Bulova vs Tissot – who’s better in 2021?

If you are fond of horology, watches are not just an accessory for you. They are an identity, a legacy, and of course, a tool to tell time. This is the reason why watches are the most important adjunct throughout history. Bulova and Tissot are the luxury watch brands in the market today.

For the layman, both the companies will seem identical, however, when you go through the catalog of both companies in detail, you will notice that both brands are different. In the context of designs, Bulova and Tissot are quite identical brands. In this article, we are going to discuss a detailed insight into Bulova vs Tissot.

Keep reading to get the most information about similarities and dissimilarities of both, as well as to decide which one is better than the other. We will be following the road map hereunder:

  • History of Bulova v/s Tissot
  • Features of Bulova v/s Tissot
  • Designs
  • Is Bulova better than Tissot?
  • Is Tissot better than Bulova?


While starting with any brand, whether watches or other brands, history is one of the most important things to determine the authenticity, reliability, and determination to provide high-quality products and services. Bulova vs Tissot, both watch brands are equally steeped in the history. Get to know a brief overview of the history of both brands one by one.

Starting with the former:

History of Bulova:

The company Bulova started around 140 years ago and still, it has a strong reputation in the market. This is proof that Bulova can acclimate to the market complying with the latest trends. It was founded by Joseph Bulova back in 1875 in New York. Since the very beginning, the company has achieved numerous milestones with its creative designs within the watch industry.

The basic introduction of Bulova is that it was the pioneer company in producing a unique fashion of ladies’ watches. It was also the first company to adopt radio for the marketing of its products in the United States. This introduced the concept of utilizing broadcast media as a marketing strategy.

During World War II, Bulova signed a contract with the United States army. This boisterous period, the company focused on producing altimeters and varmeters for the US military. During the 1950s, Bulova introduced the Bulova-23, showing that the company is still a reckoning force in the watch industry. Bulova-23 is known for its practically everlasting mainspring with a shock and water-resistant case.

In 1960, Bulova stood as the pioneer company that introduced the first electronic watch to the world with its Bulova Accutron. This unique watch has a sci-fi retro look from the 70s making it an exceptional watch during this modern era. Bulova series still features this design since it remained a highly beloved watch for the ones who are fond of collecting and wearing high-quality branded watches. The company introduces the most elegant yet mid-range watches and continues to prove itself a strong competitor by its classical designs in the watch market from time to time.

History of Tissot:

Tissot is a watch brand often seen with the sporting events. Tissot has officially collaborated with many racing teams in the sporting industry. This collaboration of the company gives an idea of precision that lies in its foundation.

Tissot was established by a team of father and son Charles-Felicien and Charles-Emile Tissot in 1853. From there, the company grew from a small family store to an international company providing its products all over the world. They started with manufacturing the wristwatches. Ladies’ wristwatches were their first selling line, however, Tissot men’s wristwatches entered the market soon after the ladies’ models.

During the 1920s and 1930s, Tissot wristwatches became strikingly popular among men, hence they began to stride thereafter. They have been incorporating innovation in their models since the very beginning.

However, during the 1930s, they saw a huge leap forward as they introduced the Tissot Antimagnetique, the first mass-produced antimagnetic wristwatch. In 1983, Tissot combined with the Swatch Group which further expanded the Tissot’s market. During this expansion, the company focused on developing the chronograph and self-winding watches. Tissot is particularly known for its chronograph, navigator, and self-winding watches. It has cherished a strong reputation in the watch market for themselves that they hold today. For Tissot, it’s all about precision, quality, and reliability.

The reputation of Bulova v/s Tissot

Now when we are done with the history and basic concepts of Bulova and Tissot, let’s move forward to the reputation of Bulova v/s Tissot. When shopping for watches, you may get to compare Bulova vs Tissot. However, it is quite difficult to compare both brands with a broad product line as both of them are incredible brands in all senses.

