Best smartwatch for nurses review and buying guide in 2021

Monitoring of vital signs is a primary activity of nurses. The diffusion of Smartwatches allows you to see and monitor your parameters with a quick glance. The Smartwatch allows us to shift the focus on health from patients to ourselves. Observing that the heart rate is a little high can be an opportunity for resuming physical activity outdoors. Are you looking for tips to buy the best smartwatch for nurses at an unbeatable price and are undecided on where to buy it? Then you are in the right place. From this article, you will get a clear conception of which watch is suited to you as a nurse from this context. Without further any excuse, let’s start one by one.


What is a smartwatch, and How does it work.

A smartwatch is one of the essential elements for a nurse. A nurse has to maintain all about things of patients. They have to maintain the time for taking medicine or injection of patients. Mobile phone clock is not a permanent solution because sometimes it affects the wrong impression for someone. That’s why a nurse has required a smartwatch for maintaining the scheduled time to time. Before knowing the details, we have to know what a smartwatch is and how does it work. Let’s follow the next section.


What is a smartwatch?

The smartwatch is a special featured watch that provides more facilities than an analog clock or watches. It will help you remember your works by alarm, and you can see the dates on it. Besides, you can install apps on this watch. Its technology goes beyond a wristwatch’s practicality, and a large number of new functions make it a truly wearable device.

A smartwatch’s characteristics also enable you to control many of the home’s electronic devices, thus achieving their self-regulation and control based on home automation aims. But you can also discuss your plan, monitor your physical exercise, and use all the apps placed on your smartphone. With a smartwatch, you can enjoy the time, but you can instantly use your smartphone’s purposes among the most natural services, the one that enables you to receive and make telephone calls or read messages.

For this reason, the first analysis must start from the activities most frequently carried out during the day—a completely subjective and personal investigation. You can proceed to the physical confirmation of the features present in the different kinds of smartwatches and, hence, pick the one that best fits your requirements.


How does a smartwatch work?

To fulfill its purposes, the smartwatch must be attached to a mobile phone. In fact, it is a peripheral of the mobile phone, through which to use the smartphone without actually having to take it. The quality of the screen and its readability are requirements to be carefully evaluated. The substantial usefulness of a smartwatch is linked to the practicality of use when it is not possible to use the mobile phone in the usual way. Although it may seem simplistic, this statement must be connected to the activities that a smartphone allows to carry out. Moreover, its care in order (it reminds you by swinging without emitting noises) is an attached power at specific times of the day.


10 best smartwatch for nurses review and comparison

10 best smartwatch for nurses review

The smartwatch allows healthcare professionals to answer the patient’s call earlier and better. That’s why a smartwatch is very important for taking care of patients. But now the question is which smartwatch is working perfectly for a nurse. After 50+ hours of research, we have selected the 10 best smartwatch for nurses.

One of the worse misconceptions about buying a watch is that it has to be expensive to be beautiful, when, in reality, many watches are a great demonstration of how wrong this concept is. Scroll through the list, read the reviews, and check the offer – the perfect product awaits you! Let’s have a look.


1. Apple Watch Series 5

Who doesn’t love the Apple brand? Apple is one of the famous brands for their mobile phones and smartwatches. Apple watches series 5 is one of the popular smartwatches all over the world.

It was launched on the market in September 2019. The Apple Watch Series 5 is the industry’s benchmark smartwatch, as have all previous Apple models. This time around, it has some interesting new features, which are not earth-shattering improvements, add features that users much appreciate. The main ones are the screen’s functioning, the presence of an integrated compass. Apple is betting on a model that remains very conservative but still efficient.

The Cupertino signature seems to think that if something works. It is better not to change it, and for this reason, the external design of the Apple Watch Series 5 remains the same as the previous model. At sight, the fifth generation of the Apple Watch continues to present the typical square case with rounded corners and is available in sizes.

