983. For this event he launched several new releases and presented prototypes still under development, all cheered up by a performance by Eminem.

Buying Guide – Check before buying a watch

Before purchasing a new thing we have to need an idea about thats product. As a result, we are starting to search on google or youtube about the review of that product. Because it’s money matters. We have to think a minimum of 2/3 times for buying a product. This is an authentic way definitely. We have to make sure the product we are going to buy is that really suited to me or not? It happens to me and everyone I know. As a product reviewer, it’s my duty to describe it. But if you are a beginner then you have to know which checklist we should follow before purchasing something. Let’s have a look at the following points.

Check brand:

If you have not any budget problems then you should buy the brandable product. Without a brand, you can’t take replacement after happened anything. The brandable product gives you a certain time service warranty system that will not get you in the non-brandable product. If you are sincere about this then you should go with the brandable product.

Public Reviews:

If you want to buy a product from Amazon or eBay then you should check the lower section of the product. In the lower portion, you will get a conversation between the public and the seller. The person who bought this product, he will definitely share his experience. Some experience will be matching with your goal. It is nice. You will get a negative review as well. Try to avoid them and check the percentage of positive and negative reviews.


If you have a high budget then you can choose the best model of the brand. But if your budget is low then you should check all the features properly otherwise your desired goal is not reached. Our experts suggests that you should check before the company and then your budget. There is an important matter that is “Discount”. Sometimes the brandable companies are giving a discount according to their company rules. You can get the watch with some dollars during the discount time.


Is warranty really matters? Yes definitely! Because it’s all about money. We should create value for it. I know so far the brandable company only provides you a warranty. On the other hand, you don’t get any warranty or guaranty the buying a product from a local company. That’s why we should carefully look after this point.

If you are following this checklist then we hope you will get the best product.

Final word

There are lots of watch industries are available on the market. We can’t make sure that all the watches can fulfill our requirements. SO that we have to check customers’ reviews, the value of money and our desired features. If your budget is not so good then you shouldn’t pick the smartwatch. An Analog watch will be the best solution for you. Don’t think that analog watch is backdated always but it will give you a classic feel and professional looking. In this casio gw6900 review, we are trying to add all the special features of this watch. If we are missing something then you can through your comment in our post gently. Thanks for your attention.

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