Starting with Bulova,

The reputation of Bulova all over the world:

Bulova has been among the largest and the most reliable watch brands all over the world. Since the very beginning, it has repeatedly introduced innovative designs and technologies. These innovations led it to set the standards that other competitor brands strive to keep up with.

Bulova holds a strong reputation for developing stellar timepieces with the most accuracy, durability, and style. They produce the finest watches at a quite affordable price to ensure the easy access of the general public as well.

Bulova believes that quality and innovation is not only the cup of tea for the rich people but the poor ones as well. This is the reason Bulova sets its prices at a very affordable range so that people from every class can easily access and take advantage of the timepiece.

Since Bulova produces a wide range of high-quality watches, its products are compared to other competitors regarding quality, style, durability, and innovation. The major competitors of Bulova include Citizen and Seiko, however, Bulova is already a part of Citizen since 1979.

A serious threat to the brand’s reputation is not other than its counterfeit imitations that are sold in the market at much cheaper prices than the original ones.

The reputation of Tissot all over the world:

Tissot is a popular brand well-known for its high-quality and durable watches. It has an abundant history and has been a genuine Swiss brand since its beginning. Soon after the foundation, the brand gained a fine reputation in the industry. Recently, Tissot merged with the Swatch group that triggered its marketing by bringing forward some more amazing designs. These designs added a new life to the brand.

The wonderful Tissot design and build along with an affordable price range makes it an Affordable luxury brand for many enthusiasts.

Tissot has been adding several innovative designs and functionalities into their timepieces, ensuring that they keep up with the latest trends or even maintain a step ahead. Some horology fans find the Rock Watch and Wood Watch by Tissot more appealing, while some other people find them off due to their outstanding originality.

When it comes to design, build, and quality, Tissot is still considered a premium or high-end watch brand. With its amazing features and fine reputation, Tissot is compared with other Swiss brands regarding durability and affordability. The major competitors of Tissot include Hamilton and Movado. Considering the high quality of Tissot watches, they have a reasonable price.

Bulova vs Tissot – the quality:

Bulova and Tissot both are high-quality watch brands well-known for their durability, innovations, styles, and looks as well. Everyone including the consumers, professionals, and watch enthusiasts is fond of Bulova as well as Tissot. Let’s take a deep look into the quality of both the high-class watch brands. Again starting with the former one,

Bulova timepieces; quality redefined:

Apart from the professionals and knowledgeable consumers, even laymen will agree that Bulova produces good timepieces even if they do not know much about the quality.

Beautiful craft:

Bulova produces beautifully crafted wristwatches that are well-designed and look expensive, although, they are quite affordable. These are the most favorite features of Bulova watches that everyone loves.

Bulova watches are comparable to various well-known brands including Tissot and Movado for their incredible features and with several other brands including Seiko and Citizens for their cost-effective collection.

Bulova produces a wide array of watches which creates a scenario of mixed opinions in the community. Since they are made in Switzerland, Bulova watches are considered masterpieces that can be compared with the brands such as Fossil and Timex.

Other brands of watches that are made in Hong Kong and Japan are not considered as extraordinary as that of those made in Switzerland. No doubt, the Hong Kong- and Japan-made are good, but nothing is astonishing in them as Bulova watches. In terms of cost, all the consumers, as well as watch enthusiasts, agree that Bulova watches bear the correct price tag according to their quality, reliability, and style.


Over the years, Bulova has been producing some of the great watches with amazing movements. One of the most incredible models from the Bulova Accutron series is the Gemini models that use ETA 2892-A2 movement. Bulova launched an interesting technology in the horology market that got approved by many enthusiasts and consumers. The Precisionist movement is particularly favorite among watch enthusiasts. It’s marking characteristic is the sweeping hand that is accompanied with a high accuracy quartz movement and was the characteristic of automatic watches.

The incredible quality of Tissot watches:

Tissot has been well-known for its quality in horology all over the world. It’s been one and a half-century since Tissot started its journey as a high-quality watchmaking brand. Since the beginning, the company grew, improved, and expanded. 35 years ago, Tissot combined with the Swatch Group, but still gaining popularity – a proof of high quality and updated style delivered to consumers, and watch enthusiasts.