There are also several new features, even if they do not stand out from the eye. For example, Apple makes sure that you can choose the materials your Apple Watch will be made of, based on your preferences and budget. The materials to choose from are Aluminum, Stainless steel, Titanium, and Ceramic.

Main Advantage

Apple was reluctant to include always-on screen mode in order not to compromise the autonomy of the device. Now the Always Display On technology, ADO manages to achieve this without decreasing the usage time than the previous version.

Main Disadvantage

Low battery life and expensive.


2. TicWatch C2 –  Classic Design Smartwatch

It’s unlikely you’ve heard of Ticwatch products until last year, and you may have never heard of them before. The Ticwatch is a comparatively current range of products. Its products are the best Android smartwatches in circulation: cutting-edge, meeting everyone’s needs, and having an excellent quality/price ratio.

The TicWatch C2 Smartwatch is a youthful and modern model, with a minimalist and a little hipster design. The C2 in the name stands for Express. There are many possible colors for this new generation android smartwatch: from black (opaque) to yellow and white (semi-transparent). The sales box is adorable, colorful, and practical. It presents the smartwatch, and the inside’s charging cable.

Thanks to the Android wear system, it has no connectivity problems. It integrates all the main functions, such as messages, address book, maps, and google assistant. The 1.4- inch OLED display is very bright and responsive to touch. It offers an excellent definition and allows you to access information with a simple glance.


Main Advantage

The processor is a  1.2 GHz Mediatek MT2601 dual-core sytem. It is produced for smartwatches. This is contains 512 MB of RAM and 2 GB of internal memory. It is the classic material for this kind of device.


Main Disadvantage

They are overpriced in Asian countries, and the leather strap is fitting for picked sports only.


3. Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 fitness watch is an interesting proposal from the American company Fitbit, which continues with the first model’s aesthetic line while improving some aspects. Even if you don’t notice many changes at first glance, in this complete review of the Fitbit Versa 2 we will see that the second generation model introduces many changes. Both in terms of design, on the screen, both in functions and features. The square design with rounded edges shows hardly any changes, and the Versa family lines are easily recognized.

The first and most important is the larger screen, which makes the most of the case’s size by reaching the edges. All brands are now following this new trend, which allows you to install larger displays on watches of the same size. On the dial, we find a single button on the left, and on the right side, a small hole for the microphone, which we can use to talk to Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa.

Now the touch screen reaches 40 x 40 mm dimensions, a little more than the previous model. It also improves the display’s quality, which switches from LCD to AMOLED technology, which produces more vibrant colors with more contrast. The brightness increases up to 1000 nits, a remarkable value.


Main Advantage

On the back, we find the optical sensor for recording the beats and the charger’s attachment. The strap of the Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch is made of silicone, apart from the special version made of fabric. It is flexible, resistant, and light, ideal characteristics for wearing it during workouts.


Main Disadvantage

Absence Of Always-On Customization


4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

While the new Samsung Galaxy S10, the Korean company pulled the new Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch out of the hat. A device that winks at sportsmen and people who do not like to have a “paracone” on their wrist. Galaxy Watch Active is small, light, and pretty. The body is made of aluminum. The display is a fantastic 1.1-inch circular Super AMOLED with a resolution of 4.8 × 4.8 inches. The strap is made of soft silicone, easily replaceable with any 20 mm strap.

We find a dual-core processor on the hardware side, a 230 mAh battery, 756 MB of RAM, and 4 GB of ROM memory. In contact with the wrist, there is the sensor for the heartbeat. In the upper part, we find two small holes. One is the microphone, useful for voice dictation and for talking to Bixby. There are two keys, and they have excellent feedback and are used to manage the operating system, which is Tizen in version 4.0.

It connects to our smartphone through the BT and the free Galaxy Wearable application, pre-installed on all Samsung and downloadable for Android and iOS. Our “efforts,” workouts and all health data are managed excellently by the Samsung Health application, pre-installed on all Samsung, and downloadable for Android and iOS.


