Akribos xxiv watch review – best analog watch ever

A quartz watch gets its energy from a small battery which, if not rechargeable, can last several years. The energy impulse starts from a quartz crystal that oscillates when the electrical voltage arrives. Akribos xxiv watch is one of the most popular quartz watches.  Come on, if you have been looking around for watches for a while, you will certainly have noticed. Before approaching this creative and immortal universe, one timepiece was as good as another for you. Like most consumers, when you think of a good for the first time, you already find names in your head: Mercedes, Apple, Rolex. Without taking away any merit from anyone many times to put them in the head was advertising with its infinite disguises. In watchmaking it works like this: after the first period of learning you suddenly find yourself disgusting everything that does not have a mechanical heart and that does not come from Switzerland. In this akribos xxiv watch review, we will give you all the essential information about this watch. So, keep your eyes on this blog and choose your desired watch from our affiliate link.

Getting Know: A beginner’s guide on Akribos xxiv watch review

In every area of ​​life, what always ruins everything is being a snob . You do not become less passionate if you also appreciate watches: many years ago I made the mistake of underestimating them but luckily living 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with watches in my head, I realized it from only. And so with this watch review, I have decided to suggest which is the best watch. The world of watchmaking is very vast, there is room for all tastes. For those who love automatic movements, those who love grand complications, those who adore fashion brands because they want to stay trendy, and those who love watches. Although it must be said that the quartz movement was the great enemy of Swiss watchmaking in the 1970s, nowadays 99% of the brands have adapted to the trends and created better and better quartz movements, with technologies and truly amazing features. That’s why the brand akribos decided to make a watch according to the quartz movements. In this watch quartz movements is a special feature. In the next paragraph, we will discuss its details. Let’s have a look right at this blog.

Akribos XXIV Men’s AK439SS – Best watch on your town

Akribos XXIV is the top watch brand in Europe and America. This is a successful watch brand which has a lot of popularity in maximum countries. There are a lot of collections of this watch. All the models are well designed and unique shapes. They have various prizing watches. You will get a watch according to your budget. But in this review, we will talk about only one watch. That is definitely akribos xxiv watch AK439SS model.

It is a silver-colored, Stainless Steel watch. This watch is including Quartz movement with its own display. If you are a swimmer then you don’t need to worry about it. Because you can use this watch under 100 m. So it is a waterproof watch. You can easily use this without any doubt. You will get a small date window which will help you to know the exact date always. It has three mother-of-pearl subdials and also a link bracelet. For this link bracelet with a fold-over clasp, you can easily fold this watch without any problem. The double push-button safety option is an advanced feature of this watch.

Do you hate triangular-shaped watches? Then there is good news for you. This watch is totally round-shaped and has an elegant design. But you don’t use any health tracking app like digital watches. It is an analog model of this brand. But don’t worry, you will happy with its uses. The types of the window material is very simple and it is Mineral.

There is a push-button foldover Clasp system With its Safety. It will help you to put off your watches by hand and it did not put off easily when you are running or climbing. The most advanced feature is its metal stamp. This metal stamp size is all about 14k. It has an ideal measurement of its case. The case diameter and thickness between 49 and 11 mm.

The band material is Stainless Steel and the band length is standard for men. It has a unique bandwidth that is only 24 millimeters. The amount of water-resistant depth is 330 Feet almost.

Pros and Cons

  • This watch is suitable everywhere. (Running, attending a party or as an outfit)
  • Light-weight and budget-friendly
  • Unique shaped and well-built design.
  • Case diameter is standard for men

  • Machine wash not possible.
  • If your budget is less than $100, it is not for you.
  • You don’t get any app for monitoring your health.

How to choose a watch

When you want to buy a good watch, you must first choose which type of display corresponds most to your preferences. You can opt for the LED one which is powered by electricity or the LCD one which requires the emission of a limited electrical signal and is capable of calculating data in a precise and efficient way.  But if you choose the analog one then you should look after the display. At the time of purchase, it will also be good to evaluate the degree of water resistance and the presence of the certificate of authenticity.

In addition to the normal hands, it is possible to introduce various functions such as their illumination, the compass, the alarm and the indicator that marks the date. The quartz watch is preferred by many people over mechanical watches as it allows you to use energy without having to carry out any recharging operation.

Today, technology has made great strides and has produced examples with various functionalities. You can have greater efficiency and unmatched accuracy by enjoying a watch with an elegant and delicate design. On sites like Amazon you can view many types of quartz watches and be spoiled for choice.

You can choose between cheap and more expensive models depending on your needs and availability. Collectors love to surround themselves with quartz watches which in many cases are a long-term investment. Without worrying about having to recharge the watch every time, you can choose your favorite model and wear it when you want to show off something precious and at the same time common. A quartz watch ensures that its owner always has an efficient and modern object at hand.

Frequently Answer Questions

Is brand really matters?

We will get hundreds of messages like this type of question. Everyone knows that there are various companies are available on the market. Different company has their different opportunities and their features. But we have to find which one is the best for us. Because it is important to know us. Because it is all about warranty. If you buy a watch from a local company, one thing you don’t get from them. That is the warranty. It happens to me. That’s why our experts suggest you check the brand and its manufacturer. Before buying a watch, ask the operator for the warranty and make sure they will provide a slip or not.

Why we should use analog watch?

It is true that analog watch is unable to give you data on your health. You can’t get any heart monitoring data or amount of blood pressure. You will get this data only from the digital watch. Now the question is why we should buy an analog watch. Yes! there is some extra advantage of the buying an analog watch. That is battery life. If you refill a battery once, it can run over 6 months to 1 year. On the other hand, the digital watch needs electricity for charging and it is run only 10-20 days on average. The strap of the analog watch is heavy, it is a massive advantage of the analog watch. Therefore, the analog watches have a classic feel and it gives you a professional-looking.

Final word

There are many watches are available on the market but you can’t check all the watches. In our blog, we are trying to select all the best-selling and budget-friendly watches. Before selection, we are maintaining some key points, if the picking watch can’t fully feel the points, then we don’t select that watch. Now the question is why we are selecting the akribos xxiv watch. We have got some unique features of this watch. The main point is its color. It is silvered color but it starts glancing when you are in sunny places or light places. Besides these features it is not a triangular-shaped watch; most people don’t like triangular-shaped watches, even I’m too. It is round-shaped and it is not so heavy. This is a budget-friendly watch. So, guys if all the features is matched with your desired features, then you can buy without any problem.

Now, I would like to know from you, which watch brand did you like most? Let’s know via email or you can give feedbacks with leaving a simple comment below the post. Thanks for reading.

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