Aeromatic 1912 Review Automatic Watch Review

The watch market got plenty of affordable watches but not all of these watches offer high-quality materials, automatic movement, and superior performance. Aeromatic 1912 watches perform one of the best in this affordable watches category. Today we are going to review Aeromatic 1912.

The design of these watches is very stunning and eye-catchy. With high performance and superior built quality, these watches are really value-for-money watches.

I am presenting here one of the Aeromatic 1912 watch reviews and will let you know this one is a good choice or not.

Aeromatic Watch Review – Aeromatic 1912 22-Jewel


In my opinion, when buying an affordable watch, the thing most matters is the denial design of the watch. But the dial is not good looking then there is a high possibility of not liking the watch. The purpose of buying a watch is to make your wrist look good while wearing it as nowadays watches have become a fashion statement.

In the case of the dial design, Aeromatic 1912 does a superb job and gives this watch a very eye-catchy look. The dial is painted black and has a color combination of black-white and green on the whole dial. This black and white color combination of the dial gives it very legible and classy.

On the edge of the dial, the minute numbers are printed separately using the white color numbers and rectangular shapes. For every five minutes, Arabic style numbers are printed and for the rest of four minutes, there are rectangular shapes in white color between those five minutes’ numbers.

Immediately below the minute numbers, the 24-hour format is printed using yellow-colored numbers to make it easy to read. The yellow color 24-hour format numbers with black dial match very beautifully and give the whole dial a very eye-catchy look. The edge minute number and the 24-hour format makes this watch military style.

On the inner circle of the dial, there are 12-hour format hour numbers printed in white bold Arabic numbers. These numbers are very easy to read, and their color blends with the watch, making it classy looking.

Immediately below these 12-hour format hour numbers, there are mirror reflected numbers printed on this dial using white color. These mirror reflected numbers is not something that you see every day on a watch and that gives this watch a very unique look.

The shortest hand of the watch indicates the hour, the middle one is for indicating minute and the largest one is there to point seconds. On top of the medium/minute hand, there is a large triangle/arrow shape that makes it easy to read the watch and a unique look. The hour and minutes are white and the second hand is colored black.

On the hands of this watch and on the hour number Lumina is applied. Due to the Lumina, the numbers, and the hands-on the dial glows in dark. So you can see the hands and the numbers in the dark and know about the time properly.

At 3 o’clock or 15:00 hours of the dial, there is a date window for telling the date. The date windows have a white background and black-colored numbers.


This automatic watch from Aeromatic 1912 has a stainless steel case with a matte finish. Due to the matte finish, the watch has a beautiful polished look and the color looks very smooth. Generally, affordable watches do not feature a matte finish on the watch case but here you are getting that.

The ring around the dial and top of the case makes the look even more stunning and blends with the black dial giving it a classy look. You can wear this watch with any type of outfit you want and it will seamlessly blend with that. The lugs of the watch also have a matte finish and they look superb.

The case back is exhibition type so you can have a peek at the rotor and the movement going on inside the watch anytime you want. Due to having an automatic movement, the watch is a bit thicker than the quartz movement watch.

An onion style crown is placed on the right side of the watch which emphasizes the watch looks and is also very charming to wind it. It is placed beautifully at 3 o’clock and using this you can adjust the watch time.

The case diameter in total is 40.5mm which makes it a medium-size watch and a wide type of wrist size people can wear this and this will look beautiful on the wrist. People of the small wrist to medium size wrist are perfect to try this beautiful watch.


This watch from Aeromatic features an automatic self-winding movement. The automatic movement is quite rare in a watch that comes at this price. Mostly we see quartz movement in watches which is affordable. But that is what makes Aeromatic different from others.

As the movement is automatic so you do not need a power source (battery) like quartz movement. And you do not have to wind it after a certain time as you have to do on manual watches. The rotor of the watch tracks your movement while it is on your wrist and automatically winds the watch.


This watch is very feature-rich and praised by most of its users. So such an amazing watch with no water resistance is not possible. To make this watchable to handle water it has a screw-down stainless steel case. Due to this case, water cannot enter the watch.

So a little splash of water or a walk in walk will make no harm to this watch. The water-resistance of this watch is good for more than 50 meters which also allows you to swim wearing it.

Mineral glass

Mineral glass is very hard glass and is widely used as watch dial glass. Properties like hardness and scratch-resistance make it ideal for use as dial glass.

Mineral glass is made using several elements and also heat-treated so they are so hard to break and can resist scratches. So without any doubt, this will last longer and will remain like a new one.


This watch comes with a Nato style green strap. The strap is one-piece and very high-quality. Also, the strap is very strong and its green color gives this whole watch a military look. The strap will make sure it remains securely on your wrist.


  • 50 meters of water resistance
  • Mineral dial glass
  • Beautiful looking dial
  • Lumina applied on the dial for glowing in the dark
  • Sturdy built
  • Stainless steel case
  • The case has a matte finish
  • Date window
  • Nato style nylon strap
  • Automatic self-winding movement

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In this Aeromatic 1912 review, I have discussed all the features, and specifications of this watch. The watch is sturdily built and the design is very eye-catchy. This watch from Aeromatic is a value-for-money timepiece and built to last.

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