Analog vs Digital watch | Which one is the best?

The two main categories in the watch industry are analog and digital. You will find a clear difference in features of analog vs digital watch.

People from centuries ago wear watches. With the advancement of technology, now their design features and styles are versatile. The two main categories are  analog vs digital watch. Analog watches are closer to the traditional style of timepieces. On the other hand, digital watches are featured with more advanced technology.

Analog watches are also featured with modern techniques and technologies. However, the style look of analog watches is closer to antique style than digital watches. On the other hand, digital watches come with a plethora of advantages. Overall, you can consider digital and analog watches as two main categories in the watch field. And if you are the one who is dominated by their elegant looks and features and find it challenging to choose one for you, then you are in the right place. Here we will take a comprehensive overview and will consider the difference between analog vs digital watches.

Let’s start with the more classic watch category first, Yes we are talking about analog watches.

The Analog watch

Analog watches come with a more elegant style and classic look. These watches have a design with the dial, second hand, minute hand, and hour hand. Or some have only two hands. Analog watches offer versatile designs and a variety of colors in comparison to analog vs digital watches.

The analog watches use a movement for the working of hands. The caliber movement is the responsibility of accurate timekeeping of a watch. The movement is different in all watches. Some brands use quartz movement, and some use mechanical movements. Both movements have their features, pros, and cons. The analog designs innovate with modern technology and with the classic look. For this reason, there are the No.1 choices of the people who love classic watch designs.

Advantages of Analog watches

As we already mentioned, there are pros and cons of analog vs digital watches. In this category, we will consider the advantages of analog watches.

  • Analog watches upgrade your look.

The analog watches are the choice of people who want the classic design on their wrist. There are thousands of designs and dozens of brands that offer the best analog watches. The design and looks of digital watches are the choice of many people for their formal and professional uses. Besides this, these watches come in designs that are suitable for all occasions. The watches will offer looks that will upgrade your casual and professional looks. The designs are specially produced compatible with formal and casual looks.

For instance, in many watches, there will be the use of titanium and stainless steel bracelets. These bracelets look beautiful with your formal dresses. More than this, the leather straps are also the choice for the more casual and occasional looks. Overall, all the designs in the analog watches will help you upgrade your professional and casual looks.

  • Analog watches are resistant.

Analog watches are more resistant and more rigid than digital watches. The titanium and stainless steel bracelets make these watches stand in a harsh environment. The straps are durable and resistant. Furthermore, if we talk about the dial material, there is the use of a super scratch-resistant material, i.e. sapphire and Hardlex crystal. Both materials ensure that your watch will be safe from all kinds of abrasions and scratches in case of any small accident.

In addition to this, analog watches come with water-resistant features up to 600ft. It means that you can wear these watches while bathing and going for any outdoor activities. Moreover, this property is also great for the accidental falling of your watch in water. All these properties make analog watches more resistant and rigid in design than digital watches.

  • Analog watches have more design options.

There are dozens of brands that compete and produce a better design and look of a digital watch. For example, there is Seiko, Casio, Royal, and many others. After a while, there will be a unique design and fully featured watch in the market from popular manufacturers.

So in the analog watch category, you will find a lot of options to choose from. For example, you can choose from various colors, types of material, and a variety of features. You will find analog watches from low to high-end prices. For this reason, we have to say that analog watches are more design options and more versatility.

  • Analog watches can bring minimalism to your life

Minimalist watches have a separate fan base for the watch enthusiasts, and the good news is analog watches bring more minimalism to your life. The analog watch has a straightforward design without any complications. There will be no bells and whistles. So overall analog watches come with a minimal design and a low price.

Disadvantages of analog watches

Here in this category, we will look at some disadvantages of analog watches.

  • Dead batteries

One of the main disadvantages of analog watches is dead batteries. Yes, your analog watch battery will be over after a few years. However, the period of battery life depends on the durability of the watch. A good watch battery can survive for more than five years.

  • Not easier to read

It is difficult for some people to read the time on analog watches in comparison to digital watches. Digital watches will come in the numbers form, and the time is easy to read. Moreover, analog watches also do not come with a lighting system. So, it is not easy to read in night time.

  •  More economical value

Analog watches have more economic value in comparison to digital watches.

  • Other features:

The analog watches lack features available in digital watches—for instance, smart timers, alarm clocks, and calendars.

A digital watch

Digital watches are the name of advancement and technology in the watch industry. Digital watches are featured with a lot of new features and characteristics that you will notice in the comparison of analog vs digital watch. You will find the time, date, and calendar in digits on the electronic dial-in digital watches. On digital watches, there will be hours, minutes, and seconds.