Main Advantage

It can be the ideal companion for those who love to play sports and keep an active life always on the move. But it can also be useful for those who do not practice physical activity, as it is still a smartwatch and can receive all notifications from our smartphone and always stimulates us to move if we are too passive.


Main Disadvantages

The Galaxy watch active design is bland and hard to navigate on the small screen.


5. Motorola Moto 360

It was 2015 when Motorola launched a Moto 360 for the last time on the market, closing a cycle quickly that the company had not generated the necessary interest. After 5 years, Moto 360 returns to the market with the ” 3rd generation ” or the 2019 version (in the USA, it was available from the end of last year). This new Moto 360 is not made directly by Motorola, but by eBuyNow, a Canadian company that uses only the Moto 360 brand.

The circular packaging immediately brought us to the memory of the old Moto 360. Inside we have the magnetic power supply. The cable is not the shortest, but the base is made of light plastic and has not given us a great quality feeling. Compared to all other smartwatches, this one has the advantage of having included two straps in each variant—one in silicone for sport and one in more elegant brown leather. We appreciate the “effort” for a product that is first of all a watch on our wrist and must also reflect our taste.

Motorola Moto 360 third generation is more compact than in the past. It has a circular design that immediately creates a mental connection. The smartwatch is made of steel, and there is a double glossy and matte finish very satisfying to the eye. On the right side, we have two physical buttons, the upper one that acts as a menu/home and a programmable one.


Main Advantage

The main button then has a knurled crown and can be rotated to scroll through the menus. A delightful addition. The case is 43 millimeters and is 11.7 millimeters thick, not quite a record of thinness, but unfortunately in line with other similar products. The weight is 50 grams. The watch is also waterproof, but it is not certified for swimming.


Main Disadvantage

There is only tracks are running, and the battery flows very fast.


6. Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the finest smartwatches you can buy today, with an aesthetically pleasing design, great user interface, and most importantly, a four-day battery life. Samsung was not among the very first brands to produce smartwatches. Smartwatches have been one of the most successful devices among users since 2010.

In 2013, the Korean house began to market its first smartwatch model compatible with Android, the Samsung Gear. Over the years, several models have followed one another, generally belonging to a medium-high price range. They are updated continuously both as regards the operating system and the functions and design. In terms of sales, the smartwatch Samsung was not among the most popular models in 2018.

Still, it should be seen that wearable designs for Android have not been able to collect the same success as smartphones with the same operating system. They are just leaving Apple and its Watches a large slice of the market. However, Samsung has invested heavily in creating the latest Galaxy Watches, which in 2019 could see a greater diffusion.

Over the years, Samsung has produced different smartwatches, suitable for different needs ranging from business to sports. Therefore, a first important distinction must be made between the models designed above all to accompany all the user’s main daily activities. They offer practically total synchronization between the smartwatch and the smartphone, and those dedicated primarily to monitoring physical activity.


Main Advantage

All smartwatch Samsung models currently on the market offer many different functions, including telephony and messaging instant, receiving notifications, and monitoring various medical activities.


Main Disadvantage

The LTE model is continuing to get you more, and internal storage is concise.



7. Smartwatch GARMIN Vivoactive 3

2017 was the turning point for Garmin. With a long process that we had begun to observe in 2015. It has finally gone from a company that only cares about substance. This company tries to reconcile the two things well. Products for niches of enthusiasts who were not frightened by anything. Vivoactive 3 is the perfect representation of the turning point. The first approach is already significant. The packaging is gorgeous, minimal.

As always, after a first recharge of the device. The vivoactive 3 is much more compact and lighter than its more direct competitor, the Suunto Spartan Trainer. We measured 43 grams (precisely as stated), while the case is 43 mm and the thickness just over 1 cm. The strap (which is silicone) is 20mm wide and can be swapped out on the fly with compatible ones of the same size that support quick release.

We can even choose which side to place the button, whether on the right or left side, and the direction of the screen is oriented accordingly. vívoactive 3 is obtainable in 3 colors: black strap with a black case.