The classic models from Tissot including Tissot Visodate and Tissot Le Locle have been around for more than 50 years and still famous for their elegance as well as amazing power reserve i.e. Powermatic 80.

Another proof of Tissot’s quality is its sponsorships of many sports events and its association with players as well as other celebrities.

Angelina Jolie, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Grace Kelly, and Nelson Mandela are the celebrities who proudly wear Tissot as a sign of quality.

Bulova vs Tissot – Which brand shall you choose either?

Bulova and Tissot both are among the most renowned watch brands all over the world. Both of the brands are recognized for their consistent precision and accessibility in their timepieces. This is the reason they are among the most affordable and beloved watches across the globe.

All the watch enthusiasts and precision lovers who are looking for new timepieces try both brands as both of them possess their own features. These features and specifications form each brand’s identity and make them stand out from the crowd.

But choosing anyone to buy is a quite difficult task. So, to help you choose one between the two, here is a quick guide.

Why should you choose Bulova over Tissot?

Bulova is an amazing and historical watch brand that continues to deliver innovation wrapped in durability and affordability since its foundation. In fact, innovation is the biggest strength of Bulova.

One such example is the Bulova Accutron which completely changed the world of watches. This trend has been followed by many of the other Bulova watches as well throughout the years. Another example of innovation by Bulova is the watch that astronauts wore on the Apollo 15 mission. This invention was a major climax in the Bulova timeline.

Apart from adding innovations in technology, Bulova does not refrain from experimenting with designs. The exclusive and eccentric release of designs by Bulova is proof that the watch community loves to see these innovations.

As compared to Tissot, Bulova dominates over Tissot since Tissot releases the majority of quite traditional models. Although they have also released many unique designs as well. If you are looking for a classic watch look, Tissot may prove to be a good choice for you. But if you are trying a bit of experiment in your watch looks, the classic Tissot designs may be a kind of let down. Although some of the Tissot models like Rock Watch stand out of the box, they are still just a few exceptions in the overall brand.

So, when looking for a watch unlike the traditional ones, Tissot may not be the brand you are looking for, however, Bulova may fit your requirements.

Why should you choose Tissot over Bulova?

Tissot has been committed to precision. This is the reason they have partnered with various sporting and racing events. The feature that makes Tissot an incredibly accurate watch brand is the superior Swiss-made components in their watches.

Due to their well-working timepieces and precision in timekeeping technology, Tissot is the authorized partner with The Fencing World Championships, FIBA, WNBA, MotoGP, as well as many other brands.

When compared to Bulova for buying, Tissot’s classic watch collection dominates over Bulova since it is not always possible to succeed 100% when you experiment. However, Bulova knows that very well.

Some of the watch enthusiasts believe Bulova as a silly brand with confusing designs, however, this description is not that accurate. While some of the Bulova designs are quite good looking, various other models do not share that prestige. This is probably due to blunt or unflattering dial designs, or even color combinations that confound people more than attracting.

Of Course, Bulova watches have their own specific appeal they are still not for everyone.

Pros of Bulova vs Tissot:

Beautiful craft and innovative designsPrecision and affordability
Affordable and reliable
Celebrity watches
Amazing movementsMore classic and elegant designs.

Cons of Bulova vs Tissot:

Some unflattering designsRare innovation in designs
More chances of fake watchesFake watches more common
Quality varies among
Switzerland, Japan, and Hong Kong builds
Lacks stylish looks with a few exceptions

Notable technologies – Bulova vs Tissot:

During the whole of history, both the brands Bulova v/s Tissot continued to release new technologies to lead the horology world to its current place. This was achieved by introducing some of the trend-making technologies. We are going to discuss the trend-making technologies from each brand; Bulova vs Tissot.