The Samsung and Apple digital watches are the town’s talk and the choice of people who want more easiness and comfort at their wrist. The digital watches have a calculator, digital timer, stopwatch, Gps, and alarms in them. They are great for recording the time lap. These days, digital watches are the love of the fitness-related industry. Simply these watches will help you to become more active and actual in your daily routines.

Advantages of digital watches

Let’s talk about some of the advantages that the best digital watch offers.

  • Dozens of features

In comparison to analog watches, digital watches are featured with more advanced features. As we describe, earlier these watches offer a variety of characteristics to make your life easier. They have an alarm clock, GPS, digital timer, clock, calendar, and many other features.

  • Stylish looks

Digital watches offer more stylish looks with their sleek design. The digital watches come with a strap and an electronic dial that will display all the features beautifully. The overall design of these watches is modern and looks stylish. Moreover, these watches also have a minimalist design.

  • Battery

Digital watches come with solar-powered batteries or electronic charge batteries. Overall there will be no fear about the death of the battery.

Disadvantages of digital watches

Now it’s time to consider some disadvantages of digital watches/

  • Less resistant

Digital watches have not such a rigid and durable design as analog watches. Usually, there is plastic material in the strap, and the dial material is not so resistant to harsh environments. For this reason, you can say there are less resistant watches.

  • Less variety

Digital watches have less variety and design in comparison to digital watches. Digital watches usually offer less versatility in price, colors, and design.

Analog watch vs digital watch

Analog Digital
Classic Stylish and elegant
Large size watches Normal size watches
Durable Not so durable and rigid
Professional wearers, casual wear, formal wear Causal, professional wear
Dead batteries No issue of Dead batteries
Variety of design Not so versatile
Date/time GPS, alarms, digital timer,   calculator, stopwatch, calendar
quartz/automatic/mechanical    movements quartz/automatic/mechanical    movements


Difference between analog vs digital watch

The main difference between analog and digital watches is the design and features. You will find a clear difference in the design of both watches. Analog watches have a more classic look and digital watches have a modern look. Moreover, analog watches use traditional ways to present time. On the other hand, digital watches have a distal display and time shown in digits.

In other differences, you will find the difference of features. Analog watches have adequate features in comparison with digital watches. Digital watches are more versatile and have a lot of functions and features. Furthermore, the straps of digital watches are plastic made, and the analog watches use different kinds of material in the straps. For example, there is stainless steel, titanium, leather, and nylon, etc.

Lastly, you will find less variety and colors in digital watches. On the other hand, analog watches come in a variety of colors and designs. Moreover, they have a versatile price range, and you can find good watches at a reasonable budget and high-end prices.

Are digital watches more accurate than analog?

The accuracy of a watch depends on the movement used in the watch. Like analog watches, many digital watches use the quartz movement. The quartz movement is precise and offers good accuracy in timekeeping. If the digital watch uses the same movement used by the analog, there will be no clear winner inaccuracy.

The general movements used in the watches are quartz, mechanical and automatic. All these movements offer an excellent accuracy of time. However, with time, you may feel a little difference in the accuracy of the watch. The reason is the quartz movement lost accuracy with time.

Why is digital better than analog?

In one field, the digital has a clear dominance over the analog watches, and that is features. Yes, digital watches offer a variety of features in comparison to analog watches. An analog watch usually displays time, date, and calendar. This thing also depends on the model you are buying. Many analog watches only display the time—some display, time, and date.

On the other hand, digital watches come with a smart timer, a calculator, a GPS, and an alarm. Isn’t it amazing to have all these features on your wristwatch? For this reason, the digital watch is a clear winner.

The other factor that makes a digital watch a better choice is the no issue of dead batteries. Unlike analog watches, the digital watches charged through electricity or they are solar-powered. For this reason, in a digital watch, there will be no issue with a dead battery.

Why is digital more reliable than analog?

The digital watch is more reliable as it can keep the time in seconds, milliseconds, or hundreds of seconds. Moreover, it can count down the lap of time. You can set the alarm, or you can use a digital timer on your digital watch. This factor makes a digital watch more reliable than an analog watch.

The other thing that makes a digital watch reliable is that it is solar-powered or electrically charged, so there is no issue if it is a dead battery. You can use it for your gym, for exercise, and tracking of your run time. All these factors make a digital watch more reliable than an analog watch.


Here we describe the clear difference in analog vs digital watch. Both watches come with their pros and cons. Sometimes, you may think analog is for your needs. Other times you may find a digital watch more supportive. However, it would be great if you have both watches in your wardrobe. However, if this time, you only want to choose one then consider your personal preferences.

For instance, if you are a fan of more traditional design watches that offer a more elegant and classic look, the analog is the way. On the other hand, if you are a person who wants a modern and fully featured watch on his wrist, then digital has all your needs. Moreover, for more formal occasions, we will recommend a premium quality analog watch. And for a more casual and daily routine, a digital watch is the best choice.

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