Casio GW6900-1 G-Shock Tough Solar Sport Watch Review

The brand name Casio comes very fast every time we think about a digital watch. Casio is mostly famous for the miniature and integration of many technologies in its small products. In fact, Casio first introduced the digital clock in the market. They say, “Necessity is not the mother of invention, invention is the mother of necessity.” Rather than thinking about necessity, Casio determines to invent necessity. In this line, Casio GW6900-1 adds more value and makes the watch more than a digital timepiece. Today we are here to write about Casio GW6900-1 review.

Casio GW6900-1 Review

Our expert team finds many added helpful utilities in Casio GW6900 1 and prefer the watch as one of the best multifunctional digital watch in the market. Let’s see their Casio GW6900 1 review and all the ins and out of it in a few words.


Casio’s most exclusive addition to the world timepiece is the shock resistance feature. This feature is a special mark stamped on the back of the wristwatches. The feature indicates the capability of copes of the watch against mechanical shocks. It keeps the internal parts of the watch, working in a tough environment. Casio’s G-shock series are very popular in the market for the proven shock-resistance feature, and the series has a great market value across the world.

G-Shock digital watches of Casio are the most durable digital watches in the market and are trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, surfers, and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. The GW6900-1 watch is a member of the G-Shock family with having all the shock resistance features. Once you have the watch on your wrist, you need not be worried about accidental damage due to sudden hurt. You can enjoy your outdoor games, surfing, parties with it.

Solar Power Recharging System

GW 6900-1 makes itself different from other digital watches with the Casio solar-recharging system. The recharging system converts sunlight into energy to recharge the battery into the watch. GW 6900-1 is very powerful and can recharge the battery from the less bright light, even the faint light. The recharge helps the watch for the stable operation of various high-load functions.

Once you have the watch on your wrist, it will surprise you with long-lasting battery power and a strong recharging system. Rarely the charge may end due to its long dark storing in the drawer. Once you open your drawer, the indoor light is enough for the watch to come back to its own face.

EL Backlight

EL backlight is the optical and electrical phenomenon in which a phosphor material emits light by passing electric power through it. This lighting system is mostly used in the watches to enable visibility of time in the dark. In the system, the electric energy directly passes through a phosphor, and it makes light by non-thermal conversion of power.

Casio GW 6900-1 watch has EL backlight to enable time display even in the dark. The lighting system is not visible from a far distance; therefore, the watch can be used by law enforcement personnel during their operations.

Water Resistance

The 20-bar water resistance feature of the GW900-1 digital watch makes it famous for surfers, divers, waters to perform underwater. You can dive 200 meters under the water with the watch. Scuba divers can easily keep the watch on their wrist during their dive.

Multi-band automatic timekeeping

The tough timekeeper displays six multi-band timekeeping to make user’s tasks easy. There is 48-city world time, which helps you to know any the current time of the cities by a simple button press. The common daily alarm with snooze, 12, and 24-hour formats all are built-in features of the watch.

Gorgeous outlook

The watch has 41 mm stainless steel, which keeps the internal parts safe from any external shocks. The mineral dial window displays the time very clearly, resisting external light reflection. Only 63g weight of the watch doesn’t make any burden on the wrist and delivers extra comfort.

You can keep the watch on your wrist every time in any work. The round shape dial, design, and strength make it the right choice for the military personnel in its first look at the same time for the parties also to represent your imposing personality.

Long Durability

Almost all of us leave the lovely watch because of its damage due to broken glass or body. This is because of the use of it in a tough environment. All the Casio G Shock watches are protected with heavy materials for extra protection of it. The case doesn’t only give protection but also give long durability of it. You can drop a G Shock watch from 10 M height normally. It will not cause any damage to its internal body at all and will keep showing time accurately as before. The feature obliviously matters to give the durability of the watch. Some say you may die but not your G Shock. Hope the words are enough to introduce the G Shock series.

Sports Friendly

Casio G Shock is very favorable to the sportsmen for shock proof feature. It is a great favor if you have a watch on your wrist while playing football, cricket, rugby, baseball, or basketball. These games are very time-sensitive, and you can change the game result with the proper use of it. Casio G Shock can be the best timekeeper during your sports time. You may have the best accompany of it while running, swimming, hiking, claiming, or doing hard labor. You need not extra care of it and need not break attention from its safety. Just keep it on your wrist and do whatever you want. It will keep displaying the time.

Military Use

Casio G Shock watches have become very popular with the law enforcement personnel now a days. The watches match the best to them during their duty. The outlook, features, strength of the watch gives extra attention to them while it is on their wrist. See the picture of any cop on duty; you will find G Shock watch on his wrist. It is also recommended for the best military watch.

Time Accuracy

The main output of a watch is its time accuracy. Casio G Shock watches have proven record to displaying time accurately. Its accuracy is +/- 15 seconds per month, which is really the best accuracy among other watches. This is because of the shock proof feature of the watches.

Brand Value

Casio G Shock series has very popular now a days to many celebrities across the world. If you find the wrist of Justin Bieber on stage, you will see Casio G Shock on his wrist. Rihanna, Bradley Cooper, Pharrell Williams, Chris Martin have been seen with the watch many times. This means that there is must be something going right with the watches.

Key Features of Casio GW6900 1 at a glance

  • Shock-proof case keeps the watch safe from accidental damage.
  • Solar recharge system charges the battery even from the faint light.
  • EL backlight helps to see the time in any situation without light.
  • 48-city world time for worldwide use.
  • 20-bar water proof resistance for safe use in any situation.

Product Specification of Casio GW6900 1

Multifunctional Casio GW6900-1 has all the latest technologies in it to make the watch favorable in a tough environment. Let’s see all the inside of it at a glance.

Product dimension 53.2 x 50.0 x 17.7mm
Item Weight 63 g
Shape Round
Display Type Digital
Case Materials Stainless Steel
Case Diameter 53 mm
Case Thickness 41 mm
Glass Materials Mineral Crystal
Band Materials Plastic
Band Length Men’s Standard
Band Color Black
Battery Lithium-Ion, Solar Rechargeable
Calendar Day-Date-Month
Water-Resistant 200 M
Special Features Shock resistant, 48-city world time

Pros and Cons of GW900-1

We have found many favorable utilities in GW900-1 digital watches. Almost all the helpful features make the watch different from other watches. Let’s see the pros we found in it.


  • Shock resistance
  • Waterproof resistance
  • Stainless steel case
  • World time
  • EL backlight
  • Smart outlook
  • Lightweight
  • Easy operations

We haven’t found any fault in the GW900-1 operation. But every lighting side has a dark side. We tried to figure out the cons of the watch and finally found a fault of it though minor.


  • Small display size
  • Tight wrist band

Why should we use Casio G Shock?

Every time we use a watch on our wrist, we start caring to keep it safe from any hurt. This extra care breaks our concentration while we are in a serious mode. Who likes to see his favorite watch stopped or dead? Casio understands the love for a watch and introduced a new series name G-Shock. All the watches of the series have shock prof resistance to keep all its internal parts safe from any accidental external hurt. The series has very popular across the world in a very short time. Let’s see why we should own a shock prof Casio G Shock watch.


Casio has a proven track record of quality products. The digital world has become more helpful with the innovative products of Casio. One of the best introductions of Casio is its G Shock series with many useful features. The features have been very popular and fruitful to people across the world. GW 6900-1 is not Casio’s best product but the best G Shock watch in the affordable price range. Once you have it on your wrist, you will find the difference in the first look. The outlook and the features will win your heart in a second. We commend you if you think to have a watch or want to change the existing one. Bend the Casio G Shock on your wrist and enjoy the difference.

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