Main Advantage

The vivoactive 3 can be paired with our smartphone to receive notifications directly on the wrist, synchronize activities with the Garmin Connect platform without connecting it to the computer.


Main Disadvantage

Absence of music storage and advanced metrics. The worst option is only android users can respond to the texts.



8. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Fitbit today unveiled Fitbit Versa, the new smartwatch from the industry leader in wearable devices. In addition to advanced fitness and wellness features. There are advanced features such as 24/7 heart rate monitoring, on-screen exercises, and automatic sleep phase detection. Besides, there are advanced features such as quick responses on Android devices, contactless payments via the device, and integrated music, all with a battery lasting over 4 days.

Fitbit also announced a new women’s health tracking system that allows women to track their menstrual cycle, view their comprehensive health data, and understand how it relates to their wellbeing. It radically changes the design, partly resembling Pebble (acquired by Fitbit). The rounded display features a touchscreen and brightness of up to 1,000 nits.

Versa is presented with the new Fitbit OS 2.0 onboard, improving the graphical interface, simplifying it, and making it more intuitive. You can view notifications from apps, calls, calendar, and text messages from your smartphone directly to your wrist.


Main Advantage

You can make payments in stores that accept contactless payments with Fitbit Pay on Fitbit Versa products.


Main Disadvantage

If you are not a regular smartwatch user, you might fall in trouble to set up all the settings.



9. Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch

The wearable device market has not yet taken off, or rather, it has not taken off as some analysts had predicted. However, many companies in the hi-tech world that invest in this sector and Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch are among them. Thanks to its smartphones, we have come to know the famous Chinese group characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio. It has landed in the wearable device market in a less important way than Samsung or other manufacturers.

But still has a rich catalog to its credit of exciting proposals. The strap is made of rubber, not very soft, which has the advantage of not excessively attracting the dust and against the fact that it seems a bit cheap. I value the strap stopper with a small ring to not escape the excess strap, which in this model is not interchangeable with a standard model.

The case back is made of steel, the bezel in ceramic to protect a no longer sapphire glass like the first model but gorilla glass. Unfortunately, the bezel does not rotate, and it is a shame given the structure of Android Wear 2. Overall, neither small nor large, comfortable to wear, waterproof, and pleasant even if the display is a bit small.


Main Advantage

Two buttons, one to activate the menu to access the exclusive fitness features of this wearable. There are a speaker and microphone both valid for giving voice commands or for making hands-free voice calls.


Main Disadvantage

You can’t connect this watch with any iOS devices, and the price little high.



10. TicWatch E

TicWatch E is a smartwatch able to satisfy a large slice of the public, thanks to the good number of functions. It has a bright display, water-resistance up to 50 m, and, of course, at a competitive price. This includes a heart rate monitor, sensors, and built-in GPS. Only work commonly through 5 modes to correctly report your health.

TicWatch E looks like a smartwatch with a minimal design and simple lines. Pleasant to the eye, although the polycarbonate case has a fairly “plasticky” appearance. It has less durable over time than a product with a metal case. This is a smart device or to be used for gala evenings, but an object with a design that focuses more on the concrete than on aesthetics. For example, the dial is “protected” by a thin raised edge (not beautiful, but useful for protecting the display from shocks). There are four pins for the magnetic connection to the charging base and the LED for detecting the heartbeat on the smartwatch’s back.

However, the materials and designs used allow for excellent portability. Overall, the Mobvoi wearable can be worn comfortably on the wrist. Thanks to the low weight (only 36g) and the comfortable silicone strap.


Main Advantage

There is the only physical button on the right side of the device, which allows access to the apps installed on the device and facilitates navigation between the various screens.


Main Disadvantage

Ticwatch E is lack of brightness sensor and NFC. App setting should be improved.