Accutron from Bulova:

While Bulova was the first watchmaking company to introduce an eccentric series of women watches, the most eminent achievement of the company by far includes Accutron. This technology was introduced in the watch market during the 1960s, the period when everyone used to wear watches with inaccurate readings due to the automatic movement that tends to lose plenty of time all over the day. To cope up with this problem, Bulova came up with the solution by developing the first-ever watch with a fully electronic system.

This watch with the quartz movement lost just a minute in the whole month, and this technology was a pioneer for that time. Impressed with the accuracy achieved with the quartz motion, companies across the world began producing watches with similar technology, and now most of the wristwatches belong to this accurate quartz movement technology.

Tissot T-Touch:

Tissot T-touch technology was released in 1999 with the first-ever tactile watch in the world. The watches with T-touch technology feature a touch screen in their glass, allowing the users to handle the functions of the watch more easily. With this technology, the barometer, chronograph, and the calendar along with many other functions were combined in a single watch that Tissot offered.

At that time, this technology was a new and quite amazing thing in the world of watches. Since then, Tissot continued to add development to the technology, resulting in the most popular collections of watches in the world.


Bulova vs Tissot – Entirely, there is no obvious winner in this watch battle. This is because wristwatches are biased by nature. If you are looking for incredible accuracy with a traditional look, Tissot is the clear choice for you. However, if you are looking for a flashy design with variety, Bulova will be the safest bet.


Is Bulova better than Tissot?

Since Tissot keeps its focus on precision and accuracy more than designing, Bulova is a better choice for those looking for designs and innovation. This does not mean that Tissot lack innovation, it is just that Bulova has a wider range of variety in designs, and of course, innovation is the major element of every new design that releases. So, in case you are looking for quality in a traditional style, do opt for Tissot. But, if you expect more innovations and a wider range variety of designs and styles, you can trust Bulova to provide the best watches according to your taste.

Is Tissot better than Bulova?

Tissot is a historical brand and keeps its main focus on precision and accuracy. On the other hand, Bulova adds innovations to its collections. Regarding quality, both brands are well- known for their durability, accessibility, and styles. Tissot has been a Swiss brand since its beginning, therefore, it tends to deliver the quality wrapped in accuracy and precision. It has collaborated with various sports and racing sports. Not only this, many famous personalities including Angelina Jolie, Catherine, and Grace Kelly wear Tissot as a sign of quality. So, if you are looking for quality like that of a sportsman, Tissot is definitely the right choice for you.

Which brand should I buy if I am looking for elegant designs?

Both Bulova and Tissot develop incredible designs. But the more elegant ones are found in Tissot. Although Bulova introduces innovative designs in their offerings, the more elegant ones are found overall in Tissot’s watch collections. But that does not conform to the personal choice of the individual. Everyone has their own choice and taste, and to comply with your taste, you will need to compare the designs practically to choose among the elegant designs that catch your eyes. This may be from either brand, Bulova or Tissot. Since you are looking for elegant designs irrespective of either brand, better to opt for visual selection instead of a theoretical mindset.

Which one between Bulova and Tissot is more affordable?

Both the brands produce watches in an affordable price range. Bulova, as well as Tissot, want to see their watches in the wrists of maximum population. Since they both develop quality, durability, and strength, they wrap their products’ quality into affordability so that even poor men can afford the luxury of their watches. Bulova and Tissot both think that quality is not the right of rich men but the poor men as well. For this reason, they keep the prices of their products quite affordable. Consumers, as well as watch enthusiasts, already know that the prices on the price tags of both brands justify the quality and reliability of the watches.

How can I spot a fake Bulova?

You can spot a fake Bulova watch by checking for many signs. First of all, the font of “Bulova”, “Accutron”, or “Accuquartz” is the main sign. Other checks include the movement of the watch, the “Bulova” sign on the movement, the serial number at the back along with the date. The case must also bear the sign of “Bulova” anywhere. In the dial, the “Bulova” sign must not overlap the movement but movement should pass over the sign. Some of the old models of Bulova include those without signature and serial number, but those designs are only a few exceptions.

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