Best smartwatch for nurses buying guide

nurses smartwatch buying guide

Just as mentioned above, choosing the best smartwatch for Nurses may not be easy: the presence of numerous models on the market and the different features to compare can scare less experienced users. In this article, we are trying to give info about the 10 best smartwatch for nurses with their advantages and disadvantages. In this section, you should follow our buying guide that helps you to buy the perfect one. Let’s have a look.


Battery Life

The smartwatch models on the market are so numerous that they are really different. Some pay particular attention to aesthetics and present themselves as technologically advanced class chronographs. Others are more aimed at functionality and practicality. Given the frequent use that, at least in principle, you will make of your smartwatch, special attention should be given to the battery that powers the device. In this sector, technology is working to improve the efficiency and duration of the batteries supplied to smartwatches, which have not been particularly reliable. However, by adopting some tricks that save consumption, you will not be forced to recharge your device too often. Also, remember that CPU and RAM are the operational center of your smartwatch, a real little “wearable computer”: the more powerful they are, the more responsive and functional your device will be.


Backlite and alarm

The selected smartwatch has well backlight system and alarm as well. After using any application, the smartwatch is automatically in backlit mode. Then you see the time and date as well. This is a unique feature. But when you received a message, you will get an alarm. This smartwatch will notify you in every time you need it. If you have any emergency meeting, this watch will notify you with an alarm. You can also make an alarm schedule; it is very helpful for a nurse because the nurse has to maintain the patient’s report.

The display of a smartwatch can be square or circular. The choice of one shape or the other will depend, first of all, on personal taste. It can be said that the square ones are aesthetically a little less elegant but more comfortable to use. In contrast, the circular ones have a more refined design and are visually more similar to a traditional wristwatch.



There is no doubt our selected smartwatch is a little costly, then there is a question on our mind, that ” is it waterproof or not”. Yeah we are ensuring you that you can use our selected smartwatch everywhere. If you are traveling on the sea or any place, you can take your smartwatch. You can take a shower to wear this smartwatch; nothing will happen. If you ask me which is the best smartwatch for waterproofing? Yeah definitely, we are giving the correct information on it. If you really need this and haven’t any budget problem, go with the apple brand smartwatch. Apple brand is famous for it.

However, the ease of use does not depend only on the shape of the dial because the smartwatch can also be managed via the ring around the screen or by using a series of side control buttons. The display can be LED, with excellent contrast and visible in the dark, but a little less efficient in sunlight.



If you are a nurse or doctor, then you need a chronography abled watch. Because sometimes we need a stopwatch combined display. It is only available on a smartwatch. Now you ask me our selected smartwatch has a chronograph or not. Yes, before selected, we are checking these features. It is one of the most important factors for nurses, doctors, and athletes. There are also ” always-on ” displays, that is, always on. Most smartwatch models have a collection that turns on only when they are activated. So you can easily maintain it anytime you want. You can get this option in default, or you can use any apps for these services.


Activity and Fitness Tracker

Thanks to the pedometer and heart rate function, it will be possible to use the activity tracker function. In other words, you can check all the activities carried out during the day, the movements performed, the calories burned, etc. In the premium models, it is possible to monitor your sleep quality, besides course, to count the actual hours of rest. You can receive information and updates about the weather conditions and the latest news from newspapers and news agencies. You can keep an eye on your level of movement throughout the day. It is the tool that “counts” the heartbeats per second. Very useful for sports and fitness enthusiasts.


Activity and Fitness Tracker

The smartwatch acts as a real extension of the smartphone, with the convenience of always having it on the wrist. It can make and receive calls independently from the smartphone, make sure that the smartwatch has integrated a microphone and a speaker, and a slot for the SIM. If the latter is not there, you can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. You will receive notifications in case of calls, messages, emails, etc. You can view your commitments on the smartwatch screen and quickly consult the calendar.


Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)


Can nurses wear Smartwatches?

Yes nurses can wear smartwatches. There is no defeat for watching a smartwatch. But there are lots of benefits of a smartwatch. A nurse can check her daily work and schedule. She can alarm for the patient’s medicine and injection. Besides there are lots of medical apps they can use. They can check times and receives emergency calls and emails. So a smartwatch is helpful for a nurse, and they can wear a smartwatch.


Why do nurses need watches?

Every nurse should bear a smartwatch because it helps a nurse to maintain all the work shortly. A nurse can check heart rate checker app and other medical apps. The improvement in people’s normal life span is an achievement achieved thanks to modern medicine and lifestyle. A smartwatch will help a nurse for maintaining all about it. However, this has increased the number of people who suffer from neurocognitive disorders. Such as dementia and Alzheimer’s due to their advanced age. A nurse can remind it by using a smartwatch.


What type of watch is best for nurses?

The Nurse Watch is an indispensable tool for scoring activities and detecting heart rate when there are no electronic instruments. It is not just for yourself but also for doing your job. Time is an important factor for therapy, for when it must be done but sometimes for how long it must be done. Time is present in the vital signs; when the rate, respiratory or cardiac, is detected. The nurse’s watch should be in a position that does not make contact with the patient and remains cleaner and more easily accessible. Models are known as “nurse’s watches” have become very popular, placed on the chest with a pin.


What is the cheapest and best smartwatch for nurses?

Ticwatch E  is the most cheapest watch on our list. A question may be on your mind that Ticwatch E may not be qualified because of the lowest price. No, actually, it is not. The quality is so much good of this product, but you maybe got low battery life. But it has all the features as the expensive one. If your budget is low, then you can choose this smartwatch without any hesitation.


Which Apple Watch is best for nurses?

Apple Watch Series 5 is the smartwatch from Apple that has allowed the apple company to impose its presence in the wearable market. However, Apple has officially eliminated it from its catalog. It is confirmed as one of the best Apple smartwatches, as well as the most classic. The dimensions of Apple Watch 4 are 40mm and 44mm, which makes this model larger than the previous version. The OLED Retina screen of the Apple Watch Series 5 is larger and without frames. A feature that makes it very beautiful to see and more functional in everyday use. There is no doubt Apple Watch Series 5 is the best for nurses.


How to charge a smartwatch?

All you have to do is attach the magnetic charging cable or the magnetic dock for charging the watch to the relative power supply. Then to a power socket or one of the USB sockets of the Mac or PC. Next, place the back of the Apple Watch on the charger so that the charger’s magnets line up with the watch. Then wait a few moments for the green lightning bolt symbol to appear in the top center of the Apple Watch square, indicating that the device is charging. You can then stop charging the watch at any time; it does not necessarily have to reach 100%


Final Word

Smartwatch is for smart people. So smart people need smart material. If you are a nurse or doctor, then you need a smartwatch for monitoring your patients. It would help you maintain your schedule. A smartwatch helps you to maintain the reports of your patients. Mobile is not a perfect solution always because it redirects to social media sometimes. Then we have lost our times. Everyone knows that time is money. A smartwatch helps you to maintain your time properly. In this article, we are discussing about the 10 best smartwatch for nurses. If you were read this article, then you know which watch you should buy. Now, let’s summarize the content in a nutshell:

  1. If you are an Apple brand lover, then Apple Watch Series 5 is for you.
  2. If you need a unique shaped watch, then Ticwatch C2 is the perfect solution for you.
  3. Do you need a user-friendly watch? Fitbit Versa 2 is the best for you.
  4. If you have a Samsung mobile, then Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is the best for you.
  5. If you have passion on Motorola then Motorola Moto 360 is the best watch for you.
  6. Samsung Galaxy Watch is the alternative for Samsung active watch.
  7. GARMIN Vivoactive 3 devices were rudimentary and complex.
  8. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch is a budget-friendly and well battery power.
  9. If you have a passion for Huawei then Huawei Watch 2 Classic Smartwatch is suited to you.
  10. If your budget is low, then go with Ticwatch E.


Now I would like to know from you, which is the best smartwatch for kids? Let us know by leaving a comment below the post. Thanks for reading.

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